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  1. Extreme digestive distress

    Yes, I'm still wanting to stay Whole 30. When I can eat I do go with bland chicken, bland potatoes and a bland veg. The sad thing is I didn't even go that crazy with my binge! I had One s'more, a couple of graham crackers, some Lays potato chips, a cinnamon toast rice cake with cashew butter and a slice of pizza!
  2. Extreme digestive distress

    Hello. I fell off track at day 23. That was last Saturday, so about 10 days ago. I went on a refined carb/sugar binge that evening. HUGE mistake! For the next two days after that I had diarrhea(Sorry. Tmi, I know), nausea and bloating. What little I could eat went right threw me. I also became really dehydrated. Fastfoward to today. I cannot eat more then 3/4 cup of food at a time without feeling like I'm about to pop. I'm lucky if I can eat 3 times a day. Water is the same way. I can't drink more then 1/2 a cup without feeling I'm overly full. So, again, I have become dehydrated. The nausea is still there too. I did go to the Doctor today and the best answer she could give me was I sent my digestive system into shock with the junk food binge. Has anyone had something similar happen for the same amount of time?