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    Day 7 and still here. Nothing else to report! Lol.
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    Started on the first, too. I have been doing a similar plan for over a year. In Fall of 2011, I started following the 4 hour body with great success. That lasted until I wanted to step up my game and joined CrossFit in March of 2012. I adopted an 80% Paleo until Sept of 2012 when my box did a strict Paleo challenge for 9 weeks (Lurong Living's). I had such great results on it that I have stuck with the plan. I took off Christmas to the New Year and am ready to be strict again. I joined because I was intrigued by the emails and forum.
    Good luck to us all!
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    I'm new and couldn't resist jumping in here. My box has a scaled push up option similar to banded pull ups. You strap the band around the pull up bar and then around where your bra goes around your rib cage. Form is perfect and you wean to lower resistance bands. Works very well and you don't form poor form habits like worming up.