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  1. August 7th Start Date

    WE DID IT!!!! Day 30!!! Wholly cow!! I am so excited! I hope everyone is proud of themselves as I am of myself!! I have my re-introduction ready for the morning, lol. Cheese on my omelet and a slice of toast. Now its time to see what ails me. and then this weekend I'll try an ice cold beer. Slow intro though. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I just am so glad to have had you all through this unbelievable journey!!
  2. August 7th Start Date

    Day 25 over!!! Home stretch now. I have to say excited to introduce some things and see how it effects me. Curious. I don't miss much though. But, I do miss cheese! LOL, hope that doesn't effect me terribly. I guess next week we'll see. Congratulations to us all!!!!
  3. August 7th Start Date

    I get the same reaction from people!!! I keep saying this isn't a diet its a life change. They don't truly get it but, that isn't my concern. I care about how I feel. Eventually, I believe they will notice how I look and behave and then maybe they will get it. I agree, we should stay in touch. Especially if we are going to keep this change permanent. I will need the support. My hubby doesn't quite get it yet. He too, thinks I eat funny things. He doesn't believe that I will continue on either. But, once he sees (which he has started to notice) how happy being on this program has made me he'll come into acceptance, lol. I'm not saying I won't have that occasional glass of wine or ice cold beer. Or some gnocchi. But, it won't be like it used to be or as often. I love this new me I'm becoming!
  4. August 7th Start Date

    Sorry @Sara Cameron-Ragazzo. I wanted to say Congrats! as well, We have gone this far and still going strong! I'm not going to be disappointed anymore either. I have had some changes that I have noticed and feel. I may not have the "tiger blood" yet but, I know I will. I didn't do this to lose weight, I did it to get healthier. Hoping losing some weight will eventually happen. I can and will be patient for all of that. But, once it hits I'll be blowing it up here, lol. I'm proud of both of us. We are in it to win it!! And everyone else here we are almost there!! Day 22!!!
  5. August 7th Start Date

    LOL thanks @Sara Cameron-Ragazzo. I found it at whole foods. I like them as they display the ingredients in the deli area. And will let you read them directly off the product if you still want more clarity too. This is plain ol' turkey and it takes great!! The ingredients are Turkey breast, black pepper and salt!!! Heck yeah!! I'm looking at my package and unfortunately it doesn't have the name brand on it. Just says Roasted Turkey breast from Whole Foods. Ugh! Sorry. I too am planning on doing this permanently. I may have my little splurges but, I enjoy this way of eating and have learned so much so far. I can't believe how much "crap" is in some of the foods I would eat thinking "this is healthy". And the biggest thing is how much "sneaky" sugars are in foods. Its crazy!
  6. August 7th Start Date

    Ok, How was this for breakfast? I had a hard boiled egg (didn't have time to make my normal hot eggs), a medium chicken breast, spaghetti squash, broccoli, bacon with coconut milk casserole (heaping handful), pico de gallo for my chicken, some kalamata olives and 2 plaintain slices. I also made my own homemade mayo yesterday!! It came out fantastic. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I was scared to try it this whole time and it was a breeze. I'll never buy mayo again. I found some whole30 approved lunch meat at whole foods so excited. I'm going to have a turkey sandwich (minus the bread) with mayo, lettuce, tomato and avocado for lunch. With a salad as my side. Let me know if this is better?
  7. August 7th Start Date

    Ok, I got it. My breakfast needs to be larger. I do eat eggs, bacon always avocado and sliced tomatoes. Do I need more? My salads have all sorts of raw veggies as I've always been a huge vegetable person. It has avocado but, maybe too much? I usually use a whole one in my salads. I use olive oil and balsamic as my dressing. I drink ALOT, lol of water. I will change it up and add more. Thank you so much. Maybe this is why its going slow for me.
  8. August 7th Start Date

    Thank you @Karen L. I'm definitely not giving up. And honestly, I think I'll be eating this way permanently. I love the food I'll just tweak things a bit to introduce some things like CHEESE!! I do so miss it, lol. I'll just make it a whole lot less of it.
  9. August 7th Start Date

