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    SchrodingersCat got a reaction from MadyVanilla in Round and round and round we go - Round... 8?   
    UGH. OK. So. 
    I stayed compliant food-wise all weekend, but had wine all 3 days. It's that slippery slope, and it was a weird and emotive weekend. Back on track 100% today, however. Didn't do a lot of food prep- yesterday was a couch and movie day, hubster needed a decompress. 
    M1: Tuna patties and carrot soup.
    M2: Not sure yet, need to have a browse and see what's there.
    M3: baked turkey drumsticks with gravy, mashed cauli and potato, and sauteed broccolini
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to Rebecca001 in Round and round and round we go - Round... 8?   
    Every time I do W30 I wake super early- but this time I haven’t been. I was actually thinking today that obviously that means somethings not working right yet. 
    your lockdown sounds horrible. Here in the uk literally every adult pretty much is vaccinated, we are even doing vulnerable kids now, 3rd doses for some this winter- and our cares are still high, and our death rate is still rising?! So when is this ever going to end? But we are all ‘free’ , no restrictions, no masks, no social distancing? My daughter has been back at college 2 days and is now isolating waiting for a Covid test! 2 days! 
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to MadyVanilla in Round and round and round we go - Round... 8?   
    I'm glad you found a fairly easy answer to your gastric issues - cabbage!  Ugh.  
    I'm laughing at your crack of dawn wakefulness - I want that back!  I was thinking this morning that I should have my hubby open the curtains when he gets up so that maybe the morning light will help me get back on schedule again.  I think he's just been trying to be nice knowing that I need the sleep.
    Enjoy the weekend - especially the gardening!  
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to Rebecca001 in (Re)starting September w30   
    @SchrodingersCat I suppose because you are experienced in this now, you know that you can have something on your birthday that you’ve reintroduced successfully before? For me that might be a glass of wine or two, keeping food compliant? 
    this time I am determined to go longer than 30 days without a drink. I really want to see the benefits of long term abstinence, I only ever do 30 days although I do that fairly regularly (3/4 times a year?) but usually day 31 is a big celebration (eg I’m going to do 30 days until my birthday/ holiday/ end of school term) abs therefore I immediately resume drinking to excess! So I really want to see what happens if I were to do 60/100 days? 100 days would take me to mid December. 
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to MadyVanilla in (Re)starting September w30 you have me thinking - I wonder how my tea would taste mixed with a sparkling water??  
    @SchrodingersCat - not the best idea for reintroduction, but maybe a glass of organic wine to celebrate your birthday?  You have time to plan something special for that day!  
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to MadyVanilla in Fall 2021   
    Yesterday was busy, and I was just exhausted at the end of the day.  I always struggle with time changes, but this jet lag seems to be going on forever...I read that women are more impacted than men, and going from a place with lots of hours of daylight to a place with fewer hours of daylight makes it worse.  It certainly doesn't help that many days have been dreary-overcast or rainy.  Well, I will be thankful that I continue to feel less bloated and more emotionally stable despite the fatigue.  And I woke up this morning without the big bags under my eyes I've had the last few weeks! 
    Yesterday's meals were compliant and almost exactly as the day before, given the grocery shopping issue.  I will be able to pick-up groceries today, though, and so now I can actually cook some food.  
    Today's M1-Rx bar, black coffee
    M2-Large salad with grilled chicken, balsamic vinegar/avocado oil/fresh oregano and basil from my garden/salt & pepper
    M3-BLT salad with homemade mayo.  My store carries compliant bacon, and surprisingly, it was in-stock!  
    I did sleep until 7 yesterday, but was awake at 6:30 this morning.  I got out of bed at 6:50.  I am typically a morning person, and jump out of bed as soon as I open my eyes.  So maybe I'm finally starting to get over the jet lag.  I was actually looking at my local gym class schedule last night and contemplating going to 5:45 and 6:00 am classes before work starting next week.  I have been to the gym 4 times since Covid-19 hit.  I just haven't been completely comfortable with the numbers of people, especially with positivity rates increasing locally.  The early morning may be better, though.  There is a spin and a power yoga class that I could alternate...something to consider.  I could continue to walk in the am and do yoga in the afternoons on my own, too.  
