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  1. I too have experienced a difference. I have the 10 year IUD and am 5 years into and have been able to pin point roughly the time I am going to get my period, cramps became awful on the IUD, but my period only lasted for 3 days. It's great! I'm only two weeks into Whole30 and I noticed a change in my period instantly. The cramps went from being awful and lasting only one day to magnified and lasting several days. On top of that, my period lasted almost 5 days instead of 3. But the silver lining, my PMS crabbiness before the devils week, was mild... comparatively speaking.  We will see what the next cycle brings.... :/

  2. 8 hours ago, laurelerin22 said:

    Bouillon cubes are pretty bad.  I stopped using them after actually reading the ingredient list, and that was before I ever did Whole30!  In general, it's tough to find store-bought compliant stock or broth (which is why the book has a recipe for them).  So many of them have MSG, soy, or added sugar!  I did find a couple of organic, compliant chicken and veggie stocks/broths, but I have yet to find a compliant beef broth that does not have added sugar/honey.  :angry:  Just remember to READ. EVERY. LABEL.  Literally every one, including spices, nuts, tuna, etc.  You will be shocked to find how much added crap goes into the food we buy every day at the grocery store.  Good for you for committing to a restart!  Good luck!!  :D

    THANKS!!!! I went ahead and decided that I would rather spend a few extra bucks and time making my own broth, both beef and chicken, then risking buying one from the store. They turned out great so I can't complain...and I love being in the kitchen so I'm winning on all levels..ha. I never thought I would be that person that reads labels, but now I do on EVERYTHING and sometimes it's just out of pure curiosity..especially when it comes to the stuff I know is really bad for a person. I read what's in it, chuckle a little, and put it back on the shelf and walk away proudly. I think its more a strut! Ha. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, SugarcubeOD said:

    Hmm... okay well sugar is not actually the worst thing in this product... it has corn, MSG and worse even is soy... 

    I would definitely say don't eat the cauli rice anymore... whether you start over or not is up to you, there's an article in my signature below called 'Do I really have to start over' and we advise to read and let us know what you're going to do.

    That said, corn and soy especially are huge gut disruptors so be really honest with yourself about what you're doing this for... would you consider doing a Whole32?

    Thank you for your quick response!!!

    After I hit submit I realized the corn syrup and soy were red flags as well! Ugh. I already went ahead and threw the cubes away, next goes the cauliflower rice. Naturally, I would make up an excuse and say, "Well I only ate less than a cup of it with dinner." but I promised myself, no cheating, no slipping.

    It is only day 2 so it won't hurt me too much to start over. Day 30 is a Tuesday and its no good stopping in the middle of the week. Especially with my meal prepping. 

    I just wanted to make absolutely sure it was a dumb error on my part before I made an even bigger dumb error and kept eating it the rest of this week!

    Again, thank you!