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  1. Hello! Does anyone have suggestions for compliant chicken broth?? I've had a hard time finding one in store. Thanks!
  2. Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    @emilyelowe I would love to join in on the group! I'm starting on the 23rd but since it's my first time doing the Whole 30, I would love to hear from those who have completed rounds before.
  3. Start Date- July 23

    @jensdowns I'm going to try using compliant unsweetened cashew milk with my coffee. I've had it in cereal and it's pretty good! @Ruthless Yes, let's start a group! I'll start on Sunday. I hope to learn how to manage my sweet tooth and prove that I don't need ice cream or cookies after dinner. I really need to up my veggie and fruit intake, and I feel this program is a good way to increase the amount I consume. I also have some inflammation in my knee, and I want to see if changing my eating habits will help with this.
  4. Dasani Sparkling Water

    Yep, it appears to be compliant based off of what I read on the box. They're super good!
  5. Start Date- July 23

    I'm starting my first round of Whole 30 on Sunday, July 23. Would love to get a support group going for anyone starting on or around this time!!