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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Melinaka in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    Hi Pearlgirl2017, why do you think you're having trouble resisting cravings? It's been hard for me too, but I've battled it this long and I'm having fewer. Yay! I think for me, it was letting all the sugar leave my system. My tastebuds followed eventually lol.
    Quick meal prep... have to love that. One thing about W30 is it takes my focus off food being enjoyable and makes it more about meals for sustenance. I do like that lesson. 
    I'm just going to oven bake some boneless skinless chicken breasts for dinner (extra for the week) and have a nice fresh salad. Found some blackberries too AND a great find at Fresh Market: I had my hand on the Tessemae's Italian and noticed a FM brand above it. ON SALE and labeled W30. Rosemary and French Provincial herbs. Yum. 
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    pearlgirl2017 got a reaction from Leighla27 in Personal Trainer starting September 15   
    Don't over think it.  Read your labels and keep your meals simple.  There's plenty of time to explore new recipes after you get the hang of it.  A lot of the meals you already make could probably be tweeked a little to be in compliance with the rules.  Remember to drink plenty of water.  I started on the 9th.
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    pearlgirl2017 got a reaction from Melinaka in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    I'm still not doing a perfect Whole30.  I caved to a few bites of peanut butter last night, and I'm sure that dressing was bound to have sugar in it. 
    But I am determined to keep going, and hopefully improve each day.  I will keep going past the end of the 30 days so I will eventually have 30 days in a row of no sugar.  My planned meals are going well.  Made a simple meal of pan fried thin cut pork chops last night.  Served with a can of DelMonte canned sliced carrots and a side salad.  Took all of 20 minutes to bring it together.
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    pearlgirl2017 got a reaction from heb2014 in pearlgirlfoodforthought   
    Sept. 16 - Day 8 - Monday
    Spent most of Sunday cooking and washing clothes.  Made a soup for my lunches for this week.  Mondays are always tough to get out of bed.  I stayed up too late reading.
    Meal 1 - 1 slice bacon, leftover boiled brussels sprouts scrambled into 3 eggs
    Meal 2 - Slow cooker chicken and sweet potato stew from one of the Whole30 cookbooks
    Meal 3 - big salad consisting of butterhead lettuce, about 12 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 cucumber, green onion and 2 hard-boiled eggs. Basalmic vinigrette. 
    Drank all my water for the day.
    I didn't have any cravings for anything today.  Still waiting for my jeans to fit a little looser and my tummy to look a little flatter.
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Melinaka in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    LOL, yummy breakfast Pearlgirl2017! (I'm totally not above eating some cold leftover brussel sprouts when I'm hunting down a quick eat. Guilty of it as a matter of fact
    I got to meal prep. Did some pieces of salmon and a good salad for the week. Added some fresh mint to the greens. Avocado, heirloom tomato, mushroom, celery, cucumber, mixed baby greens. 
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Melinaka in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    That sounds like a yummy recipe! I love riced cauliflower. 
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Melinaka in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    Peargirl2017, how was your energy at the gym?
    :(... I am anxiously waiting for my first run... once my twisted ankle heals. 
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Laurenacc in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    Yay! I've been neglecting this post because I wasn't being notified of responses- very cool to come back and see so many people have joined with the same start date! How's everyone's Day 5 going? I cooked (in bulk) on Sunday so all my meals this week are the same breakfasts / lunches / dinners. I found myself constantly in the kitchen during my first whole30 and I decided for whole30 #2 I would try to cook 7 days worth of meals in just 1 day and eat the same thing for the week...I knew it might get boring but, at least I felt like I had more of a life, haha! So that's what I'm doing for my 3rd whole30 this time as well. My meals this week were / are:
    Breakfast: hard boiled egg (sometimes 2 if I'm hungrier), 2 slices of turkey bacon or 3 sausage links (whole30 compliant brands from Applegate Farms), and a bowl of spinach, a few raspberries, sliced almonds and a tablespoon of Tessemae's balsamic vinaigrette (also whole30 compliant brand) and a cup of coffee with my pumpkin spice nutpods creamer (another whole30 compliant brand)
    Lunch: Autumn Hash from the Whole30 Cookbook- so yummy...but now that it's Friday and I had it for the past 5 days, I'm over it, haha! Consists of pork meatballs, spinach, sweet onion, apple, almonds, sweet potatoes, scallions, and some salt, pepper, cinnamon, and paprika seasoning. It's one of my favs so I'm sad that I'm bored with it right now...hopefully I can throw it back in the mix in a few weeks.
