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  1. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Have you guys seen Melissa's stuff the past couple of days about Gretchen Rubin? I took her quiz and as suspected, I am an Obliger. Which basically means I'm good at taking care of other people but not good at taking care of myself / sticking to my own goals. Suspect there are other Obligers out there! I think they way to work with this tendency (I haven't read the book yet) is to make internal goals external i.e. set up external accountability. So I'm glad you're all here - helps with the accountability!
  2. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi everyone - I'm starting today too. This is my second Whole30. First was great, in July. But I didn't do re-introduction properly and slid down a wall of birthday cake so am back! Moderation does not work for me in certain food categories so looking to reset again. I got Food Freedom Forever on audio book which is really cool, like Melissa is talking to me Good luck everyone!
  3. Start Day July 10

    Still here, made it! Feels pretty surreal - have never eaten this healthy for this long. Hoping to keep it going!
  4. Start Day July 10

    Hi all. So we're on day 15 right? Had a really emotional weekend - its hard to say goodbye to an old friend like bad eating habits. Not sure about tiger blood but feeling a bit better, although hungry as a horse right now. How's everyone doing?
  5. Start Day July 10

    Much less tired than this past weekend and definitely bloated so I guess that's on track. I'm not having much trouble with the food - I have Celiac so had already quit gluten a few years back and dairy isn't so bad. I'm most struggling with not weighing. I did not realize how emotionally attached to my scale I was, I think I must have given it anthropomorphic qualities. It's an interesting psychological exercise.
  6. Start Day July 10

    Nice work Deb! Today is tough. Its hot and I'm sluggish and can't nap because I have 2 very active young kids running around.
  7. Start Day July 10

    Thanks Deb - yes, I am all over the sparkling water. And black coffee. But Diet Coke has always been part of my "personal brand" - fun, frenetic, hardest worker etc. I guess Whole30 is going to teach me how to be more chill
  8. Start Day July 10

    Day 4! This is my longest healthy stretch in forever. Positive: Managed to not weigh myself even though my husband took the scale out of its hiding place this morning. I used to weigh every day, which was clearly not productive. Negative: I am the Diet Coke drinker that they mention in the timeline - I miss it! I was down to one can a day before this so its not a crazy withdrawal but I miss that get-me-through-the-end-of-the-work-day feeling.
  9. Start Day July 10

    Day 2 is a little tougher. A long afternoon of desk work with no meetings - the kind of situation that I normally snack through. Posting here as a distraction technique!
  10. Start Day July 10

    Pretty good. Way more meal time food than I normally eat!
  11. Start Day July 10

    Hi, Day 1 here too! Also at my heaviest weight after losing 2 x baby weights somehow. Good luck to me and you!