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    Outdoor. Every night. Turn it on for 5 minutes and then throw the chicken on there and cook it. Or whatever. I marinate the chicken lately so won't dry out during the day. I use a plastic bag and throw in 2 thighs and 2 breasts (frozen from TJ's) and add 1/4 cup olive oil, a tsp of herbs, a tsp of garlic or onion powder, salt and pepper, a TBL mustard and a TBL vinegar plus a little water. This is delicious! Seriously, my daughter loves this. I just pull out the chicken from the freezer in the morning and put in the bag with the marinade and then put in a covered dish in the frig and it is ready to go by dinner. We have the cheapest gas grill you can buy too (we have the exchangeable tanks but they last a long time, at least 2 or 3 months for us). In the summer we grill veggies all the time too. And if we eat red meat (rare for us). Plus, no mess to clean up (except scraping the grill occasionally). We just put some olive oil so the chicken doesn't stick to the grill. Can you tell I love to grill !!!
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    Your bottom number looks good both days on your blood pressure so I wouldn't be concerned. The top number can vary so much with caffeine, stress, etc.
    Yay to good numbers !!!
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    Yesterday at work we got free biometrics screenings. While of course my weight (and BMI) were way too high, and my blood pressure was 134/79 (2 days prior, it was 122/77 at dentist), I was happy with my cholesterol #s:
    Total: 194
    HDL: 73
    LDL: 102
    Trig: 96
    Total/HDL: 2.7
    Also, my glucose was 91, which is normal. This was the one I was most concerned about.
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    Yesterday at work we got free biometrics screenings. While of course my weight (and BMI) were way too high, and my blood pressure was 134/79 (2 days prior, it was 122/77 at dentist), I was happy with my cholesterol #s:
    Total: 194
    HDL: 73
    LDL: 102
    Trig: 96
    Total/HDL: 2.7
    Also, my glucose was 91, which is normal. This was the one I was most concerned about.
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    I'm still here, sort of. I keep going through these swings of getting on board with how I need to eat and falling off the wagon. This was my cycle before Whole30. I feel so grumpy and mean and like I have no control over my temper. I am yelling. I feel like a monster! I am drinking coffee just to survive the days, I've been eating a lot of fast food because I'm not planning. I feel like I need another Whole30, if anything to get through that first week and change to where the magic happens. Even if it's with caffeine.. I don't even feel energized when I drink the coffee, I just feel like it's keeping me awake. Doesn't help that my period is here.
    I said I would do the 21DSD on March 4th but I feel like that is so. far. away. I need something now. I feel like my sanity is slipping. I need some of this weight off me, as much as I don't want that to be a priority for Whole30, I just need to lose this heaviness that is keeping me from doing things too. We've been talking about homeschooling our kids and to do that I need to my shit in gear.
    We purchased an Excalibur dehydrator and a grill with our tax return. Now I really want to cook through Well Fed. A lot of the paleo cookbooks utilize the grill and I always felt I couldn't do the recipes justice in the oven. It'll help not having to sweat my ass off in the kitchen during cooking days.
    I think my husband is seeing the difference in me based on my food choices. He's so sweet, he wants to cook me a paleo cake for my birthday so at least it's a "healthier" cake than store-bought. He's calling it his Fail!Cake. I don't care what it tastes like, I'm so excited he's being so thoughtful.
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    After I read the first section I was like 'go for another!' but then the second section makes a lot of good points. I think making peace with food is hard. My husband and I are pretty much staying on the plan. We are kind of following the 80/20 rule but not being specific about things (we went out on Friday night on a date to a local health food restaurant and I had a tofu and spinach pesto sandwich (bread made there and whole grain) and I had a beer (my first since beginning of October!). It felt fine but felt good to get back on the plan.
    I do know what you mean about the disordered eating. It is so hard to retrain our brains. I cannot lose weight unless I do a restrictive diet like Whole 30 (I can maintain) even though I'm eating pretty good (maybe too much chocolate last week which was my only non-compliance except the date night dinner).
    I will say that having a brother across the country isn't all that much support. Support is having someone cook with you and prepare meals if you have that (like a partner or friend). I have actually found the Whole 30 taught me how to cook and it is SO much less work now. It is just routine and mostly keeping things in the refrigerator. It helps that I can literally eat marinate grilled chicken thighs and some kind of veggie (tonight green beans sauteed in garlic) six nights a week and be healthy.
    I think you should read some books on Intentional Eating/Mindful Eating (there are great ones out there). I love the book 'Eating by the light of the Moon.' My dance teacher works at a disordered eating center (I think the majority of women and men have disordered eating in our culture, it is hard not to) and I saw the author speak. She is from Hawaii so uses stories to weave it together but if you open your mind to it there is a LOT of good stuff in there. I think that book and the Whole 30 together really have changed my life.
