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  1. Running

    It took me until day 18 to feel better. I had the same issues. Burning, heavy, dead legs that won't move....It will get better I promise.
  2. Will I eventually be able to run fast again

    Cmaroney25, Hope you are starting to feel better. I'm day 24 not and I am starting to run faster than I was before I started whole30. I've also been able to make gains in the weight room this past week which hasn't happened in a long time. Hang in there!
  3. Pre/Post Workout Snack Ideas

    I love the whole30 salmon cakes. I make them in a batch and then bring them to work. You can heat them up or eat them cold. They are super easy, and contain your protein (salmon) and carb (sweet potatoes). The recipe is in the Whole30 book. Read the label on your canned salmon though. I have also made tuna salad (with the whole30 mayo, celery chunks, salt, pepper, lemon juice) and put in a container. Pack lettuce leaves in a separate container. I use Boston bib or butter lettuce because it makes a good "cup" and does not have a huge stalk. You can then make a "tuna wrap" out of the lettuce and tuna. Throw a few slices of avocado on it and you'll get a healthy dose of fat. The "Wild Selection" brand of tuna only contains tuna and water, no soy. Chicken salad would work well too. Use shredded chicken, whole30 mayo and add what ever else you like ( I use celery, grapes, walnuts, chopped apples, green onion, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper) You wont even need the lettuce, just eat with a fork. My favorite pre/post workout beverage is cocoanut water. You can cut it with regular water or seltzer water, add ice and it is very tasty. I also like sweet potatoes with ghee and cinnamon post work out. Bake a bunch of sweet potatoes at the beginning of the week, mash, stir in ghee and cinnamon while they are hot, put them in a container and the and you can scoop out what you need each day. Eat hot or cold.
  4. Weight Training and Muscle Gain

    You should look into "Thinner, Leaner Stronger "by Mike Matthews. My feel for you after reading your post is that your diet is probably fine. Mike's book talks a lot about diet and macros but I think you may benefit from the weight program alone. I have been following his 5 day split for 2 years. I hit a plateau and just recently have been making gains again after starting whole30. His philosophy is HEAVY compound lifting preferably 5x a week with HIIT- like workouts. Check it out. You may just need to shake up the gym routine. You can get his book on amazon.
  5. Will I eventually be able to run fast again

    Just an update for anyone who comes across this post in the future. I am now at day 18 an I can run like the wind. I must say that I almost gave up on whole30 because of the PROFOUND affected my fitness routine and my ability to run. Those first 2 weeks were insanely difficult when it came to workouts...never thought it would be that bad. I stuck it out and sucked it up and am so glad that I did. I now have more energy and feel wonderful when I run. Hey...and no more "chub-rub" which means I must have lost some weight as well. So to anyone who has doubts like I did....stick with it. It will get better. Some advice: Do NOT start whole30 while training for an event. Do it in the off season or after your A-race while in recovery. I also added lots of potatoes (regular and sweet), squash and a tad more fruit to my meals. Happy Happy Happy!
  6. gallagame, I don't usually work out in the evening but I do have experience in the past with doing 2-a-day workouts while training for triathlons. I was not on whole30 during that time, but I remember it being very important to stay well hydrated during the day and make sure that I had a healthy, high energy snack about an hour before my workout in the evening. I'm not sure what type of job you have and how stressed you are during your day, but your stress and daily activity should be taken into consideration in planning for your evening work out. You may need to hydrate with something like coconut water or a whole30 compliant fluid before and DURING your evening workout as well. Hope things get better.
  7. Will I eventually be able to run fast again

    laurelerin22, thanks for posting. I'm trying to be patient and let my body adjust. It's good to hear that I'm not alone in this experience. I just had no idea how profoundly bad I would feel while running. I am at day 8 and still running a full minute/mile slower than my usual easy pace and I need to take frequent short walk breaks and my legs burn/ache the whole time. This is very atypical for me. I'm able to lift without fatigue and feel great otherwise. Biking tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how that goes.
  8. Will I eventually be able to run fast again

    Thank you. That helps. It maybe a great excuse to cut myself some slack.
  9. Just wondering if anyone out there has had this experience? I am an avid runner running 5 days/week 4-10 miles/day. I do a combo of speed work, recovery runs and long runs. I lift heavy 5 days/week. I may throw an occasional bike, swim or evening walk as well. I saw no difference in my running until yesterday (day 4). I was doing intervals and my legs would start burning with fatigue shortly into the accelerations. I was not able to finish the intervals and almost needed to walk the cool down. I went out for a recovery run today and had the same burning, dead wobbly feeling and needed to run/walk. I felt like I was at mile 24 of a marathon the whole entire 5 mile. An absolute shambles!! No energy left to lift today. My Question: Will this improve? I have read that it is normal to feel fatigued when exercising while your body gets used to using fat as fuel. How long does this last?? I'm not training for anything right now so it's not that big of a deal but I don't want to lose fitness either. HELP! ( I reviewed the meal template and my meals/pre work out/post work out are on target)
  10. Started July 15th

    Hi. I started Whole30 on July15th along with my husband. My goals are not weight based but would love to get rid of my sugar habit, clear up my complexion, and learn how to eat in a way that makes me have more energy. I'm 5 days in to the program and having intermittent doubts that my goals will materialize. Days 1-5 have been challenging in that I am tired and crabby. I am an avid runner, and lift heavy 5 days a week. I may throw a bike and a swim in there as well as an evening walk. I have noticed that I have had Zero energy in my legs for the last 3 days. My runs SUCK. They feel as if I am at mile 24 of a marathon at only 3 miles in to my run. I am banking on the fact that others on this forum say that this is temporary. Hopefully once my body leans to use fat as fuel, this will go away. And away I go.....one day at a time.