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  1. Meal 3 is going to be pork chops with fried pineapple with chilli and coconut aminos (I never have pineapple but bought one for the dinner party that didn't get eaten), with stir fried bok choy, chinese brocc, some other asian greens and mixed mushrooms. Yum!
  2. I didn't think it would be the Brocc - I basically live on cruciferous veg without any issues! It's quite strange because nothing has changed. Maybe just a mild bug? My big wake up on the yoyo was being told that trying to get blood out of my veins was like "trying to nail jelly to a wall" because they've been affected by my fat-thin-fat-thin think. It's SO bad for me and it just has to stop. But my terrible habits are so ingrained, that I can only seem to eat right when following a very strict set of rules. Hence my Whole 30-ing, but I know I need to really adjust my habits for life. So today I'm pretty flat out and won't get my lunch time walk in, but that's ok. It happens. Meal 1: Egg bake and spicy kraut Meal 2: White chilli chicken soup Meal : ?!?!? Who knows.
  3. Oof. Another round of gastric distress, I don't know what's bring it on of an evening! I'm fine during the day!
  4. I'm going to chalk this up to day 2 of no vertigo!! It had been lessening, but I haven't had any attacks at all in the last 48 hours. Got my new glasses today, so a wee headache, but that's explainable. So I hit a huge NSV pretty solidly this week. One of my goals is to be able to shop in normal stores, even trendy stores and not have to buy plus sizes. Today I fit skinny jeans in Zara and H&M. I didn't buy any yet, I'll shop the sales closer to going on holiday but it's SO nice to be able to walk back into normal shops and not think "nothing for me, here!" Bit of background - I'm a yoyo weight person to an insane degree. Some people yoyo 10-20 lbs, I yoyo 80-90. I've been 250lbs more than once, been down to 180ish or less a few times, and ballooned back up. Generally when I get bak up, it's to a new highest ever weight. It's REALLY bad for me. And I need to stop. When I started W30 in January I was 252lbs and almost back at my heaviest. I've gotten up there from 175lbs back in mid 2016, when the vertigo started and I stopped exercising, and started eating everything in sight and generally feeling constantly terrible. I'd gotten down to 175 from 255 in Jan 2014. You see what I mean about the crazy yoyo, and this was just in this decade. I haven't been a 'healthy' weight since I was a teen. I'd like to be, and I'd like to stay there. W30 and staying mostly compliant between rounds is the first time I've lost weight month after month without tracking calories in some way, and I really like it. It's also working well for me getting back to it after I slip, rather than just letting go and gaining it all back. Anywho. I need to start exercise next, and I much prefer to exercise when there's a point. I'm not a gym person. I love taekwondo and will go back, but my tennis elbow won't allow that right now, so I'm thinking maybe a dance class.
  5. SchrodingersCat

    W30 v3.0 - Day 1 A big list of WHY!

    Welcome back, Lorna!! You've been missed. I'm glad to hear your mom is stable and that you and the hubs for a lovely break. I'm in Paris in about 8 weeks! (after Amsterdam and the UK) I can't imagine that holiday is going to be very compliant at all, lol. I'm just planning on staying on the straight and narrow until then, and getting back on it right after. Your list of reasons sounds just like my list of reasons when I started kinda-round-3 2 weeks ago. I say kinda because it's a bit of a food freedom thing, I'm being as compliant as possible unless there is a conscious decision not to be. Isn't it funny how we realise that we used to just be USED to feeling like this?? And how accustomed we got to it...
  6. Slept really well last night, and I'm in a much better mood this morning! I have professional photos for work this morning and I'm very happy that I've been back on round because my skin looks good and my face isn't puffy. Meal 1: Egg bake as per last week and spicy kraut. Meal 2: White chilli chicken soup Meal 3: Scotch fillet steak, baked sweet potato with ghee, sauteed broccolini, fennel, cabbage and daikon with balsamic reduction and dukkah
  7. SchrodingersCat

