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  1. Snack plate is carrot sticks, dill pickle, stuffed olives, 2 boiled eggs with Tajin seasoning, and some delicious red pepper vegan pesto from the farmers market this morning!
  2. Last night's dinner was totally yum and compliant save for the sheep/goats feta. Here's a thing - within an hour of eating it, my lips dried out to the point of pain and I was using lip balm all night, which I haven't been since I've been on track, and today I have that sore mouth feel I have also noticed goes away on round. VERY interesting, especially because goat/sheep dairy is not supposed to be as bad for reactions as cows. Today I had leftover soup for lunch, dinner is going to be coconut yogurt tandoori chicken thighs with chilli garlic snake beans and leftover cauli tabbouleh.
  3. Ever have those days where you don't feel like chewing? It's a hot day but I just wanted soup. So I threw the last of the (bit floppy) cauli, a broccoli stem, a carrot and the last of a sweet potato in a post, covered with water, added a TBS of yellow Thai curry paste and boiled til mushy, stick blender with 1/4 can coconut cream and YUM. I adore Thai curry, can you tell? And there's enough left for tomorrow!
  4. OK, so we now have a friend coming for dinner, so it will be Greek marinated lamb on the spit (Weber), cauli tabbouleh and a cherry tomato, spinach and feta potato bake. The feta is a sheep/goat milk blend and is my "worth it" decision so far this week. I have pita bread for hubs and guest but I won't have any.
  5. FriYAY!!!! I'm so glad it's the end of the week. I don't know why this has been such a week, but it really has. Last night I was thinking about dinner tonight and started actually getting super stressed and anxious because over the last 2 weeks we have had all the different proteins, and the weather is hot and I don't want to run the oven etc etc etc - which is SO daft. Like... it doesn't matter? It doesn't have to be fancy, or exciting, it just needs to be food? I hate when I get that much inside my head. I love cooking, and I love planning food, but it should never be stressful. No
  6. Lunch was a friend cauli rice with roast pork, carrot, Chinese broccoli and coconut aminos. Dinner was the crispy skinned chicken with roasted sweet potato rounds and a delicious broccoli and snap pea salad with prosciutto and almonds, in a mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar dressing. So the last couple of days I've been very tired at mid afternoon, and started getting really irritable around late afternoon, then a headache settles in. I know I should be eating 3 meals and I think that's my issue. Tomorrow, I'll make sure to have an earlier meal.
  7. I slept SO WELL last night. Bed at 11pm, woke up at 6:45am to go to the loo. That's the longest stretch I have slept in a very, very long time. Bit headachey today, but otherwise feeling good. I'm a bit proud of myself for still doing Ring Fit last night even though I felt crappy! Today's food, I am taking the leftovers of the ribeyes we had (bones with a bit of meat still on) and cooking them into a beef soup which I'll add frozen mixed veg too. It will satisfy my need to avoid waste and sounds yummy. Dinner is going to be crispy skinned chicken marylands with sweet potato mash
  8. So today around 3, I was suddenly exhausted, and had vertigo. The vertigo let up after a little bit, but the tiredness lingered, and later I ended up with a headache, which I've been getting every evening. No idea what's causing it. I could do with some energy!!!
  9. Oh, another NSV - I've had persistent patches of eczema/ dermatitis for aaaages. Week and a half in and I only have a couple of small patches, the ones that have been the most persistent, left.
  10. I loved last night's dinner, but Hubster wasn't really a fan, so I'll leave the Thai curries for me from here on out Was awake early this morning because I have a deadline today, and of course as soon as I woke up and the sun was coming up I started thinking of it. But instead of lying there dozing and fretting, I just got up and started working on it. That's a welcome change!! I'm still having headaches, though think maybe I need my neck fixed. I've noticed that, as often happens on round, I'm not really needing lip balm, and I haven't had to take antacids since day 1. This is a fav
  11. I worked out yesterday, woohoo!! It was just a level of Ring Fit but it was a hell of a lot more than I have done of late. It's a mental thing, once I have done one (similar to once I've got through the first day of W30) it makes it easier to do again. Today I will finish those damn tuna patties, or throw them out. Otherwise, eating leftover roast post with mixed veggies. Tonight is fish Tuesday (little tradition that developed when I used to work near the markets, so it will be salmon. Thinking maybe a coconut curry salmon on some cauli and broc rice.
  12. It's Monday and I made it through a full week sticking to plan. Note the plan included a PLANNED and well considered, and very worth it, deviation into dumpling land, and I'm not regretting or second guessing that one bit. Meals today will be: The last of the bloody tuna patties, mayo and kraut Leftover pork and roasted veg from last night with baby spinach and rocket Simple dinner of BBQ scotch fillet steak, some BBQ sweet potato and either salad or some roasted veg. Did not sleep well last night, I was having weird dreams and kept waking up very anxious. I should h
  13. Busy day, so two meals M1: Tuna patty (almost through them, I love these things but damn, I made too many) with cauli tabbouleh and mayo M2: Roast pork with cracking and a roasted veg salad with fennel, carrots, beetroot, broccolini in a mustard and apple cider vinaigrette Did a massive house clean today, it's good to start the week with everything so tidy! The plan for this week is to just keep trucking but try to get in some exercise. It's cooler in the start of the week, so at least some lunch walks can happen. So a week in, I'm happy, I'm sleeping well, I'm not taking
  14. So far so good. I had dumplings and sparkling water, then a bottle of water during the movie (no popcorn!). I don't feel gulity, I don't feel like having something else noncompliant, and I don't feel like I blew anything. I had a lovely day with friends, saw a fun film, and have come home and am preparing a delicious compliant meal So dinner is Moroccan spiced lamb backstrap with potatoes cooked in a tomato, onion and capsicum sauce and sautéed silverbeet with balsamic, fresh out of my garden.
