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  1. Yup, just make sure they don't have non-compliant oils or other ingredients added.
  2. Peas and pea protein are now allowed so depending on the other ingredients, it could be compliant.
  3. However, I've had great success with just whisking up some eggs with a little water and cooking very flat omelets in a pan which I've then filled with other ingredients and rolled up and that's compliant!
  4. So snacks yesterday ended up being a handful of raw cashews and some jalapeno stuffed olives. I was so tired all day and then evening, but then couldn't sleep til after midnight. I had vertigo all day, but managed a TKD class, so that was good. Loving being back. We have a friend over tonight so I'm doing kebabs on the BBQ - steak, mushroom, red onion and red capsicum in a marinade of coconut aminos, fish sauce, red pepper, garlic and oregano and the others are chicken kebabs with green capsicum, fresh pineapple and a balsamic marinade. The chicken is not compliant, as it is pre-mari
  5. You only have to have 1 plated fat but you can mix and match as many as you want. I often have an oil/dressing, some nuts and some olives with my meal.
  6. This may also come up in the context of the temperature of the oil - olive oil loses a lot of its goodness at a higher temp (and may even develop some undesirable elements), so isn't as good for frying, but is fine for oven baking. Really, it's picking the right type of oil for your cooking method.
  7. The ThinkThin ones (Now just Think!) are totally not compliant either...
  8. Here she goes.... here she goes again.... Howdy peeps. I'm back. Again. Jeez I'm predictable. BUT this time is a bit different. It's not a round, it's not for set days, and it has slacker rules, so it's here in Post-Whole30. I finally got to see the Allergenist and had a really big chat. The long and short of it is that there's no testing to be done, I have intolerances and not allergies, anything that claims to test intolerance is a scam (and usually an expensive one), that she agrees I've exhausted pharmaceutical treatments for migraines, that W30 has definitely shown the vertigo/
  9. Honestly, for a person who already has a really whole diet and no intolerances, it's not at all unusual to have an experience like yours. The really significant results tend to happen for people who have a VERY different diet to start, or have actual food intolerances (I have migraines caused by food) that clear when that food is eliminated. But it was still a learning experience for you - you learned you don't need to eliminate anything you haven't already! Sorry you didn't have a great experience or anything groundbreaking. Thing with an elimination diet is that if the things you're el
  10. OH MY GOODNESS. We are twins. I'm back here journaling food but not back on round after 4 weeks this time of going completely off track and undoing ALL my good work. Good habits out the window! Good to see you back, I'm going to look for your posts because I need to get back under control!
  11. Mid morning I had a coffee with normal milk, I need to get some nut milk, because I actually prefer it. Lunch was tuna, mayo, egg, pickle and mustard salad in lettuce cups. Didn't have W30 mayo so I used what I had which wasn't compliant but otherwise lunch was. I'll make some mayo tonight, as I actually prefer it. Dinner will be a beef tenderloin, rubbed with BBQ seasoning (my own blend, and compliant), cooked on the Weber with BBQ mushrooms, cabbage, and asparagus. I actually went upstairs at lunch and had a 30 minute hot bath with bi-carb, it's done wonders for my sore legs
  12. Super hungry after walking so I had a bowl of my potato and bacon sup - delicious! Not W30 because I threw some cheddar in there, but otherwise it was because I made it with the offcuts of my own home-smoked bacon. I actually wish I'd not put cheese in there, so I could choose meal-to-meal if I wanted it, but it's fine.
  13. ^^ This - you don't get bonus points for extra vitamins, if you're at the correct levels, you urinate the excess. Vitamin D is the frontrunner in studies regarding Covid, also and that's very difficult to get from food. Generally it is best to supplement (especially going in to winter).
  14. Oh Lordy, after 7 months of lockdown and not getting out and walking, 15km/9.5mile in 2 days HURTS. My cardio fitness is fine, I've been working out on the elliptical and can easily do an hour on moderate and be sweaty but not dying, but I've not just been getting out and walking around (see my previous posts about epic restrictions here, for 8 weeks I was only allowed out 1 hour a day and only within 5km/3 miles of home), so actually walking on uneven ground, up and down hills, different surfaces etc - my whole lower half id just killing me. I got up early and knocked out 4km and I'm hobbling
  15. Extrapolating from things like vinegar, where the label says "contains sulfites" but there are none listed in the actual ingredients, they're generally naturally occurring. I don't know which ingredient might have naturally occurring sulfites, but they are created through fermentation. I'm no expert, but looking at the label, I'd have put them in the same bag as vinegars which have the sulfite warning, but are compliant because they're not added.
  16. Thank you!! He's on the mend, but at his age it is slow going. I have to say, now that he's home and just recovering I think I feel more sorry for my mum!! Me, I've been indulging in my usual self abuse and REALLY paying the price. Terrible gastric distress, and vertigo the worst its been. I'm hauling myself back into vaguely healthy eating, if not strict W30 and I think logging again will help. I've signed up to raise funds for a local charity as part of a work team - I have to walk 67km (42 miles) in 7 days. I started today, and knocked out 6km so far and will go for another walk
  17. Charcoal tablets are vegan, W30 (as long as no additives) and are good for flatulence.
  18. Thank you!! Well, 2 weeks after I finished a round (and 2 weeks of eating like hell, drinking way too much and otherwise just letting it ALL go), I'm back with vertigo and migraine again, so - guess who's back? I need to get some groceries and do some prep but I need to get back to at least trying to eat decently. This cycle is terrible. I'm also noticing that it's taking shorter time for the migraines to come back when I get off track, so I wonder if my sensitivity is increasing. I still don't see the immunologist for 3 months, so I'm just going to try and stay as compliant as possi
  19. Thank you for that, I am DEFINITELY an abstainer, it seems!! I'm still around, but not eating W30 at all at the moment, so I haven't been journaling. I should, but seeing all the crap I ate in print would make me sad. Birthday tomorrow and I'm torn about what to have for dinner - we're still locked down so my options are severely limited - I might just cook something tasty and leave outside food for a time when we can actually get out and enjoy it - hopefully in 3 weeks time. Weekend was completely off track - no exercise, a lot of booze, and a lot of takeaway and snacks, but it wa
  20. As I'm sure no one would be surprised to read, yesterday did not go to plan. I need to get to the bottom of why I can be perfectly happy "on" but then when I'm "off", it's like I have to be 1000% "off". I can't just go "ok, I'm eating non-compliant", it also means that I stop exercising, stop all self care, and deliberately go nuts. I have a bunch of compliant salami and smallgoods arriving today, and I feel like a fool spending money on them when I'm now so completely off track. It's my birthday next Tuesday, I think the plan will be to start a-fresh from Wednesday and just be
  21. Thanks guys - he's doing ok, doesn't need surgery, though he's going to be hurting for a long time. Not really sure how long he will be in hospital or what after-hospital care will look like, hoping for some more info today. Yesterday (oh, I am SO predictable) went completely of rails, and I paid for it. I'm calling this "Food Freedom" and working on learning from it. Today's plan is to eat vegetables, and get some exercise, because yesterday was a write off. I've had some gastric upset since Friday (even before eating anything non-compliant) and it was bad yesterday, I think a combo
  22. Ok, ok, so that whole "back to compliant for the week" lasted as long as it took us to walk to the servo because the hubster needed an ice cream and they have B&Js Pint Slices. But the important thing is I bought a slice, and not the tub. And it was delicious. Def back to compliant now.
  23. I'd say that if within the 30 days you only eat W30 foods, even if some of them you only reintroduce in the last week or so, then you've definitely done a W30.