    I'm actually not doing too bad with cravings.  I was ready to throw in the towel last night and have a piece of chocolate post-dinner, but stopped myself.  I made myself a cup of hot tea and was completely satisfied.  I know how to do this, I can do this.  
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to Rebecca001 in (Re)starting September w30   
    @MadyVanilla I tend to replace it with a very cold sparkling water, it is the only thing really that’s ‘dry’ enough. However I’m not really missing alcohol (yet) because I was feeling so horrible after drinking a lot all summer that I’m really enjoying the break! 
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to Rebecca001 in (Re)starting September w30   
    @SchrodingersCattry the recipe in the well fed cookbook. Instead of using crushed pork rinds, I roll mine around in nutritional yeast and it sticks to the wet meat and makes a nice coating.
    I really find that the 2nd weekend not drinking is where it really turns for the better so I am excited for that. We have a family party this weekend but I am determined to stay off the wine. 
    day…ooh… 5 for me today.  Still feel tired, still stupid hot here. I feel horribly bloated with the heat and I haven’t run for two days and that makes me grumpy too. So not really nice to be around! the heat will subside overnight and hopefully with the rain it will take away my retained water! 
    my dinner was delicious though, it was from the slow cook recipe book, island short ribs - but I made it with diced beef and I didn’t slow cook it. Next time I will make it with chicken thigh meat, the beef was a little dry but the flavour was immense, really tangy and sweet! Yum! 
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    SchrodingersCat got a reaction from MadyVanilla in Fall 2021   
    Hey hey, welcome back! Wouldn't it be nice if we actually retained out wealth of knowledge from previous rounds LOL. Go you getting started without the prep! I know what you mean about being mentally ready to go, and just needing to jump in there. Looking forward to seeing you around
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to ShannonM816 in Are these compliant?   
    Those are fine.
    You can find downloadable pdfs of the rules and more information here: You can also google ingredients you're not sure about along with Whole30 and will usually find previous discussions of those ingredients in the first few results. Sometimes these options are faster than waiting for an answer on the forum, although you're definitely always welcome to ask here.
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to MadyVanilla in Round and round and round we go - Round... 8?   
    Oh the joys of starting over, why do we ever even stop??!!  Life, I guess. LOL!  I'm glad to read your vertigo is resolving and no headache this morning!  
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to JulieinIN in (Re)starting September w30   
    I actually found W30 sleep kind of scary.  Not waking up all night?  But now. I'd like to experience that again.
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to Rebecca001 in Round and round and round we go - Round... 8?   
    Your menu sounds delicious @SchrodingersCat
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to JulieinIN in Round and round and round we go - Round... 8?   
    Greetings.  I start another W30 Wednesday.  Already have a ton of compliant foods on hand but really ought to do a pantry clean out as preparation. Spoiled by the fact that I have lots of Primal Kitchen stuff on hand, good quality meats from ButcherBox but need to restock veggies.
    Good luck to you!
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to Liz Rilley in Starting my 2nd Whole 30 on September 3rd 2021   
    Hi Whole 30-verse,
    This is my first time using this forum, and my second time launching into the Whole 30. The first time I took this journey was 3 years ago to get ready for my wedding. I lost 20 pounds, looked great, felt great and had an amazing wedding day. I did botch the reintroduction period though while on my honeymoon. Ready for round 2!!
    I am definitely one of those who can say the Whole 30 changed my life. It was a game changer, and I learned how much of my suffering and chronic illness is caused by inflammation. I also learned I have an allergy of some degree to soy. (Soy is in Everything! so no wonder I suffered from fatigue and depression).
    I bought the “Whole 30 Day by Day” and intend to follow it to a T. This book is riddled with “Action Items” and while it makes me feel awkward and outside of my comfort zone, I’m committing here to follow each one. 
