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  1. Lost need for BP med in 1st 30 days of whole30. Stayed on program 60 days then stopped it and ate corn, ice cream, cheese, bread, pizza, sweet deserts, cream in coffee over weeks and blood pressure rose to require med again, belly re-expanded, became short of breath. Restarted in earnest 2 weeks ago. BP falling & bowels returning to functional. This time I really notice a feeling of well being. Holistic pharmacist I know says hypertension is an inflammatory condition.
  2. Marc FH

    Day # 50

    It is 50 days since I started whole30. I tried a single buttered corn on the cob for re-entry & it was yummy, but no need to repeat that. Used to have low carb ice cream every day, but none at all now. I drink mostly sparkling water with lime sections. I've had to half my blood pressure med 'cause pressure went too low. Stopped having constipation. I've never eaten so much vegetables & fruit in my life. Breakfast is commonly spinach, green bell pepper, onions, & tomatoes, 3 egg omelette. Very little coffee. Using salt more because you pointed out non-processed foods have lowered my salt intake. I'm sleeping very well, excercising most days with moderate weights & 2 mile walk. Lost 8lbs in 1st 30 days & plan on another weight at day # 60 to avoid weight dependent mood swings. So glad I overheard someone encouraging my friend to try whole30. He didn't, I did.
  3. Marc FH

    Day # 31

    If you do it suddenly, like I did, expect a bad headache. The headache went away with Tylenol. Energy has been much better without coffee.
  4. Marc FH

    Day # 31

    I'm a doctor and very sensitive to the effect of coffee. I have drunk it through days & nights of being on-call. It is a brief stimulant with a steep drop off, so a lousy way of staying alert. Even my morning cup turned on me. Now I have sparkling water and lime with my breakfast. (I never before used eggs as a vehicle for spinach, peppers, tomatoes and onions like I do many mornings.)
  5. Marc FH

    Day # 31

    I'm spoiled now so I'll basically stick with the whole30 program. I feel better. Even quit coffee 'cause it depleted my energy on the rebound. I'm happy too.
  6. Marc FH

    Day # 31

    I weighed myself for 1st time since I started & lost 8lbs over whole30, that's 2 lbs a week. I did catch accidental glimpses of my mid-section tire deflating over the month. I'm not craving anything to reintroduce, but I thought I'd try corn on the cob. I'm not going back to sugar or artificial sweeteners. I've never eaten so many vegetables & fruit, and I'd like to keep that up. I had no trouble adhering to the plan on the road or in restaurants. I appreciate whole30 for teaching me how to eat sanely. I am a medical doctor, but untrained in nutrition. Thank you.
  7. Marc FH

    Started July 3rd, 2017

    Thank you for the tips. I hear you. Will salt up. Will plan reintroduction of items. I'm a home baker of sourdough bread. I'll read your stuff on reintroduction. Thank you for this plan. It is already a life changer.
  8. Marc FH

    Started July 3rd, 2017

    Feeling great on day#21. On the road I've had meat, poultry, or fish, with vegetables, maybe baked potato, using little if any salt, but with instructions to cook or grill them plain. Left most of canned Brussels sprouts on the plate last night. Carrying hard boiled eggs, apples, bottled water in cooler in the car. Appetite well controlled, energy high (I stopped caffeine at same time started whole30 & got brief headache,) mood is good. I'm gonna stay on this for foreseeable future. Goals more vegetables & more recipes.
  9. Marc FH

    Start Date 7/3/2017

    Day#17: Occasional lightheadedness, but only rarely. Staying hydrated in this heat. Think food I'm eating is balanced, but intend to read whole30 literature more about that. Traveling has not been difficult, with fruit & vegetable available & reading labels. Ravenous hunger is gone. Don't miss ice cream, peanut butter, bread, or cheese like I thought I would. Catiously optimistic about this being my permanent lifestyle, but garbage I've eaten before this convinces me I must. I am a doctor who sadly thought I earned junk food.
  10. Marc FH

    Starting Today July 3

    Started July 3rd, so now on day 5. My appetite was difficult to control before I started whole30, & I was slowly gaining weight. Wasn't very disciplined about sweets, bread, ice cream, which I don't miss so far. Today my appetite has been incredibly well controlled. I am catiously optimistic. I don't have many lbs to lose < 10. This is much healthier than I was eating. My wife's helping with food selection & cooking. I hope she joins me. Best to everyone undertaking this way of eating.