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  1. Can someone explain the reasoning behind using palm sizes instead of actual measurements? it confuses me so much! My husband has 8" and nearly 100 pounds on me... and our palms are the same size. I have really big hands for a 5'4" girl, I don't understand how my palm size relates to the portions i am supposed to eat? two palms is a LOT of meat (12-16 oz!) To the poster- i had to add in more fat and a little potato in order to stop feeling so sluggish. it really helps!
  2. Help with Traveling Job/Lunch Ideas

    I realize that it is texas and he likely doesn't want anything hot... but a quality thermos would hold a hearty soup warm for several hours. Other wise- How about lettuce wraps? gazpacho? Maybe some tapas style snacks for lunch- melon wrapped in prosciutto, cold chopped veggies, olives, smoked salmon etc. a tip when dealing with salads with grilled chicken - changing up the flavors can help keep him from feeling like he is eating the same thing over and over. and change out proteins... hardboiled eggs, taco meat, steak, turkey, tuna etc. throwing in some compliant bacon always makes a salad better!