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  1. Start Date- July 23

    @ShannonM816 Thanks for that link - I haven't been to that site yet and will check it out! We ended up with baked chicken sprinkled with cajun seasoning. And lots of veggies, of course. It was pretty good!
  2. Start Date- July 23

    Hey gang! How's your #whole30 working out? So far I'm going strong. I did already have a strange dream about eating a muffin haha. So far the hardest part is not having sugar in my coffee - so if that's the hardest, I'm doing good! I do need to try a new recipe. It's been a busy week and I'm already bored with salad. Going to make something amazing with chicken tonight. Any great ideas you want to send my way?
  3. My Lunch Box is Too Small!

    It's mostly fitting the containers into my lunch box. I have a giant tupperware for lettuce and I keep a few hard boiled eggs in another tupperware (so they don't get smashed)... that sort of thing.
  4. My Lunch Box is Too Small!

    Today is day #3 of Whole30 for me and I'm having a hard time fitting all my food/snacks into my lunch box. Today I brought a giant one to work but dont' want to seem like a pig haha what does everyone else pack in for work lunches?
  5. Started July 23

    Hello Whole30ers! Today is day one. I have a full 7 days of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) planned out and am feeling pretty good. I tossed my scale, cleaned out the cupboards (much to my husband and daughter's dismay!), made homemade ketchup and raspberry vinaigrette. I didn't much care for my coffee black, but it's better than no coffee at all haha And I bought La Croix because sometimes water is boring... and it was gross. I'm hoping after a few days (weeks?) of new eating habits, my tastebuds will change and I might actually like the taste. Here's to 30 days!
  6. Start Date- July 23

    Hi @coffeelover ! I started today too! I've done super good all day. I really missed sugar in my coffee this morning but eating hamburgers with lettuce as a bun wasn't too bad! I'm craving my "after dinner sweet snack" right now though and I'm not sure what to do... drink more water probably lol