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  1. I have a freezer full of frozen soup which is non-compliant, but my migraines are back causing vertigo with a vicious vengeance and I can't live like this . Round 3 Day 1 will be kicking off Tuesday 28 January. I'll go through to 9 March, because the hubster will be away 29 Feb -9 March so it will be very easy to stay compliant that extra week. Food prep will happen Monday with mayo, chimmichurri, pesto, and at least 2 weeks worth of lunches. Maybe more, it would be great to just have grab and go ready for most if not all of my round. Now to go find my old threads to see what I was eating...
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    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    Still hungry after dinner, so mini meal of eggs, pickles and a small amount of slivered almonds
  3. SchrodingersCat

    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    I'm having a very up and down time, emotionally, at the moment. I didn't eat my lunch as a meal, just munched the 2 tuna patties separately, and then in a strop decided 'stuff it, I'm having a cookie, this is pointless, you can't even do 30 days'. Went to the work break room, opened the cookie jar, looked at them.... and walked away. I even decided that if I was going to cave on a snack, I could go to the minimart across the road and get a compliant but SWYPO lara-like bar, or a pot of almonds, then didn't do THAT either. My issue is at the moment, I feel crappy and so I have the 'why bother' attitude but feeling crappy is exactly WHY I need to bother. So I'm just going to plug on, one meal at a time.
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    Started today, 1/27/20

    Day 2 underway here, doing fine! Finding myself obsessing over what I'm going to cook for dinner lol. I have realised I'm not going to be able to go a whole 30 days, due to a pre-booked and planned weekend away, but that's find, it's round 3 and I'm planning on making this more a lifestyle change, where things will arise, and so it's good practice for that.
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    That kind of this is what I mean by there being 'salamis' that are more of a jerky style - that's a salt preserved meat, basically the same as a jerky but in a sausage shape . In fact, the ingredients are almost exactly my ground beef jerky recipe! It won't have the tang of a salami (and Italians would be horrified at to being called that), but it could scratch the itch!
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    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    Day 2! I realized yesterday I'm not going to be able to complete 30 days, due to a holiday at the end of February that's been planned for 6 months and was specifically booked to attend a cheese festival, I'm ok with that, this is more a reset for me in any event and that's not going to stop me being compliant until then, and resuming compliancy afterwards. Meal 1: 2 poached eggs with spicy kraut Meal 2: 2 Thai curry tuna patties with slaw and peri peri mayo Meal 3: I feel like lamb. And sweet potatoes. probably that, with some broccolini and roasted beetroot, with a chimmichurri sauce
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    @kirbz and @CNW I can explain the salami thing (as a salami maker!) - Salami is a fermented meat. It isn't cooked, it is aged and fermented. If it isn't fermented properly, it just rots and (at best) goes off, while at worst it can create very toxic bacteria. The key ingredient to kick starting a ferment? SUGAR! There's simply no other way to kick off a ferment. In fermented products like sauerkraut and fermented veg, there is enough naturally occurring sugar to kick off the ferment, but meat has 0 naturally occurring sugar, so it must be added. So while there are chomp sticks and some rare products which claim to be salami and don't have sugar, they're actually more of a jerky product (dehydrated and preserved with salt) than a salami. I have wracked my brain on how to make compliant salami and have come up absolutely blank. It just can't be done, and still be a salami.
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    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    Had a handful of slivered almonds after dinner. First few days are always harder to not go snacky, and I'm also being less stringent on that this time. I'm doing this for migraine purposes, not so much for breaking bad food habits or anything.
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    Tomorrow is my first day!

    Good luck! I'm day 1 of round 3 today, W30 literally changed my life last year, put an end to chronic migraines which caused permanent vertigo. But, as happens, I slipped further and further and ended up back where I started, vertigo and weight gain included. Remember to journal how you're feeling, it makes it so much easier to be able to go back and really appreciate the differences.
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    Started today, 1/27/20

    Me! Day 1 of round 3. Early last year, I did my first round to try and combat chronic vertigo which had defied any diagnosis or treatment and was getting to the point I was thinking of stopping full time work. Within 3 weeks of my first round, it was gone. I stayed mostly compliant and did another full round around May but then backslid badly at the rear of last year and now the vertigo is back, so so is W30! I was going to prep on the weekend, but I was feeling crappy and so I did the minimum - made lunches and mayo, but hoping I'll feel better after a week on it and really knock off my food prep this coming weekend.
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    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    OK, here's to day 1! My vertigo is terrible, and I had to get up at 1am to take antacids, and I'm tired and I feel disgusting and ALL of that is why I'm doing this again. Meal 1: 2 poached eggs with spicy kraut Meal 2: 2 Thai curry tuna patties with slaw and peri peri mayo Meal 3: Pan seared red snapper with lemon garlic and dill ghee, green salad and grilled sweet potato rounds
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    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    K, I have a plan. I didn't get my food prep done this weekend, but I have thai curry tuna patties and coleslaw for lunches (peri peri mayo on the side), and I have eggs and spicy kraut for breakfast. We're having fish for dinner tomorrow, as we do every tuesday, and I'll hit the markets at lunch for fish and for extra veggies and some stuff like compliant mustard. I might grab some lamb chops, too. It's a 4 day work week, so I'm just going to keep it super simple. Plus, it's a hot week so meat and salad is an easy fix for 2 of 3 meals a day.
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    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    Ooh, just found a recipe for Chicken Marsala, I might prep some of that today to have over cauli rice, instead of the laksa chicken, coz I haven't got any fresh galangal and can't get any today. Brain is starting to do the whole "This is too hard, do you really want to start this week?" thing, and it needs to shut up!
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    Didn't kill anyone on Day 5