    Feel free to ramble anytime! I think you should wait though until after you move.
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    I didn't know beef bacon existed, but as we don't eat pork, I may give it a try at some point!
    I've been staying compliant for the most part, but some days I eat too much compliant food (fruit/nuts).
    I'm still enjoying making different Paleo recipes.
    Harvest Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Glazed Walnuts (and apples & onions) is my new favorite veggie dish. It's almost Food Without Breaks it is so good.
    I also just made PaleOMG's Carrot Cake Cupcakes (sans frosting). The recipe calls for 1 TBSP honey; I used less than that and they're sweet enough to me. They're also not as addictive as cookies, so I feel comfortable having them here without over-indulging.
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    Oh COSTCO! Well, from the produce section we buy the bags of avocados, 1-2 packs of organic spinach (throw it into eggs or broth), a bag of lemons (many of which I squeeze and pour into ice cube trays for handy lemon cubes), baby portabello mushrooms (24 oz/$4.50), bags of garlic, EVOO and LOO (for the paleo-mayo). They have yummy lamb roasts from Australia. ECOS laundry detergent. Cases of Pellegrino mineral water. TurboTax. Tires with free rotate-balance. Gasoline. Toilet Paper! Bath towels, 14-cup food processor, crockpot, fabulous dual-pak insulated (hot or cold) thermos (grab, squeeze, drink, no spill stays hot for HOURS).
    I know folks who have purchased flooring there. We bought our 42" flat screen there just before the 2009 Inauguration. You can go in on items with family or friends. Plus, you get the 2% annual rebate, which at least pays for our membership. Plus, they are wonderful about returns. We even returned a spa --- oh that's a whole other story. The only credit card they accept is American Express, which we got so we can charge, then pay it off each month, AND we get a 3% rebate from AmExp!!
    Oh, and we are now the proud owners of a 7cft chest freezer bought at Costco for $174.00, so now we have room for a half-pig this summer, which works out to be $4.50 a pound for pastured pork instead of the $6-8/lb we have been paying! AND I learned that we can have them custom grind or package how we want it!!
    Yeah, for us, Costco is so worth it.
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    I also decided not to do the 21DSD.
    I did a lot of thinking about why I didn't get the almost jittery energy levels that I had when only following a FEW principles of the book Clean by Dr. Junger. Yesterday on the busride home from work, I skimmed through Clean to refresh my memory on that program. It's about eliminating toxins & common inflammatory triggers in both food, clothing, products used (on skin, in home, etc), stress, etc.
    What I will do, except when I mindfully allow myself to deviate, is stick closely with a Paleo/Clean hybrid:
    Lighter breakfasts & dinners, per Clean (focusing more on light dinners than breakfasts)
    12 hr+ window between dinner & breakfast, per Clean (and I think in line with Paleo)
    Way more vegetables, per both
    Elimination of grains, sugar, processed food, per both (though Clean allows non-gluten grains, I don't miss/need them)
    Less beef, more fish/chicken, per Clean <-- This will be a trial to see if it's the beef contributing to lack of soaring energy levels

    I'm still exploring to see what works best for me. I DEFINITELY know that light dinner, 7+ hrs of sleep, and 12+ hrs before breakfast means I feel FANTASTIC in the morning.
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    Sorry I have been MIA. I've been having several discussions with my husband and kids and some paleo friends. I decided to move on from my Whole30 and not do the 21DSD this month. I need to have a clearly defined line between the end of my Whole30 and the start of my 21DSD. I realized that I am coming very close to teaching my daughter about this complex with "food challenges" and I need to work on fixing that. So I gave in and enjoyed some paleo baked goods (Elana's Pantry Orange Dark Chocolate Scones). I went to a birthday party, and following both some advice I once read on the MDA forums (the 5%, or 10% or 20% of paleo people like to follow should be used in cases where you're at a birthday party and there's cake. Don't be a jerk and refuse to eat the cake. In my case, especially when the birthday girl is offering you some.) and a few paleo people at this party. I need to let go of the guilt and focus more on increasing my willpower. Have I been eating perfect? No, but perfectionism kills me (and many others). Was my diet *perfect*? No. Could it be improved? Sure. I don't want to get to the point where I am counting everything I eat to maximize my macronutrient ratios. I did track on myfitnesspal for a few days just to see if MDA/Whole9/Balanced Bites were right regarding carbs - if you stick to primarily veggies with limited fruit you are going to stick pretty much right in the sweet spot weight loss zone of carbs (50 to 100g). In my case, without the apple or banana I was just below 50g which is okay but seriously, the amounts listed on any website are not perfect because you don't know the exact measurement and girth of that banana or apple compared to what you have in your hand. My point about this weekend, though, is that I didn't binge! I made choices but continued to have really healthy food without just completely ditching my hard work.
