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  1. 9 hours ago, Emma said:

    I think back to the entire container of Ben and Jerry's ice cream I ate. I started with one spoonful and then went back for another, and then another, and then another. I don't know what my justification or reasoning was or if I even was in control.  It will be interesting to notice how you do with the weekend and if things snowball or if it just stays in moderation. Certainly it's nice to join in with what others are doing and having. Have a great weekend!!!

    Well, I ended up eating a few oatmeal raising cookies, and some chocolate and some pretzels and too much wine. Not a binge or anything but definitely a "eh, if I'm going to be off plan, I'm going to have what I want". Plan is to get right back on track tomorrow :)

  2. 20 minutes ago, Emma said:

    They can't ALL be bad. We did pick up some mini hotdogs at Costco that were totally clean and tasty. They were a little salty, but that helped me eat fewer. Now I'm trying to remember what is in Nathan's Hot Dogs or the Applegate ones which are the ones I usually get for my kids - I think they're pretty clean - maybe not Whole30, but I like them.  What are your guys' hot dog standards? Maybe I'm totally in the dark on this scene :/  

    My gold standard hot dog is the Costco Cafe ones LOL!!

  3. Happy Friday, lovely folk!!

    Off to Adelaide in the morning, it will be nice to catch up with the family. I keep thinking of things I want to do this weekend, then remembering I'm away, yargh! I'll have to do my food prep Monday afternoon when I'm back.

    Meal 1: Spicy Kraut and hot smoked salmon

    Meal 2: White chilli chicken soup

    Meal 3: Needs to be quick and easy, we have to drop the dog off at the dog sitters, pick up stuff from the store, pack... Though really, it's Friday night so not like it's frantic. I'll think of something.


  4. 7 hours ago, Beckha99 said:

    I have the same feeling about ending at 30. I WANT to keep feeling great, but I also want to have a glass of wine. I don't think that these 2 things are really accomplished at the same time.  made these whole30 approved hotdogs, saurkraut, and roasted potatoes. It was the first time we tried the hot dogs (no buns obviously), and they were kinda gross. Very tough, and chewy. And I just kept thinking I can't wait until my options aren't so limited. Not a good thought going into the last few days. 

    I think I need more time. I feel good and I am sure a dropped a little weight, but I think my mental state with food is still unstable. I am good when I put training plans and restrictions in place for myself. In the absence of something organized, I act like a hot mess (for eating and working out). I feel like I am going to eat a piece of bread when it is over, and I am going to go immediately back to my old body/mental/energy state. This is a really hard part. 

    I am trying to work on really concentrating on how my body FEELS instead of how it looks. I know I still have a lot of weight to lose, but it is easier when I have the energy to get out and walk/run/swim. Let's hope it works!

    I was saying to my husband, considering the dodgy things that go into a normal hot dog, how is it possible that compliant hot dogs, with their identifiable ingredients and lack of additives can taste so much WORSE?? :lol::D

  5. Ah, I think being from Australia, we don't have the salmonella issue with eggs that the US does, so it's never on my radar.

    Off topic, does anyone else think that Salmonella sounds like a gangster from the Al Capone era? "Al's colleagues were all unsavoury, and dangerous to some degree, but one of them, he was a terror. No one knew where he'd strike, and you could take precautions, but you never really knew where he'd spring from. His name was Sal, Sal Monella. Most people tried to avoid him, but if he ever came into your life, he'd go through you like a dose of salts. Sometimes he got caught... but he never stayed caught for long. Either he'd vanish in the night or, sometimes... sometimes those who caught him didn't make it"


  6. OMG you know, Whole30 is the ONLY time I've lost weight and my boobs have shrunk?? They usually stay huge and I look like a flippin' manga cartoon! I'm thrilled, because I can fit a DD for the first time in over a decade and wear NORMAL BRAS!! AND PRETTY BRAS!! 

    Phew. Sorry, haahaa I really do get your excitement!!!

  7. 1 hour ago, Emma said:

    Wow! That's really tremendously wonderful and sure hints that what you're doing is good for body.

    Could the buggy stomach be a reaction to something you're eating each afternoon or evening? Something that maybe you didn't react to before because your system was overloaded? I have no idea, but that theory would probably hold super true for my body. Your stomach thing doesn't quite line up with a virus, though I suppose it could be. Lots of fiber? Too much fiber? 

    Your dinner sounds delicious as always.

    I'm so excited about not having vertigo that I just committed to a 7am fitness class next week hahah. Yikes!

    I'm so not sure on the tummy, food definitely hasn't changed, and a virus wouldn't be so selective about time. I guess I'll just ride it out! Odd that it almost coincides with the lack of vertigo, so maybe you're on to something there with the overload!

    OK, I've told my Momma that I'm on a restricted diet, and have volunteered as designated driver. I'm picking the restaurant for dinner, and have about as much control over the food as I'm going to get :)

  8. Blergh, bit of a chunky tummy today. I don't know how else to explain it, I sometimes get this feeling like my stomach is full of jagged pokey rocks. Not super painful or anything, just really uncomfortable. Don't know what causes it!