    I swear by pickles or pickle juice to avoid cramps! Or you can take a magnesium supplement - just avoid non-compliant ingredients! Curry cauli soup is the best! If you're making mayo, you have to use light tasting olive oil, or it is foul. Avocado oil is good too. Safflower should only be used if its high oleic, the regular stuff shouldn't be used at home and only consumed out if there's not choice, it's a low quality oil. Home made mayo beats jarred stuff hands down!!
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    Starting Jan 1, 2020

    I find this with both arrowroot and tapioca starch, and I don't like it at all. I've had the best success with potato starch - Bob's Red Mill does one. It doesn't give that funky texture!
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    Guess who's back? Round 3 Day 1 on 28 January

    OK, food prep plan for this weekend: Meals for lunches and easy dinners: Sri Lankan Beef and Coconut Curry with cauli and broc rice Chicken Pot Pie soup Laksa chicken and veg with cauli rice and/or zoodles Lots of roasted veggie medley for easy sides Whole roasted cauliflower Condiments: Basil and sundried tomato pesto Chimmichurri Mayo Lemon and tahini dressing Breakfasts (aka meal 1): Hard boiled eggs Green thai curry salmon patties It's a long weekend so I can use Monday for a full day of cooking. If I can sort out lunches for 3 weeks, I'll put myself in a great position. I realised, too, that it is Febfast approaching and a bunch of people at work are doing it. It will make it easier to bow out of drinking at social occasions and the like!
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    Opti-Greens and Reds

    Looks like they both contain maltodextrin, so nope.
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    Primal Kitchen BBQ Ranch boo-boo?

    Just saw this posted in a W30 FB page, anyone know if this issue has been taken up with Primal Kitchen? It has the W30 logo on the front, but organic honey in the ingredients...
  19. SchrodingersCat

    Trader Joe’s Cauli Gnocchi and Cashew Fiesta Dip

    It's different because it isn't just cauli cut into a shape, it's cauli processed with other ingredients to make gnocchi. Believe me, many many people have run your same argument, and the response is that cauli gnocchi is not compliant.
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    Vegetable Broth as an ingredient in Tuna?

    I think it's pretty likely that the vegetable broth would contain peas, so I avoid it.
  21. SchrodingersCat

    Chicken thighs causing bloating?

    Were they just plain thighs? I ask because some packaged raw chicken is brined to keep it moist. I have a freezer full of 'plain' chicken breasts which I can't eat on round, because they're brined and contain soy and whey.
  22. Whattup, W30ers? It's been a while since I posted, in that time I've had an amazing Euro/UK trip, eaten all sorts of wonderful foods, gained all sorts of wonderful weight and while having a good time, now feel a big cruddy. I decided to try keto, because it seemed closeish to what I was trying to achieve, but I'm a social creature and the social media groups for keto are full of keto breads and artificial sweetener filled faux desserts and I'm just not feeling it. So I'm doing my own thing, and need somewhere to journal it and I missed this place. So here I am, applying my W30 learning to a lifeplan. My plan is a keto/W30/paleo hybrid, I guess - Generally Whole30 principles, without the strict ban on sulfites. I'll continue to avoid all grains, legumes, most dairy, and added sugar, save for small amounts such as that in bacon etc. No artificial sweeteners, because I don't like them, and no SWYPO baking because I really don't care for it, or miss bread or pasta. Basically, lots of meat, fish, eggs, veggies, good fats, and my beloved sauces and dressings (pesto, chimmichurri, lemon tahini etc etc). I never have gone back to store-bought mayo - my own is too tasty and too easy! So the result is I'm going to be fairly low carb, because I don't eat fruit and will minimise potato but I loved how I ate and felt on W30 so I'm aiming for that 90% of the time. I'm going to keep a daily diary here because I like journaling and like being able to come back to it. I also love interaction, so please comment away!!
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    SchrodingersCat needing the accountability diary!

    OK, so today got away from me, but I was pretty good! Work lunch was on offer so I grabbed some vietnamese chicken salad with only a drizzle of dressing, and a handful of mixed cashews and almonds. Breakfast was 2 boiled eggs with mayo and dukkah. I have a huge craving for seared meat for dinner, either flank steak or roo if I can get some...
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    SchrodingersCat needing the accountability diary!

    Thanks!! I think I really will. I also don't want to be weighing my food (or myself, if I can stay off the scale) so that's another reason I want to edge back to W30, I lost a lot of weight and felt so FREE not weighing and logging every bloody thing I ate (which I'd been doing for years). I figure so long as I cut back the starchy veg, which I'm fine with, and otherwise stay W30 (I don't eat fruit), I'll be good.
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    SchrodingersCat needing the accountability diary!

    Meal 1: Hot smoked salmon (home smoked!), boiled egg and OH NO I FORGOT MY SAURKRAUT!! Dammit. I'll have some of the 'slaw meant for lunch and grab some extra salad when I duck out. Meal 2: Thai Green Curry Salmon Patties, cabbage slaw with Peri Peri mayo Meal 3: It's Friday, so I'm not sure yet. Will report back. I'm feeling good about moving back to W30, keto made me feel bad for eating a carrot, wtf?