    I am testing recipes for the Paleo Parent's new cookbook. Last night's dinner was amazing - Bacon Chicken (a whole chicken wrapped in bacon), summer squash, and mashed cauliflower. My daughter REALLY liked it. The carcass is in the crockpot for stock and should be ready for soup tomorrow! I think it'll end up a various veggie soup with whatever I need to use or lose.
    I am checking out a new farm coop tomorrow. Their bacon (fresh, uncured) is half the cost of my regular farmer's bacon and I am so excited.
    I made The Paleo Mom's paleo yeast bread tonight and it turned out pretty good. I hope my kids approve for their lunches!
    How's everyone else doing?
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    Hang in there Tony. I'm on day 22 and I thought I was home free on the mental stuff, then my neighbor decided to remember he is a trained chef and brings me over all this amazing smelling food I can't have. Everyday he forgets I'm doing this and brings me yummies I will spare you the description of. The good news is that by day 22 NO jumps out of my mouth immediately. I distract myself to get past that mental anguish. It goes away faster now to.
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    Okay, I know I haven't been active on here since I last posted. But as I mentioned I have been traveling the entire duration of my first week of my whole 30 which has made it difficult to make a post. However, as I head back up the East Coast on my journey from a sunny and beautiful Florida to a cold and dreary Maryland I'd figure I would update any who may be interested in my progress and how I've dealt with the obstacles of doing a Whole 30 while traveling.
    As I mentioned in my previous post, my personal whole 30 also involved quitting smoking cigarettes. I am ecstatic to note that I have been tobacco free for 7 days now without any help from nicotine patches or gum! This is a HUGE accomplishment for me and it really has boosted my spirits to get through the whole 30.
    Secondly, Traveling itself brings many obstacles to being compliant with the whole 30. Luckily, I have been fortunate to find a savior known as Whole Foods. During my time that I couldn't make it to a whole foods I have been able to remain whole 30 compliant by indulging in many salads at various restaurants and ordering proteins that are prepared in compliance with the whole 30. Fortunately, all of the restaurants have been completely fine with making any additions/subtractions I have needed.
    Lastly, as noted in ISWF the whole 30 is a lifestyle change and NOT a diet. At first I was skeptical on how the heck I could adjust to this lifestyle. However, already on day 7 I can already feel the benefits to this type of lifestyle and I am loving it. My energy level has absolutely skyrocketed! Also, after the first few days of being angry that I couldn't have my weaknesses (Pizza, Pasta, Wings, etc..) I have learned to really enjoy some new food that are starting to become some favorites of mine.
    Overall, I am very happy with both my mental and physical improvements so far and look forward to the next three weeks of the whole 30!
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    Well Fed Moroccan meatballs with bacon roasted brussel sprouts and roasted spaghetti squash - it's what is for dinner!
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    I'm officially done with my w30. I made the decision to have some dark chocolate last night (90%). I had a couple squares after dinner and put it away. So, fairly strict paleo will continue, but I am moving on from the w30 cocoon.
    @NatPatBen, I looked up the Velvety Butternut Squash recipe after I read your post, and I'm gonna make it today. Looks delicious! I'll need to run out and get some pecans, but I've got everything else. What a fantastic cookbook that it. It's made me lose my fear of spices!
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    My hubby makes the best chicken veggie soup - my tummy is so happy!
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    I heard somewhere that the more frequently we have to resist something the weaker the will power becomes. You were faced with, and successfully avoided, a variety of off roading opportunities. Combine the frequent temptations with what was likely an emotional and stressful time due to a Grandmother's passing and it becomes a perfect storm.
    Honestly though I know the feeling of ONE bite turning into a binge. I often tell others I do not have an off switch. I know I have sugar issues, I know if I have one piece of candy (there's a bowl five feet behind my head as we type) I will end up with 20 wrappers in the trash by the end of the work day, a headache, a stomach ache and a bad attitude. I know if I have one drink I'll want a second and if i have a second I'll want a third. And I will end up with a headache...a stomach ache...yeah you see the pattern. And when I'm under stress or emotional it is so much harder.
    My only advice is to pick yourself up, dust off and start fresh-but do it with the same kindness you'd give your very best friend who ate a bowl of frosting and regrets it.
