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  1. Hello everyone! I am along for the ride, too! I started the Whole30 on Jan 1! Looking forward to getting far far away from sugar! Last year was rough in that I did not have a "plan"...feeling excited to the new year off right:) Oh, and my hubby is actually on board, too! I am amazed and thankful! (I am also a mom of a 9 beautiful 9 month old girl)! Look forward to journeying with ya all!
  2. Thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement! @Derval- And that was only breakfast! I know! I could hardly believe it, but then it made sense why my car would automatically drive to Starbucks...lol. I think my body is going through shock right now. I have been REALLY tired these first few days! @Pedro Sierra- Glad to know I am not alone! How are you feeling? I am so excited about this life change, yet also finding it hard to balance all the planning. I know it is a change for the good! It is just going to take a couple weeks to get into a new rhythm! Keep up the good work! @Lauren Janney Wolf- I did the same thing! Our original start date was Dec 26th...then it was the 29th...then it was Jan 1...lol! Thankful Jan 1 was the "real deal" I don't think I realized how difficult it would be to start a life changing process in the midst of sugar-sugar and more sugar! It is great fun to be without a scale...I have the tendency to get too number focused and lose track of the real goals:) I am really interested in seeing how this all works out...what day are you on? @El Paco- You were certainly not the only one addicted to soy lattes! It is day 4 for me today and I am still craving them BIGTIME:0( I hear it takes a little while for that feeling to go away. I find myself daydreaming about them....sick, sick,sick!!! I am in it for the long haul. I feel like I am running a marathon and I certainly don't want to go back to the "start"....sooooo here we go! I know my body will be much happier in the long run! Yeah, for you to be back for round 2! @Dominique- Yeah! Thanks for the encouraging words...I really HOPE I will feel the difference! How long did it take you the first time to start to benefit from the results? We are on day 4! Still very tired and craving like a mad woman! I don't think I have ever eaten this much meat in my life (I was a former vegitarian, many years ago...lol)! So far, we are hanging in! How are you doing this time around? @FenderBender- Amen! Ha!Ha! I love that your cravings are gone! That is hopeful to me!!!! How far along are you in the plan? Thanks for your humor:)
  3. Every morning for the past year or so, I started my day with an extra hot soy chia. Somedays I would make it at home, other days Starbucks would gladly hand me my "cup of goodness." Yes, that is how my day would start.Every. Single. Day. (someimes twice a day...truth be told). The day would continue with cravings for carbs and sugar. Crazy cravings which usually would lead to a less then healthy snack or lunch...which would later lead to the the begging desperate prayer of "Please, Lord help me start tomorrow!" Well, the good news is today was the "tomorrow" I have been praying for and God has certainly given me the strength to move forward! Let me go back to my statement: I would have a soy chia .Every. Single. Day. That is until...today! I have officially begun to "slay the sugar demons" (yes, that is plural b/c I know there are more then one of those bad boys)! Turns out there is 43 (plu)s grams of sugar in that drink! No wonder I loved it! Can you say addicting? Recently, my hubby and I read "It starts with Food"...I had put off reading it. Deep down I knew the book was valid and true. I knew if I read it I would soon be faced with the conviction of being a sugar addict! And so it went...guilty and convicted! Now, on this first day of 2013 the repentance has begun! Today is Day 1 and I feel good knowing I have meals in my fridge and options for the week! Honestly, I feel a little bitter sweet in saying good-bye to sugar and all of it's sneaky ways I would allow it into my life, but at the same time I look forward to having energy and feeling healthy! I am so thankful my husband has agreed to not only support me, but to join me (makes life so much easier)! ...and so it begins...me, my hubby and our adventures of the whole30.... PS-It was fun putting away the scale!