    Dinner: Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Grilled Pineapple (recipe in Whole30 Cookbook) and garlic mashed potatoes (I'm being more chill with the veggies at dinner this week since I'm having spinach with breakfast and lunch and I am not the biggest fan of veggies...unless they are spinach or peppers, heh).
    Whenever I needed a snack, I would have half an apple with 2 tablespoons of almond butter or I'd have a whole30 hot dog or I'd have a 2nd cup of coffee with nutpods.
    Looking back, I think I may have had too much fruit considering there was a little fruit with each meal- however, most meals I'd say I had way less than a serving of fruit with each. But something I should be aware of with my next meals.
    I need to branch out and add more recipes to the mix- I have about 7 that I love and keep in rotation. Any suggestions?
    Side note: I absolutely hate cauliflower rice...but I also don't care for rice anyway- so I'm not looking for a replacement.
    Thinking my meals next week will be wweet potato chili for lunch and chicken cutlets with bitter greens for dinner (both in whole30 cookbook). Oh and I always eat the same breakfast (see above) even when I'm not doing whole30- guess I never get bored with it?
    Woohoo- so happy we are all in this together!
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    pearlgirl2017 got a reaction from Laurenacc in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    I hear you sister!  I've tried to "cut back" on my sugar, dairy and processed food stuff.  Doesn't seem to be working for me right now so a complete 30 day elimination seems to be called for.  This mornings breakfast was leftover dinner that just happens to be already a compliant meal. A simple one-pot meal of ground beef and cabbage. result&referringContentType=search results
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Guestoff in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    I started on 9/9/2019 as well. R2 for me. Last time was 4 years ago and about 30lbs.
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Melinaka in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    It's nice to have you join us!
    LOL, the sugar demon is the worst to tackle. Isn't it? Carb demon is right behind it too. (At least for me!)
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Brikryd in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    Feeling crabby and a little yucky this morning. I'm sure it is withdrawals from sugar. I have been a sweet coffee drinker the last year and without at least my has lost her luster! Lol. Not a big deal, just thought I'd say so here, so I'd be accountable and adjust my thinking before continuing the day. Had a nice breakfast, mushroom, spinach omelet with ghee, a small apple cut up, and a little bacon. Made whole 30 bbq sauce last night, it was wonderful, going to use it as a little dressing for a salad with chicken on top. It was mostly balsamic vinegar to start with so a vinegertte today:) Hope everyone is doing well:)  
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Brikryd in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    Started my first round 9/9/19! Excited to do something nice for myself. I had a hysterectomy one year ago, and had a rough patch with treating myself to feel better, since I still wanted babies and had to have the surgery after a miscarriage. I started cooking things I love to indulge in, and figured it is time to get myself on track:) Glad to have support and to see what happens:)
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Mirasaur in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    I'm also starting my Whole30 tomorrow 9/9/2019. It's my first time. I'm a little intimidated lol. 
    Even though I'm starting tomorrow, today is my trial run and see what it's like. So far it's not that bad.
    I've had one meal so far today (brunch). Sauteed mushrooms and broccoli scrambled egg (1). One banana and one tsp of almond butter. One peach. One cup of coffee with nutpod creamer.
    As for dinner, I'm planning to do a pan seared tilapia with sauteed vegetables (red pepper, broccoli, shredded kale) and one medium sweet potato (steamed).
    I'm Asian and I miss rice already lol....
