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  1. I did your 30 minutes, plus mine, plus 40 more! I took the doggo for a long walk because I knocked off at lunch, and ended up walking too far one direction before realising we had to walk back, lol. The perils of a good playlist!

    Meal 1 was turkey stew with cauliflower

    Meal 2 will be buffalo chicken ribs with chimmichurri/mayo slaw - yum!

  2. Day 19.

    Ugh, had huge post written, accidentally deleted. Long story short - NSV, bought super cute t-shirt in Paris last September, immediately come home and put on a buttload of weight, just tried shirt, it fits. Woot!

    FRIDAY! Not that weekends mean us doing any more leaving the house than during the week, but the no alarm is nice.

    No ideas on food today. Meal 1 will be leftovers of some description, I have a sausage, and I have chicken tikka masala. So one or the other.

    Fridays I tend to like something a little fancy for dinner, but I'm currently at a loss for what that might be. 

    Thinking I might take Monday as a leave day and have a 4 day weekend. Just coz.


  3. Good morning! Day... 18? 

    The last couple of nights I have struggled to get to sleep due to to twitchy legs. It's been really weird. It's like there's this twitch in my lower back that makes my legs feel weird and I just want to keep moving them. I hope it goes away.

    So last night I actually did a workout. Exercise is supposed to make you release happy endorphins, right? This one just made me maaaaaaaad. No reason, just like epic PMS cranky. It passed, eventually, but I was a bit of a sook for the rest of the night.

    But, I've decided to make the effort to go back to Taekwondo. I've found a dojang not far from my house, with an instructor who seems really great. I reached a provisional black belt a few years ago at a really cool family run dojang, and then it moved one direction and I moved the other direction and I couldn't make classes any more. Tried a couple of dojangs closer to me, but one was a chain which was really cookie-cutter and the other was more of a MMA gym and it was whoa to go and nothing in between. This one seems a lot like my old dojang, to the point I was chatting to the instructor about my original dojang and she knows my old instructor and says her style is much the same. 

    When I was doing TKD years ago, I was at my healthiest, lightest and fittest. I really enjoyed it (I really don't like just exercising for exercises' sake, I think learning something). Class doesn't go back in-person until the end of June, but that gives me 4 weeks to try and crank up some fitness, and the motivation to do so (falling over dead at your first class back is rather embarrassing). So I'm trying to actually do the 30 minutes exercise a day that I've been repeatedly committing to. 


    Meal 1: Leftover turkey stew with broccoli

    Meal 2: Hmmmm. i have a freezer full of food and very little inspiration. Maybe stuffed peppers because I bought too many - I could do a Mediterranean style meatloaf mix and bake them in. That could work. EDIT: opened the freezer and remembered I made a bunch of beef, smoked tomato and mushroom sausages, so they're dinner with mashed root veg (I'm on a kick lately) and sauteed brussel sprouts and beans.




  4. OK, so I just need to flag this, because it is a big deal for me - I'm a rule follower and an all or nothing type of person and I find it difficult to adapt when someone moves the goalposts, so I'm just going to acknowledge that.... I'm putting peas in the turkey pot pie tonight. 

    I have a weird mental relationship with peas. Weight Watchers always counted the 'points' of them when all veggies were free, and that led me to thinking peas were 'bad'. Then W30 banned them, so I kept avoiding them, even thought I love them. Now they're ok on W30, as I believe they should be, but my little pea-brain (see what I did there?) is like "aaaaahhhh, noooo peas are non-compliant and if you eat them, you may as well go to McDonalds!". So why eat them then, you ask? Because this whole all or nothing thing I have going on is bad, and I need to start transitioning to proper life habits and not "I'm on track/I'm off track" being "I eat vegetables/I eat my bodyweight in junk"

    So, peas. In my dinner. While on round. And I'm going to enjoy them. 

  5. Good morning, I appear to have slept off the headache, which is a boon. Hopefully it stays away!

    Day 17, they're just flying by! I'm starting to really turn my mind to what after 30 days is going to look like. Part of me wants to commit to a longer strict round, another part wants to transition to "paleo" (i.e. with some swypo - though I'm having that now, where I feel it's warranted and I'm not planning on getting into paleo baking because my sugar dragon doesn't care if it's dates or rock candy, it will hoover that shiz), part of me wants to stay compliant unless I don't, i.e. occasions - not that there's many of those lately. I need a plan, because a cat without a plan is a piggy. I guess I'm afraid of committing to a longer round because I'm scared of 'failing', which is silly because this round has been a breeze, and I've got nothing on the horizon that's going to mess it up.

    Anyway, prepare to hear me ruminate over that a lot over the next week and a half :)

    Meal 1: We have lots of leftovers which I should really get through, so I'll probably just have what's left of my lamb shanks with a bit of root veg mash and some steamed broccoli. 

    Meal 2: I have lots of leftover turkey from the roast I did, so I'm making a compliant 'turkey pot pie' which I'll then put into individual dishes and top with mashed root veg for me, mashed potato for the hubster. Side of green beans and broccolini.