    I’ve chosen a start date and gone public with friends and family. Now I’m here- on this forum- to build my support team. 
    Are there any other women out there who want to start on 9/3/21? I’m based in Washington DC, USA, though with COVID, location doesn’t make much of a difference. That said, I would love to connect with folks IRL too. 
    In Solidarity, 
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    SchrodingersCat got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in I'm out   
    Honestly, for a person who already has a really whole diet and no intolerances, it's not at all unusual to have an experience like yours. The really significant results tend to happen for people who have a VERY different diet to start, or have actual food intolerances (I have migraines caused by food) that clear when that food is eliminated. But it was still a learning experience for you - you learned you don't need to eliminate anything you haven't already! Sorry you didn't have a great experience or anything groundbreaking. 
    Thing with an elimination diet is that if the things you're eliminating don't do anything negative for you, then eliminating them is just going to make your diet more restrictive and make life harder. And the more mental restrictions (i.e. snacking, meal timing, template, my SWYPO) can help some people but for others (me!) it's not necessary or helpful. They actually made my disordered eating worse, so I had to adapt to do the elimination of foods part while ignoring the recommendations part. 
    Good for you for hitting 4 weeks and for giving it a solid go  
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    SchrodingersCat got a reaction from Patricia Daibes in BiO2 Protein or Protein Crisp?   
    The ThinkThin ones (Now just Think!) are totally not compliant either...
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    SchrodingersCat got a reaction from laura_juggles in Egglife wraps   
    However, I've had great success with just whisking up some eggs with a little water and cooking very flat omelets in a pan which I've then filled with other ingredients and rolled up and that's compliant! 
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    SchrodingersCat got a reaction from SophieG in Milk Substitute from Peas   
    Peas and pea protein are now allowed so depending on the other ingredients, it could be compliant.
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to ErinM16 in Anal itching   
    It might be the cashews- just found this:
     Let it be known that cashews, especially while eaten by the fistful from a giant family-size container, can cause a furious case of the itchy anus! 
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to tamar in I'm out   
    This was actually really insightful, thanks for sharing! I'm on day 16 and I ate generally well pre-W30 (though my diet was very different) and I would have thought that I would be feeling AMAZING by now. I'm feeling fine, but just fine. I know that it's too early to judge and I definitely plan on sticking out the 30 days and then doing the basic reintroduction to see if I can pick up on anything. But thanks for helping me understand a possible reason why I feel the way I do. Still looking out for that tiger blood 
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    SchrodingersCat got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Take Advantage   
    OH MY GOODNESS. We are twins. I'm back here journaling food but not back on round after 4 weeks this time of going completely off track and undoing ALL my good work. Good habits out the window!
    Good to see you back, I'm going to look for your posts because I need to get back under control!
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    I'm trying to catch up on others' logs, trying to find my place back here.  I love reading everyone's stories and journeys.  So many of us have similar struggles...I learn so much from my fellow W30ers.  
    I made a good choice for breakfast this morning - eggs with banana scrambled in olive oil.  And I just started a pot of water to poach chicken in order to make my old standby of chicken salad.  It helps me to gear up to start, rather than to jump right in.  Thursday is the day.  
    I walked the dog first thing-one of my previous healthy habits that went by the wayside.  I made my list of things to do today, slowly working through it.  
    Why do I slip so easily?  Such simple things, a daily list, a healthy breakfast, a morning walk...but they give me a sense of accomplishment and wellbeing.  
    It feels so good to be taking steps in the right direction once again.  
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    SchrodingersCat got a reaction from MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    OH MY GOODNESS. We are twins. I'm back here journaling food but not back on round after 4 weeks this time of going completely off track and undoing ALL my good work. Good habits out the window!
    Good to see you back, I'm going to look for your posts because I need to get back under control!
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    SchrodingersCat reacted to laura_juggles in Recipe rich in Vitamin C   
    I haven't seen any actual studies that either vitamin C or zinc help fight SARS-CoV2. It's all anecdotal. 
    Vitamin and mineral deficiencies should be evaluated by a doctor.