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Laurenacc in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    Bumping this to the top of the thread in case anyone else wants to join for a Monday 9/9 start date! :) 
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Laurenacc in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    Starting my 3rd Whole30 on Monday 9/9/19 after I get back from my vacay. I try to do a full whole30 every 6 months after I finish my last whole30 and it's about that time! Plus I got a bit chunky after completing a recent marathon 3 months ago (I always tend to gain weight after marathons due to running less miles...yet I still eat all the things...ay yi yi!) Time to clean up my diet and feel good again. Gimme a shout if you would like to join! :)
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to heb2014 in Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)   
    This is my first WHOLE30 and I just wanted a space where I can record some thoughts (whether anyone reads them or not)
    My WHY:  I feel like crap. I live with constant brain fog that I blame on being a mother of two young children (5 y.o. and almost 2 y.o.) and that it's hit or miss if my almost 2 year old will sleep through the night. I pretend that  my sleep being interrupted is the reason I can't lose weight, but being honest, I eat like crap. It's the food and my lack of control around it. And my lack of motivation - about everything - work, exercise, eating smaller portions. To make things even worse, I've been sick for about two week's now (I have been to the doctor) and I feel even more foggy than normal...and I just feel off - heavy - not like "myself" (which I used to also blame on the "new normal" after becoming a mom, but it's worse now. I don't buy that any more - something else is going on). Yes I would love to lose some weight or reconfigure my body to be less giggly/more muscular...but this isn't about that. I feel like crap. 
    A bunch of IF/THEN planning (from Whole30 Day by Day plus my own):
    IF I am stuck at work late/in traffic/at the game, THEN I'll...have some snacks handy. Better stock my desk/bag/car. (more realistic situation) IF I don't feel like cooking one night (even my "easy backup plan" meals, THEN I'll...ask my husband to help our or we'll go to Chipotle (or Newks or Slim Chickens might be easy with a little customization - like a salad with no cheese, croutons, and BYO dressing). I should also make a meal to keep in the freezer for quick use. IF I'm at happy hour and offered a drink, Then I'll...say no thanks; I can deal. The bigger surprise would be that I go to a happy hour (ha!). (the harder situation for me) IF I am invited to someone's house for dinner and offered something non-compliant, THEN I'll...say no thanks and be ready to explain why. A drink I can say no to, no problem; even desert I can say no to. A meal would be harder. I think my best bet is to bring a compliant dish to share so I know I could eat something...and then be prepared to explain why I am only eating what I brought.   Ideas for dishes to bring: homemade baba ganoush or guacamole with veggies for dipping, salad and dressing, meatballs, chicken salad, fruit salad (probably not the best to just eat fruit) IF there's nothing compliant at the party, THEN I'll...(realistically) probably shove my face full of non-compliant food; better plan to not stay long! There's always the option to eat before or after, but I know if I am there, I will be tempted, regardless of plans. I can probably hold out for a little while, and perhaps without a glass of wine, I could make it (yes, let's blame the alcohol for all the poor choices), but knowing myself, I would need to remove myself from the temptation, at least in this one situation (introvert, "needing" to fit in around people I don't know at a party) IF my friends tease me about my "crazy diet", THEN I'll...find new friends. Just kidding - I just don't see this being a problem. Guess I should prepare in case I'm wrong.  I will tell them about how awful I've been feeling and that's it's just an experiment for 30 days that could help the rest of my life. I'll tell them I'll let them know how it goes when it's over. IF the in-laws want to have us over for dinner and make something non-compliant, THEN I'll...likely eat as small a portion as I can get away with. If it's a side dish, dessert,  or accompaniment (like FIL's amazing homemade bread), I can manage to not eat it, but if it's something more like the whole meal, as an obliger and this being my in-laws, I'm in trouble. I think my best strategy in this case would be to offer to cook for them at our house (control freak much!). IF we go to my parents' house for a weekend visit, THEN I' to them about how we're eating and ask to help with the meal planning/cooking (because my mom sends me the meal plan regardless). I know this is how I should be with my in-laws also, but realistically, it's just different. I should probably give it a try with them too though... If a rep brings lunch for our office (as is the case from time to time), THEN I'll....find something compliant if given the option to chose my order; if not, then I'll bring a back up lunch and eat it if what they bring doesn't comply. The people at work know I'm doing this (yay for going public!) and I think they'll be supportive.  