    Thank you @SugarcubeOD. You were right my glucose number was 109 so yes 93 was an improvement. Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping a log but I can tell you what my normal 5 day meal plan for last week was. Monday-Friday is the easiest to remember as its my work week and I tended to eat the same thing last week for lunch especially. I have a cup of coffee (sometimes 2) with my nutted creamer, eggs with bacon or just eggs for breakfast. For lunch it was salads all week as that is what I love, with either, chicken or salmon as my protein. For dinners it was sloppy joes in a baked potato (only half as too much food); baked chicken with homemade pico de gallo and brussel sprouts; pork chop with chopped potatoes and cauliflower; and last was stuffed red pepper with cauliflower rice and sauce. I'm not giving up and definitely have noticed some changes like sleeping better, less tension headaches and stuff. I was just feeling a bit down that I didn't feel the tiger blood yet. I love this program and intend to continue as I do believe in it. You definitely put things in perspective for me. Maybe my body needs to heal more. I was a smoker for over 15 years of my life so I probably have a lot more to detoxify.
  10. August 7th Start Date

    Day 20!!! I'm still so proud of myself so far. I'll be honest though starting to feel let down though. I haven't felt the "tiger blood" thing at all. I am getting better sleep that is for sure. But, the energy is still not better or the feeling people say they got. I still get the 3pm slumps too. I'm trying to be patient as I still have 10 more days to go and then the whole reintroduction part but, still a bit sad that I'm not having the result I've read so much about. I've followed the program to a tee, no cheats either. I love the program too and I plan to continue to eat this healthy with of course some reintroductions on occasion. I also got discouraged as my husband is diabetic (type 2) no insulin injections just a pill. The week prior to me starting the program (I did bloodwork) and my dr told me I was pre-diabetic too. (I never eat sugar so that was upsetting to know that I was pre-diabetic). So this morning when my husband checked his sugar I decided to check mine too. I mean there wasn't a rule (except the scale) that I couldn't do that. Mine was 93!!! That's high especially when I hadn't eaten for 7-8 hours. I thought the Whole30 helped turn these conditions around for people or at least make them better. So I think that is what freaked me out. I'm not giving up though. I will continue to dig my feet in and finish my Whole30 and then maybe start another one in a couple of months (after my trip to Punta Cana in October). I have another bloodworm request for after I completed the Whole30 to see if any of my levels have changed for the better too. Fingers crossed. My Dr. said to do another test after I completed the program. Is anyone else having the same issues or concerns? Could use some words of encouragement and needed advice.
  11. August 7th Start Date

    Thank you!! Its only for when i'm o the go go go!
  12. August 7th Start Date

    I'm with ya @Sara Cameron-Ragazzo!!! I'm not feeling the "tiger blood" either. I'm not noticing a change in my clothes, or energy levels even. I am sleeping better and still love the program but, am also waiting patiently. I'm not disappointed either just happy that I feel like I'm making a difference in my overall health. I guess we can say that as we have been told the program works differently for each person. I was a smoker, occasional bad eater and would have a glass of wine to unwind a night. I may need more time to get all those bad toxins out of my system. Which at least for me is well worth this wait. I gave up quite a few things all at once. So maybe I need the extra time? But, all in all here we all are!!! Day 17!!!!!! What a feat for us all. I wish I could come over and help you prep @Sara Cameron-Ragazzo, lol. I really would do that for you. I'm used to being in the kitchen now so its like second nature. I did it even before the program. My husband wishes I wasn't in there as often and hanging with him more, lol. I'm working on it = )
  13. August 7th Start Date

    Been there done that!!! LOL. Those are terrible as they feel so real!. Question for you all, I found some fruit in a cup that seems Whole30 compliant. But, before i try it I need to be sure. Here's the ingredients that seem ok. Please let me know what you all think. I don't want to ruin my program especially now that we are over half way done. Peaches, White Grape Juice from Concentrate (Water, White Grape Juice Concentrate), Lemon Juice from Concentrate (Water, Lemon Juice Concentrate), Natural Flavors, Ascorbic Acid (To Promote Color Retention), and Citric Acid.
  14. August 7th Start Date

    Morning all!!! Day 16!!! Feeling good. I'm not quite in that "tiger blood" that everyone is talking about but, I'm being patient. I definitely sleep better (huge deal for me). I haven't noticed that I've lost any weight, but, that was never my reason for doing this program. My cravings are also under control. I don't even get the urge to smoke like I did when I started. I'm not saying I don't think about it but, I don't feel that I need it anymore. I know the hump isn't over for me but, I do love the program, the food, and all of you!! Congratulations to us all for making it this far!!! Let's keep it going and before we know it day 30!!!!
  15. August 7th Start Date

    Ok, got it!! @SugarcubeOD. I am not a huge nut person anyways. I don't eat them very often. I can do just hard boiled eggs then. After I'm done I will have a chicken tenderloin or something. I don't want to overdo it as I still need to eat breakfast.