  15. OK SO. Today is my first actual outside the comfort zone challenge. Per my original post, I'm not on a round, I'm learning Food Freedom within the restrictions of Whole30 where I feel best. As discussed with my dietician, one day, one meal is not going to do me harm. SO when I got an invite to go to dumplings then a movie today - I accepted. I'm going to have dumplings, and I'm going to enjoy them. I might have popcorn. I won't have soft drink, I will have sparkling water. No alcohol at lunch, or this evening (Friday night without a wine, even with Hubster drinking, was very easy -
  16. I traditionally do a round starting the first work week back in January after serious debauchery in the weeks beforehand. I don't think it actually makes it harder - usually it comes as a bit of a relief (including this time, where I'm not on a strict round but working towards a healthier food freedom!). I guess I just don't think that there's a bad time to start.
  17. I'm going to have to do some in the pressure cooker, though I much prefer stove top because I let it really cook down, almost into a concentrate. But needs must, and I need my stock and must not heat up the already hot house! Friday! First hurdle will be not pouring a glass of wine when the hubster does this afternoon. The first working week being back on track has been really good. I feel better, sleep better and just have so many immediate improvements. I haven't started exercising yet, but I do plan to. It's been really hot and the hubster has been unwell and (insert further excus
  18. Dinner is now seared kangaroo steak with chimmichurri, BBQ sweet potato rounds and a rocket, baby spinach, beetroot, artichoke and radish salad with raspberry vinaigrette. Bit of gastric distress today, typical for first week in my experience.
  19. NSV - this morning I trotted down the stairs, no handrail. 5 days ago, it was a one step at a time, hold handrail job. Partly due to a bit of vertigo, partly due to generally feeling foggy and stiff and sore and unsteady. I have gotten through 3 days without antacids, always a huge plus. I'm sleeping REALLY well! It usually takes me a week or more to get to that stage. My headache of yesterday seems to have passed, thinking vax side effect. I need to start some exercise, I'm being super slack. It's too hot to walk the dog during the day at the moment, and I'm sleeping too damn well
  20. M1: Tuna patty with mayo and spicy kraut. M2: leftover snapper on a salad of rocket, baby spinach, artichokes, radishes and a lemon garlic dressing. M3: Rib eye on the grill with a dill pickle slaw I'm absolutely wiped today, I could just nap and have a headache BUT I also got my Covid booster yesterday and that's probably why. I'm sleeping well, which is actually surprising, it usually takes me up to a week of crappy sleep to start seeing the absolute crash outs that I so love! My anxiety is down, too and I don't really have vertigo (though didn't really have it much befor
  21. As often happens, my food plan yesterday completely changed by dinner! Hubster wasn't feeling well, so rib-eye would have been a waste. He wanted something fresh and light so we had panfried snapper with lemon, garlic and dill ghee (one of the household favourites). I had mine with a salad of rocket, baby spinach, artichokes, sweet potato, radishes and toasted almonds and a lemon garlic dressing. SO today is rib-eye day. Daytime meals will be a combo of kraut, eggs, tuna patties and mayo. As I noted I'm not sticking to the 3 meals a day and am trying to learn to trust my hunger signa
  22. Yup, that's my understanding - much like dates and fruit juice, it's all good as an ingredient in a savoury dish, but using it to recreate a sweet meal or dessert like thing, or to scratch a sugar craving itch is a no.
  23. Morning! Well I actually slept pretty well last night which was surprising (first night back after returning to work, and also first completely alcohol free day after Christmas). As a big part of why I'm back on track and reaching for a sustainable food freedom is weight loss, I was a bit concerned about how much I'm eating, considering yesterday I had mayo twice, a handful of nuts and a fair bit of coconut milk in my soup. Threw the day in a calorie calculator and I feel MUCH better, it really is very heard to overeat when you're sticking to whole foods! Todays meals will be:
  24. Ended up with a red Thai curry sweet potato and cauliflower soup with bamboo shoots and broccoli florets, types with seared prawns. Yum!! If the fella isn't eating, I get to make something he wouldn't eat. I had another tuna patty with Mayo late, I was just genuinely hungry. My first 2 meals were quite small. I'm so used to grazing now, after almost 2 years working from home and not taking set breaks.
  25. Day is ticking along OK, I have an upset stomach from some takeaway last night - Hubster is sick in bed from it, so I know that's the cause! M1: tuna patties with sauerkraut and mayo M2: Portobello mushroom stuffed with sautéed spinach, topped with egg, salsa and nutritional yeast M3: was going to be rib eye but given the fella can't even do water right now, that can wait for tomorrow. I'll have a hunt through the freezer, I'm pretty sure I have some single pieces of fish and some prawns. Or I might just cop out and make an omelette...