IF my husband falls off the wagon, THEN I'll..continue on without him. My WHY isn't affected by him and he's really only doing this because I asked him. (tougher situation) IF my husband falls off the wagon and is eating ALL THE THINGS (specifically late at night like he does now), THEN I'll...make some hot tea and have a piece of fruit at most. Or go to bed. This will only feel a little depressing if he's gone out and bought Nestle Drumsticks for him and the kids....but I think he'll be more supportive than that even if he doesn't complete the Whole30. (another tough one) IF I don't start feeling any different or notice any changes, THEN I'll...likely need some outside motivation. Just knowing myself, I like to see results. 30 days really isn't that long, but if I read something in Day by Day that says "You should see improvements to your brain fog by now" and I haven' would make me want to eat all the things. If I still feel this "heavy" on Day 21...I'll need support. Perhaps I should plan to not wait until day 30 to evaluate my NSV, but purposefully run down the list on Day 10 and Day 20. If I am stressed out about something, THEN I'll...go for a walk. If I don't have much time, I'll do some stretching and breathing...or maybe some squats. If I don't have much privacy, I'll go to the bathroom and do them. And because it's September...IF I am craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte, THEN I'll...tough it out and plan to drink one first thing after reintroduction. Making a compliant version would be SWYPO for me...and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be as good as the sugar-laden, whipped cream topped version. But just some random thoughts on SWYPO...why isn't riced cauliflower SWYPO? I mean it's sole purpose is to replace an off-limits food. Especially when you use it to make something like "fried rice" which I would say is extremely easy to over indulge.   
    This brain dump got extremely long. Kudos (or apologies?) if you took the time to read it all.
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Marilyn M. in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    I intended to start today as I just got back from vacation and splurged! This is my first time doing the Whole 30 and didn't give myself enough time to prepare so I'm doing it NOW. Adding groceries to my list so I can start prepping tonight and officially start my day 1 tomorrow. I also purchased the 3 recipe books for the Whole 30 to give me a variety of options as I know how I can be when I don't know what to eat/cook. I also signed up to do a 6 week bootcamp challenge at the gym to coincide with my Whole 30 for even better results. So let's do this!!!!
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    pearlgirl2017 got a reaction from Melinaka in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    I am so looking forward to the nights where I sleep well, and the afternoons where I don't fall asleep at my desk.
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    Meal 2 was a shrimp stir-fry.  Lots of shrimp and veggies, but still no added fat.  Got to work on that.
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    Sept. 9, 2019 - Day 1
    Meal 1
    Leftover Beef and Cabbage result&referringContentType=search results. 
    Protien - ground beef. Vegetable - cabbage, onion, tomato. Fat - Forgot to add a fat.  Again.  That always seems to be where I goof up.
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Melinaka in Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?   
    I just logged in for support, hoping someone was starting today too. 
    Yay! I'm not alone. 
    I need support. It's been too long since I've done W30 and I NEED to do this...
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    pearlgirl2017 got a reaction from heb2014 in pearlgirlfoodforthought   
    Sept. 9, 2019 - Day 1
    Meal 1
    Leftover Beef and Cabbage result&referringContentType=search results. 
    Protien - ground beef. Vegetable - cabbage, onion, tomato. Fat - Forgot to add a fat.  Again.  That always seems to be where I goof up.
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    pearlgirl2017 got a reaction from JenX in Back Again and Starting June 1st   
    I too am looking forward to better sleep.  I'm tired of feeling tired.  Makes me feel old.  So raise your glasses of La Croix and celebrate the beginning of the first day!
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    pearlgirl2017 reacted to Fuzzy in I’m starting June 3.   
    I am starting June 3. I’m at a breaking point physically and the last time I felt good physically was 4 years ago in the Whole30. I want this to change my life.