  6. 8 hours ago, mazzystarslight said:

    Thanks for your reply! Yesterday was rough, but today is a new day (I am starting my Whole7 plus reintroduction, and may extend it). My therapist/dietician recommended a podcast to me called Food Psych, which has also mentioned that weight cycling is more dangerous than maintaining a heavier weight too. I definitely recommend Food Freedom Forever, and I think it's only $6 right now (I just got It Starts With Food for that price on Amazon Kindle) -- it obviously hasn't helped me as much as I've hoped yet, but it's really insightful and I even took screenshots of a few pages I wanted to refer back to when making food decisions (clearly did not happen yesterday). Best of luck (and hard work!) to us both! I like your username :)

    Thank you, I'll grab it on Kindle and might check out that podcast too. 

    I lovey your username too, Fade Into You was such a heartsong for me growing up :wub:

  7. Ok, Dinner is a small pistachio dukkah crusted salmon fillet, and 5 garlic prawns, with a mixed green, red cabbage, cucumber and radish salad with a chimmichurri mayo dressing.


    I also have a pounding headache and I'm really cranky. But my neck is super sore, so thinking it's that.

  8. I don't know if my stomach is shrinking or what's going on, but over the last week or so, I can only stomach half my normal portions. It's really odd. I've always, always been a volume eater. Even today, where I've had an active morning and didn't eat until 1:30pm, I made a modest portion of curry and cauli rice and only got through half before I pushed it away. I ALWAYS finish my plate, even if I'm "OOF" afterwards.

    This isn't a bad thing, but it is very unexpected and nothing I have experienced on previous rounds. 

  9. Day 16! Not that I'm actually counting, just keeping track. 

    Day off today, so it's grocery shopping, mowing the lawn and playing video games for me. It's actually a lovely sunny day, if cold.

    I'm wearing an outfit today that I last wore in Europe last Sept, before I stacked on weight (not that I was a healthy weight then, but lighter) so I'm pretty stoked!

    It's fish Tuesday, and I'm thinking small salmon steaks with some prawns. Not sure of seasoning or sides yet. 

    Meal 1 will be whatever I rustle up after shopping :) Actually, I think some leftover curry would be a treat. 


  10. Ohhhh lady, I could have written this post!! Round 4 for me, and Food Freedom is still elusive. I just keep thinking that I'm learning a little more each time. 

    I worry a lot that doing W30 does set me up for a 'perfect' vs 'fail' scenario, where I'm either on or I'm off and there's nothing in between, and when I'm off ohhhhhhh boy.

    I'm also a major weight fluctuator - to the point my doctor has told me my lose/gain cycle is actually less healthy than just staying fat (unless I can lose it and stay a healthy weight). 

    No real advice for you, coz I get where you're at, but solidarity :)

    I need to read Food Freedom Forever, do you recommend?

  11. 1 minute ago, Blueautumn said:

    Mine has felt like that on and off all week. It's awful. You can borrow my massage lady :) the weather changes have been wrecking my hhead.

    hope you feel better soon

    I cannot WAIT to get a massage. Our restrictions are easing again this week, so I think I can book in for the weekend. Excited!


  12. I don't have any cookbooks but I am in a couple of paleo Facebook groups and I'm looking forward to some paleo baking too! It looks so good. I know I'll have to be careful, because I can devour a whole container of paleo bliss balls as easily as a block of chocolate, but learning to moderate is part of the goal!

  13. 7 hours ago, ShadowInTheKitchen said:

    Your meals look and sound so interesting!  

    Wow!  Like on a menu at a fancy restaurant!

    Congrats on the higher energy and other NSV's!  Keep going


    I overbought field mushrooms last week when I was making sausages and have been enjoying stuffing them with leftovers for lunches! 

    Happy day 15! It's the half way point. And you know what? I don't even care. I'm not missing anything, I'm not counting down to day 30, I'm not even sure that I'm going to bother reintroing anything and won't just keep going for a "Whole-whatever" until something seems worth having off plan. 

    I'm dreaming of holidays we can take once the world has some normality, and I've already chosen our next Thailand resort. Pool access room is a must, and last time I was in Thailand I was in a bikini. I have a plan to be back in one by next time too (maybe 12 months from now). I'm not doing this for weight loss, but I do want to lose weight and this is giving me the energy and the motivation, so win-win. 

    Last week I committed to 30 minutes of exercise a day and did it exactly once. So that's the goal for this week again, and lets hope I do better. To be fair, I did have a nasty infected tow last week so walking/elliptical wasn't the best idea. It's on the mend, so I'll get amongst some exercise. 

    Meal 1: I do still have a field mushroom and some carnitas, so maybe a repeat of yesterday.

    Meal 2: Slow cooked lamb shanks with root vegetable mash, sauteed broccolini and beans.

  14. I love new recipes!

    I need to get motivated to at least walk. My excuse is that I've had an infected toe which is finally on the mend.

    Meal 1 ended up being a field mushroom stuffed with Carnitas, topped with salsa and nutritional yeast.

    Meal 2 was a divine Thai beef salad with cashews.




  15. Caveat on the energy thing. I'm not "I want to go for a run!!" energetic, but I'm way more motivated. Things get cleaned, everything gets done. There is no "ugh, I'll leave those dishes for tomorrow" or "I can't be bothered, so that can stay messy". Even the little things. It's really good, and I'm happy for it.

    Do wish I was motivated for a run though ;)