    Erva Mate or Mate

    I Iove Mate, I drink a fair bit of it too. It doesn't make me jittery like coffee does.
  8. OK, so I made seafood fried rice for my husband. He didn't finish it, and without thinking, when I took our plates to the kitchen, I picked up a piece of calamari off his plate and popped it in my mouth. Didn't even think, because I had calamari on my plate, too. It had maybe 2-3 grains of rice and there would have been traces of soy sauce. 1.5 hours later and I have violent gastric distress. I honestly don't know if it was caused by the rice or soy, though, because I had no issues with them on reintro, and it was truly a minuscule amount. It might just have been because I was so stressed today, but it was worth recording.
  9. YAY! I was wondering where/how you were!! I'm so sorry about your Mom, that's so hard. France sounds incredible though, we're there in about 8 weeks!!
  10. OK, got home, cooked dinner, made up with the hubster, and feeling a lot better. Added a serve of olives. I never realised how much a serve of fat goes towards keeping me sated. Evening snacks were my thing, even when losing weight, because I'd eat my low fat meal and still be hungry. Now a handful of olives with dinner and I'm all good. If I don't have them with dinner, I have them shortly after. OH!! And no vertigo today!! First day since round 1!!
  11. Didn't end up getting the cauli rice for my lunch, the soup was enough on it's own and I'm down enough to not be hungry. I just want to go home and go to bed. ETA: Won't, though. Will go home and make dinner.
  12. Thanks @Amy_Michigan! I'm actually glad I tried the vodka - now I know not to bother, LOL. Yesterday was a shit day, had a fight with my husband, and ended up only eating the leftover meatballs from the night before (compliant). Did manage to food prep for the week though, I make white chilli chicken soup, but used the leftover broth from the hot pot, which has a decidedly Asian flavour so it tastes good but I can't really describe it. It doesn't have enough veggies, so I'll grab some cauli rice to have with it for lunches. Todays food: Meal 1: Egg bake as per last week and spicy kraut. Meal 2: White chilli chicken soup with cauli rice Meal 3: Seafood mix (snapper, prawns, calamari and scallops) in spicy tomato sauce with cauli rice and steamed broccolini.
  13. So I have been thinking this morning and I guess that what this is isn't really a round but a super super slow reintro. But not a food group one, more a mental one, if that makes sense? Anyways. Dinner was great but my eating was very unbalanced. Not enough veg, not enough fat. But weekends tend to be a bit more unstructured and I'm fine with that. That's life, and I'm living it!
  14. Dinner was fantastic - confession - I had a vodka. OK, 2. In soda water with fresh lemon. I figured it was a 'worth it' thing, and guess what? It wasn't. I went back to drinking just soda water with lemon. Other than that, fully compliant meal, and great company. This 'round' is not really about me doing a 30 day round, I've done that before and have proved I can do it. It's more about me being strictly W30 save for when I make a conscious and considered decision not to be, like the vodka. And all it did was give me a headache, and I stopped after the 2 so I figure that as a learning experience, it was very valuable and I don't regret it. It also means I won't be doing it again any time soon, my soda water tasted better without it!!
  15. Happy Saturday Hot Pot Day! So much food prep, I've accidentally catered for 45 people instead of 6. Meals are a bit dodgy, lunch was just leftover pot roast and a few bits of potato while prepping, plus sampling things I'm making. All compliant though!
  16. So I've ended up with some olives and a handful of almonds
  17. Salmon was yum, but you know those nights when you eat and your stomach is full and your brain just wants to keep eating? I'm having that time right now. Vertigo was on and off today, it really, really does seem to come on hard right after I eat. It's so odd. I have the broth for the hot pot simmering away and the house smells lovely!!
  18. SchrodingersCat

    Eating for better Mental Health

    Welcome!! I have found that Whole30 has been a real positive impact on my anxiety, and I sleep like a log while on round, but wake up when I need to and don't stay groggy. It's REALLY nice haahaa. I'm still all over the caffeine though...
  19. SchrodingersCat

    My log starting Day 13

    Well done!! I find keeping a journal on here is really cathartic, and being on the 3rd round, I really like being able to go back and see how I felt and what I was eating on previous rounds. I hear you on the wine, my third round is more an attempt to get to a point where I'm mostly compliant but allow things when they're "worth it" and it's hard convincing myself that wine isn't worth it some days.
  20. SchrodingersCat

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    Oh man, that so sucks about the party venue!!! So frustrating for you and your daughter. A mental health day sounds like a great idea, as does the every other week. The time processing therapy is just as important as the therapy itself. Take care!!
  21. SchrodingersCat

    Portable Protein ... this is frustrating.

    Making your own jerky is super easy and SOOOO much cheaper than buying it!! The cost of pre-made jerky makes me want to cry. I take a lean cut of beef, pop it in the freezer until it's stiff but not solid and cut into very thin strips along the grain. Marinade in a mix of coconut aminos, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne to taste and sit it in the fridge overnight. I have a dehydrator I use, but if you don, then lay the strips out over a rack in the oven and bake at he lowest setting with the door slightly open for a number of hours until they're stiff but don't crack when you bend them and voila! I make a big batch and keep it in the fridge. You can also use ground meat, mix it with the seasonings and roll it out thin and cut into strips and dry the same way, but on a tray and making sure to flip them a few times. I'm on my 3rd round and have a very demanding full time job. It takes some extra time spent in the kitchen 1 day a week to prep for the rest of the week, but it's worth it!
  22. HAPPY FRIDAY!!! So glad this week is almost over. Because I missed fish Tuesday, and I need seafood for tomorrow, tonight is Fish Friday Meal 1: egg bake and spicy kraut Meal 2: pot roast and veggie medley Meal 3: Salmon steaks with lemon, garlic and dill ghee, sauteed sweet potato, sauteed cabbage, fennel, carrot and cauli in seasoned salt and olive oil
  23. Had a serve of olives later, forgot to have them with dinner and was snacky. Having a plated fat REALLY helps.
  24. OK, why do I appear to get vertigo after eating? Almost immediately after, I get the worst vertigo of my day. Pot roast was delicious. Friend cancelled, so no workout (lazzzyyyyy). I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday.
  25. SchrodingersCat

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Cat's are really amazing at taking care of themselves. I think you're doing the right thing just keeping an eye on him!