    Had a bit more tummy trouble again last night, so maybe I have a bug. Weird that it only happens of an evening though!

    I'm off to Adelaide this weekend to get our house there ready to rent out, and I'm staying at my parents and spending one night on an air mattress at the house. I don't think I have a hope of staying compliant, but I'll do my best to avoid what I can. Food freedom, right?? I'm not going to drink, though - the vodka didn't go down well and I'm loving the lack of vertigo. 

    I'll be able to sort my own breakfasts and lunch, so that's all good. The 2 dinners will be a challenge to an extent, though I've floated taking the family out for dinner on the Saturday so I'll dig up something close to compliant on the menu. I might wrangle so I cook on the Sunday night, and keep that compliant too. Mum does love to cook for us though...


    Meal 1: Spicy Kraut and hot smoked salmon

    Meal 2: White chilli chicken soup

    Meal 3: Not sure, actually! I can't remember what's in the freezer... if I had thought, I'd have pulled out the chicken cutlets for crispy skinned chicken, but I didn't, boo.



  9. 10 hours ago, Emma said:

    What about the broccolini? Not as an allergen, but just as some serious cruciferousness? I have stopped eating brussell sprouts in the day time because the result is not pleasant out in public. 

    The yo-yoing - yeah, you have some serious yo-yo's without a doubt. And then the impact of that on your hormones or the hormones' impact on the up and down weight - finding that balance so your system can settle down really is huge. And noticing that this works. It works for me too. I hope I can stick with it or at least return to it quickly and easily. Haha - I know that won't happen without a lot of effort. The regular eating world is too much like a drug.

    Congratulations on the store NSV! It's a pretty huge NSV and such a nice one!!

    I didn't think it would be the Brocc - I basically live on cruciferous veg without any issues! It's quite strange because nothing has changed. Maybe just a mild bug?

    My big wake up on the yoyo was being told that trying to get blood out of my veins was like "trying to nail jelly to a wall" because they've been affected by my fat-thin-fat-thin think. It's SO bad for me and it just has to stop. But my terrible habits are so ingrained, that I can only seem to eat right when following a very strict set of rules. Hence my Whole 30-ing, but I know I need to really adjust my habits for life.

    So today I'm pretty flat out and won't get my lunch time walk in, but that's ok. It happens. 

    Meal 1: Egg bake and spicy kraut

    Meal 2: White chilli chicken soup

    Meal : ?!?!? Who knows.

  10. I'm going to chalk this up to day 2 of no vertigo!! It had been lessening, but I haven't had any attacks at all in the last 48 hours. Got my new glasses today, so a wee headache, but that's explainable. 

    So I hit a huge NSV pretty solidly this week. One of my goals is to be able to shop in normal stores, even trendy stores and not have to buy plus sizes. Today I fit skinny jeans in Zara and H&M. I didn't buy any yet, I'll shop the sales closer to going on holiday but it's SO nice to be able to walk back into normal shops and not think "nothing for me, here!"

    Bit of background - I'm a yoyo weight person to an insane degree. Some people yoyo 10-20 lbs, I yoyo 80-90. I've been 250lbs more than once, been down to 180ish or less a few times, and ballooned back up. Generally when I get bak up, it's to a new highest ever weight. It's REALLY bad for me. And I need to stop. When I started W30 in January I was 252lbs and almost back at my heaviest. I've gotten up there from 175lbs back in mid 2016, when the vertigo started and I stopped exercising, and started eating everything in sight and generally feeling constantly terrible. I'd gotten down to 175 from 255 in Jan 2014. You see what I mean about the crazy yoyo, and this was just in this decade. 

    I haven't been a 'healthy' weight since I was a teen. I'd like to be, and I'd like to stay there. W30 and staying mostly compliant between rounds is the first time I've lost weight month after month without tracking calories in some way, and I really like it. It's also working well for me getting back to it after I slip, rather than just letting go and gaining it all back. 

    Anywho. I need to start exercise next, and I much prefer to exercise when there's a point. I'm not a gym person. I love taekwondo and will go back, but my tennis elbow won't allow that right now, so I'm thinking maybe a dance class.

  11. Welcome back, Lorna!! You've been missed. I'm glad to hear your mom is stable and that you and the hubs for a lovely break. I'm in Paris in about 8 weeks! (after Amsterdam and the UK) I can't imagine that holiday is going to be very compliant at all, lol. I'm just planning on staying on the straight and narrow until then, and getting back on it right after.

    Your list of reasons sounds just like my list of reasons when I started kinda-round-3 2 weeks ago. I say kinda because it's a bit of a food freedom thing, I'm being as compliant as possible unless there is a conscious decision not to be. 

    Isn't it funny how we realise that we used to just be USED to feeling like this?? And how accustomed we got to it... 

  12. Slept really well last night, and I'm in a much better mood this morning! I have professional photos for work this morning and I'm very happy that I've been back on round because my skin looks good and my face isn't puffy.

    Meal 1: Egg bake as per last week and spicy kraut.

    Meal 2: White chilli chicken soup

    Meal 3: Scotch fillet steak, baked sweet potato with ghee, sauteed broccolini, fennel, cabbage and daikon with balsamic reduction and dukkah