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  1. Meals today: M1: poached eggs and spicy saurkraut (if I'm hungry, I wasn't yesterday). M2: Chicken larb in lettuce cups. M3: Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy, celeriac mash, sautéed broccolini and carrots Slept terribly last night, but that's par for the course when I give up the nightly wine, it usually takes a while to settle. Vertigo is definitely present and coming and going this morning, but I didn't need any antacids yesterday, so that's nice. For someone who eats packets of them, it's amazing how immediately I don't need them when I'm not drinking and not eating v
  2. Update - dinner is red snapper and scallops in ghee, garlic, lemon and dill, with sweet potato chips, sauteed broccolini and carrot strips. Vertigo SUCKS today. I get really offended that my vertigo actually seems to be worse when I have had an alcohol free day the day before.
  3. Hola, W30 friends. So I just read my above post with an extreme sense of de javu, and I'm back to try and actually stick with it this time. Yadda yadda, vertigo, heaviest I've ever been, stiff, sore, living on antacids, rashy (not likely food related but if this helps, it helps). I've been unsuccessfully doing WW for months (well, I've been paying their fees anyway) but I just can't get back into their mindset of 'sugar free/fat free', though their huge list of 'free' foods is good for my mindset. Basically, I'm 99% sure that wine is, if not all of my problem, at least contributing
  4. Smoking my own meat was a Whole30 lifesaver! I'd brine a whole turkey breast and smoke it then slice it for lunch meat, made my own compliant bacon, ham, pastrami etc!
  5. However, I've had great success with just whisking up some eggs with a little water and cooking very flat omelets in a pan which I've then filled with other ingredients and rolled up and that's compliant!
  6. So snacks yesterday ended up being a handful of raw cashews and some jalapeno stuffed olives. I was so tired all day and then evening, but then couldn't sleep til after midnight. I had vertigo all day, but managed a TKD class, so that was good. Loving being back. We have a friend over tonight so I'm doing kebabs on the BBQ - steak, mushroom, red onion and red capsicum in a marinade of coconut aminos, fish sauce, red pepper, garlic and oregano and the others are chicken kebabs with green capsicum, fresh pineapple and a balsamic marinade. The chicken is not compliant, as it is pre-mari
  7. Here she goes.... here she goes again.... Howdy peeps. I'm back. Again. Jeez I'm predictable. BUT this time is a bit different. It's not a round, it's not for set days, and it has slacker rules, so it's here in Post-Whole30. I finally got to see the Allergenist and had a really big chat. The long and short of it is that there's no testing to be done, I have intolerances and not allergies, anything that claims to test intolerance is a scam (and usually an expensive one), that she agrees I've exhausted pharmaceutical treatments for migraines, that W30 has definitely shown the vertigo/
  8. Your food prep sounds divine!! I might actually do an Asian banquet for us this weekend You sound so centred and in tune with what your body needs, it's a great place to be.
  9. You and me both, sister. If I start, I don't stop, even if I feel sick. All the ice cream, whole packs of candy. I'm more and more convinced I'm an abstainer not a moderator.
  10. Welcome back! I'm so sorry to hear of your pain and stress. I hear you loud and clear on W30 not actually being an additional stressor, but actually being an oasis of control in a raging ocean of WTF 2020. I'm in Melbourne in hard lockdown, have been for months and it would be (and was) so easy to just eat all the things and drink all the wine, but that just made everything worse. Locking into another round has been the best thing I've done for my body and my mental health, to be honest. Good luck!
  11. Oh, my friend, lack of self control is my jam. I'm amazing at staying compliant when I'm being compliant, and when I'm not, I'm absolutely off the reservation, even though it makes me feel like hell.
  12. Woot downhill slope!! I crave sugar when I'm tired too - makes sense, body is looking for immediate accessible energy. 17k steps is tons, too - no wonder your appetite has increased! Tiger blood would be nice...
  13. Aside from an epic list of ingredients which includes sweeteners, among others, the base of the Isogenix shakes is whey which is not compliant. Delete the app. There are no official W30 apps, and the ones that claim to be are notoriously wrong, resulting in people using them often eating non-compliant things because the app says it is ok (i.e. these shakes!) and also, it completely undermines the idea of learning about what's in your food and getting to know ingredients.
  14. I've done both. Remember that W30 isn't meant to be a forever thing (though paleo is very close and is supposed to be a lifestyle). Keto wasn't sustainable for me because I love veggies, and couldn't wrap my head around having to limit them. It's a big change - you have to give up all your sweeteners, and the dairy, as you've said. And you have to not be afraid to load up your plate with veg, even the starchy ones (though I limit those to 1 meal a day and not a huge serve, I feel healthier with leafy or non-starchy veg, the starchy stuff is delicious but makes me feel sleepy and heavy so
  15. I find my sleep scores really interesting! Since I got my Fitbit back, they've all be "good" which is nice. Especially because pre-W30 I sleep terribly. I just wasn't wearing my Fitbit so I don't have the numbers to compare
  16. I have tried, but for some reason it really irritates me! Maybe I need to give it another go...
  17. Oh my goodness, made this! Marinated on Friday, flipped it on Saturday, cooked it on Sunday and it was divine. Replaced the honey with 2 dates soaked in boiling water, of course. I also strained the sauce after reducing, so that it had a smooth texture. REALLY good, would 100% serve to company, and I'm glad we have tons of leftovers. Yesterday for lunch I just sauteed a bunch of broccolini in a small frypan then popped in a couple of slices of brisket with the sauce and gremolata, p
  18. I love love love root veggies, especially turnips! They're so versatile and under used. Go you and your 20k steps! I'm yet to crack 10k since I got my fitbit back working, this trapped at home thing is HARD!
  19. Mines an old Charge 2 - I don't even know if they do updates anymore! It doesn't tell me I have any available. My step goal was always 10k and I used to regularly go over, but now with working from home, and lockdown and only being allowed to leave the house for an hour a day to exercise, I've dropped it to 7500, and I'm planning on getting 30 minutes a day on the elliptial in as well. It's really quite motivating, I like this it buzzes me at 10 minutes to every hour and reminds me to get those last few steps - it makes me step away from the computer for a minute or 2!
  20. Amazing job on the walking! I dug out my old fitbit, too and started wearing it - but I just noticed that it seems a bit dodgy and is only counting about half my steps. I'm trying to justify a replacement!
  21. Recipes from my lovely North African fest below: (switch the quinoa for cauliflower rice (FRESH! not frozen, microwaved for 2 mins so it's slightly cooked but has a bit of crunch) (I used 2 pureed dates soaked in boiling water) (Ghee instead of butter) I have to say - the cauliflower tabbouleh was a show stopper, I'll be making i
  22. So I keep finding and trying new recipes and then forgetting them (I work on 3 diff computers so bookmarking is patchy at best), so I thought I'd start a recipe thread to post my findings, so here it is. Last night I made this Orange Ginger Salmon Skillet - YUM. Very tasty, and very easy - I even threw it together with a migraine setting in (just wanted to eat, take drugs and go to bed before it got out of hand). I subbed snow peas for mushrooms as the hubster isn't a huge fan of mushrooms and the snow pe
  23. There's some pure egg white protein powders that are compliant.
  24. Haahaa I also have a deep fryer. I bring it out once a year for my 4th of July junkapalooza (it gets called Fatth of July). It was cheaper to buy one than rent it. But the way my house smells for a week after grosses me out!