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  1. That sounds so lovely!! You sound like you're so on top of this
  2. You had the same thing for dinner as me - it's my first time trying spaghetti squash!
  3. Agreed!! The lack of availability (and paranoia about not wanting people to bring me food), plus the time to actually cook, we're saving a bomb and eating better than ever.
  4. Cilantro is such a weird thing, apparently some people carry a gene which makes it taste soapy to them! It's really one of the most divisive foods out there. That hash sounds really good! I love the sweet and spicy combo.
  5. Thank you, I'll grab it on Kindle and might check out that podcast too. I lovey your username too, Fade Into You was such a heartsong for me growing up
  6. Ohhhh lady, I could have written this post!! Round 4 for me, and Food Freedom is still elusive. I just keep thinking that I'm learning a little more each time. I worry a lot that doing W30 does set me up for a 'perfect' vs 'fail' scenario, where I'm either on or I'm off and there's nothing in between, and when I'm off ohhhhhhh boy. I'm also a major weight fluctuator - to the point my doctor has told me my lose/gain cycle is actually less healthy than just staying fat (unless I can lose it and stay a healthy weight). No real advice for you, coz I get where you're at, but solida
  7. Apparently they were bought out and slowly rolled back their Whole30 menu as they changed suppliers across the line
  8. Hello! Currently wondering about E435 - Polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monostearate It's not on the list, but says it's derived from sorbitol. Would that make it non-compliant?
  9. I've had a Mirena for almost 5 years, and never had any periods EXCEPT all 3 Whole30 rounds I did, I had one 2 weeks in.
  10. Unless it appears on the 'ingredients' list, it remains a 'may contain' like you might see as an allergen warning, and will be compliant.
  11. Exactly, and I forgot to say -is guarantee it is cooked, which salami isn't
  12. There are different types of chorizo, some are fermented, others are more of a smoked sausage, and then there's fresh. The smoked sausage type and the fresh aren't fermented and don't need sugar, so it's much easier to find out without sugar.
  13. That kind of this is what I mean by there being 'salamis' that are more of a jerky style - that's a salt preserved meat, basically the same as a jerky but in a sausage shape . In fact, the ingredients are almost exactly my ground beef jerky recipe! It won't have the tang of a salami (and Italians would be horrified at to being called that), but it could scratch the itch!
  14. @kirbz and @CNW I can explain the salami thing (as a salami maker!) - Salami is a fermented meat. It isn't cooked, it is aged and fermented. If it isn't fermented properly, it just rots and (at best) goes off, while at worst it can create very toxic bacteria. The key ingredient to kick starting a ferment? SUGAR! There's simply no other way to kick off a ferment. In fermented products like sauerkraut and fermented veg, there is enough naturally occurring sugar to kick off the ferment, but meat has 0 naturally occurring sugar, so it must be added. So while there are chomp sticks
  15. I drink a tea blend with Yerba Mate and guarana. It gives me as much energy as coffee, without the jitters.
  16. I drink my sparkling water with a good squeeze of lemon or lime (or both) juice in it. It gives it a really nice, refreshing flavour punch. I don't like plain sparkling water, either. Also, experiment with complaint herbal teas/tisanes - there are so many delicious ones out there, some with quite a sweet flavour, that make excellent iced tea without any added sugars. There are heaps that don't contain "tea", they're just a blend of flowers and herbs and spices. I also think La Croix drinks are compliant!