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  1. How many carrots??

    Thank you, great article!!
  2. I'm having trouble understanding what is and isn't swypo when it comes to subbing foods. I totally get the "no baked goods" rule because we're trying to change some old/bad habits and broaden our food horizons. But with regard to using better ingredients to replace unhealthy foods, such as using tapioca starch to make gravy in place of flour. Is this SWYPO? I get that gravy is maybe a comfort food. However, I made chicken broth gravy with TS and it was amazing!! I loved it. I wish I had known about it long before now, but so glad I found it. I'll never use regular butter and/or flour for gravy again. So is this SWYPO? If so, I don't understand why. I found a healthier alternative with compliant ingredients, so isn't that a good thing? I've wanted a flour free life for SO LONG (which has proved impossible until now, living in the deep south), and now with Whole30, I am learning how to have it. I LOVE IT!! I'll never look back!! But I want to understand the rules and really get all I can out of this, in the spirit in which it was offered, so any help is much appreciated!!
  3. How many carrots??

    I eat baby carrots nearly every day at one meal at least, usually M1 or M2. They are the raw (organic), cut, peeled baby carrots you can buy at the store in a large bag. They are cut into pieces about 2-3" long. I usually eat about 6-8 pieces at a meal. Is this too much? Would this be considered using carrots to prop up my veg intake, similar to using fruits and nuts as snacks, (which I have seen some moderators discourage)? Just wondering about how much is too much in the way of carrots. They are just easy to eat and pack, so I tend to eat a lot of them, though mostly only at meal times. Any help is much appreciated!!
  4. I have been loving my W30. No slump, no "hangover" phase, I was breezing through, until today. After lunch I have my first stomach ache since starting the program. Just wondering how common nightshade sensitivity is. I'm not allergic to anything, but I have definitely always had inflammation issues. I am not eating potatoes at all, and peppers only here and there. But tomatoes are a staple in my diet, especially in the summertime. So Last night I made a tomato meat sauce with 100% grass fed ground beef, canned Earthfare brand tomatoes and tomato paste (compliant ingredients) as well as fresh tomatoes. I made zucchini zoodles to go with it. I added minced garlic and oregano, thyme, sage, marjoram, salt and pepper. I also added Bragg's Nutritional yeast, my first time using it. Is there anything here that looks like it would cause a stomach ache? No issues when I ate it for dinner last night, but major stomach ache after having it for lunch today. For reference, I had carrots, celery and 2 scrambled eggs, and 4 oz. coconut milk for breakfast. Stomach did not hurt until after lunch. Any help is much appreciated!!