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    Good morning, good food lovers...
    I'm finding that the first few days after my Whole 30 were almost as illuminating as the month of the Whole 30. This is an irritatingly obvious thing to say, but I just haven't felt great since dive-bombing back into the land of off-plan food. To wit: went to a workout last night. Struggled through the workout — like I had lost some conditioning. Dragged myself home and then slept poorly last night. Woke up with aching joints and a headache! Notice a pattern?
    I'm seeing with remarkable clarity how those inflammatory foods affect me on a day to day basis. I'm seeing how it's just not worth it. The older I get, the more excited I am about feeling great and performing at a consistently high level. The sharp relief between my Whole 30 and post-Whole 30 experiences has been utterly illuminating.
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    Not exactly LaraBars, but close enough:
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    I keep forgetting to mention one of those "weird" things that has resolved itself during my Whole30. Almost 2 years ago I had a root canal done, my first one ever, in one of my lower back molars (just before the wisdom teeth that I don't have). I understood it would be sensitive for the first couple of weeks but the discomfort continued. I went back to the dentist about a month after the procedure and he readjusted my bite/drilled into the crown to fix it and huzzah, no more discomfort. For a little while, but then it came back. I just kind of dealt with it. I saw another dentist (the dentist that did the work is no longer with the practice) who took a x-ray and said there was nothing wrong, and suggested I brush it more often. Uh, okay. Didn't work. Guess what has not been hurting the last 3-4 weeks? That tooth. I have no idea *why* but I am so thankful that it doesn't hurt anymore!
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    We spent about $150 this week, too. And that includes food for a dinner party we hosted on Saturday. I hope we can get down to $500/month for groceries.
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    I have a Vitamix, and I more or less got it just for this. I started off with just a simple recipe of 1 banana, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 cup coconut water, a handful of pepitas, a handful of spinach (I cook it then squeeze the liquid out and freeze them into ~1 tbsp balls to get rid of the oxalates), a few dates (depending on size, so if they're big I might use two but if they're teeny I might use 4), 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tbsp chia seeds and some yogurt or milk kefir. I blitz it all in the Vitamix until smooth, and sometimes I use frozen banana to help keep it cold/unmelted until it gets completely smooth. I have since adjusted my recipe by sight. This last time I put probably 1 1/2 bananas in, the rest of a package of frozen cherries, about 3/4 cup frozen blueberries, frozen spinach (I didn't have time to cook it because were out of popsicles and they were being requested!), a full juicebox of coconut water, half of the container of remaining milk kefir, eyeballed the pepitas, chia seeds and cocoa powder and threw in about 6 dates. It was more liquid than smoothie but it worked just the same. I have two kinds of popsicle molds: the kind that are hard plastic with the sticks you put on top and the silicone pushpop kind, which he hasn't quite figured out so I usually put it in a bowl and nuke it for about 15 seconds to soften and cut it up with a spoon.
    This last batch the milk kefir was rather stinky but he still loves it. I'm waiting for my first batch of coconut milk kefir to finish, probably by the end of today/tomorrow morning which will time perfectly for the next batch! There's usually some leftover (or at least I try to time it that way) from making popsicles so then he gets to drink the leftovers.
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    Didn't taste the chocolate as chocolate, not even as strong as a lot of moles. But a nice, rich flavor. I made a triple batch of beef and a one-and-a-half batch of turkey as not everyone in my household eats beef. Lots of leftovers to freeze! I love me a full freezer.
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    In our local paper today.....

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    Way to be prepared! & Congratulations on the mortgage refi closing.
    Also, don't you love it when a business meal is compliant! Just experience that myself with a business lunch: grilled mahi mahi with sundried tomatoes & basil, served with asparagus and rice. I got broccoli instead of rice & added a side salad with a drizzle olive oil & lemon for dressing. Lots of veggies, fish... probably not enough fat, but I keep some emergency coconut oil at work for just the occasion!
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    Uh-oh. I have an acorn squash (and a butternut squash) that I planned to cook this week. Didn't know about the no winter squash thing. (Also, I need to look up which squashes are considered winter squash.) Maybe I won't call this a 21DSD, but I will stick with the one serving fruit/day and no Lara bars/sweet potatoes for the rest of the 21 days. If the starchiest thing I eat is some squash, I think I'll still see big benefits. Already, I feel better than I did before (even better than on Whole30). Could be the less fruit, smaller dinners, more exercise, and more sleep.... LOL Of course it's all of those. Since I reduced my dinner size (and eat it earlier), I also wake up feeling lighter and hungrier in the morning. This is how I expected to feel on the Whole30.