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  1. MonikaDelilah

    Starting Jan 8

    Have you tried Territory Foods? Is there is one in your area? You can save yourself time by ordering from them. I did the offer of getting the free $50 for a single weeks delivery and saved myself a bit of sanity this week. One week is $8 w/the code...try it and even if you don't decide to keep using them, you've saved yourself $$, and time next week! If you're interested, here's the link. P.S. I'm not trying to sell it to anyone, I have no affiliation. I just tried it, and I loved the ease of the program, and the food!
  2. MonikaDelilah

    Starting Jan 8

    Good job using what you had to keep compliant! My need for chips is more for boredom, so I'm going to opt to stay away from them. I appreciate your suggestion, and I will probably try them once I have my 'chip' savagery under control. lol I also tried making the mayo...I'll have to try again. I do like the chicken, avo salad. You should try that as it was totally YUMMY! Keep up the good work. As far as @snd9...she/he was probably just trying to give their opinion but came off a little brass. Probably the sugar dragon kicking in...give 'em a break.
  3. MonikaDelilah

    Starting Jan 8

    I really like chips and salsa. I'm trying not to eat anything that will send me right back down a path of eating bad. So I opted not to buy the kale chips, and I'm trying to make sure that I'm completely satisfied after each meal.
  4. MonikaDelilah

    Starting Jan 8

    I'll have to try them! Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. MonikaDelilah

    Starting Jan 8

    I'm doing much better today, but I still want those chips. The office is full of bagels, cream cheese & donuts! Why-oh-why....I'm holding strong!
  6. MonikaDelilah

    Starting Jan 8

    Today is a day of reckoning...I really want to open a bag of chips! I know that plantains are out (even if they are compliant) Are there any other options to curb my chip craze?
  7. MonikaDelilah

    Starting Jan 8

    Today is day 1! Good Luck everyone!
  8. MonikaDelilah

    Starting Jan 8

    I'll be starting on the 8th as well. I did my first last year, and I'm excited for round 2!
  9. MonikaDelilah

    Inaugural Whole30 starting January 8,2018

    I'm starting the 8th, and this will be my 2nd round.
  10. MonikaDelilah

    Starting January 7th!

    Hi Jenna! I'm starting the 8th, so let's cheer one another on. This will be my second Whole30, and I am not going to lie. The first one was a little difficult because there is sugar in almost EVERYthing. I found sugar in BACON! It totally opens your eyes to what you are eating, and you will feel so much better. Plus, who doesn't mind saving money by eating at home, and learning how to change your perspective on food. Looking forward to sharing the journey w/you...and whomever else cares to join in!