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    ItsAboutTime got a reaction from NanSea in Starting January 1, 2018   
    Day4....still suffering from a low grade headache.  During my last W30, I seem to remember the headache lasting 3 to 4 days....then I felt much better
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    ItsAboutTime got a reaction from funkymama1 in Starting January 1, 2018   
    The headache has arrived....... 
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    ItsAboutTime got a reaction from Tonitan1 in Starting January 1, 2018   
    Day 2 was easier than day 1.   I used nutpods for my much needed coffee and with some advise from a health nutritionist, i also added some ghee, a dash of cayenne pepper, brain fuel and collagen to it.  It was actually quite good and filling.  
    I usually do ok until about day 5, then my sugar Dragon begins to make its presence....on my first w30, I had a 4 day headache...I am hoping the headache isn't as long this time.  
    I will be the first to admit that I am not a "prepper".  I do not like to cook much and I certainly do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  I did bake about 3 lbs of skinless chicken so that I can throw some in salads, a quick stir fry, make chicken salad or a veggie/chicken mix.  I did premake my mayonnaise though.  I keep alot of chopped veggies in the freezer,  nuts in the pantry, bone broth for sipping, and lots of eggs.
    I did buy the new w30 quick and easy cookbook and have marked several recipes for trying on the weekends . We will see how that goes!
    I hope everyone has had a good 2 days.... cheers to day 3 tomorrow!
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    ItsAboutTime reacted to Djsweeney1 in Starting January 1, 2018   
    Hi, my name is Dan and I started today and I already feel better!
    I'm doing this with my wife and more importantly for me. I've tried other programs and this seems reasonable.
    Be strong everyone!!!
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    ItsAboutTime reacted to FitGirlMair in Starting January 1, 2018   
    Hi.  Started yesterday.  I tried back in November, and made it almost 2 weeks before I got tripped up by an out of town trip to a family event where I expected to be able to find compliant food and wasn't.  Didn't plan well enough.  Happy to get back on the horse this month and start the year off great! 
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    ItsAboutTime reacted to NanSea in Starting January 1, 2018   
    Im started Round 2 today. Well, I started yesterday but I failed last night. Im dead smack in the middle of a terrible cold. I need to do a reset and shed a few pounds in the process. I have avoided legumes ever since my first round because I learned that they don't entirely agree with me. After the first round my headaches subsided, I shed a few pounds and felt GREAT! 
    I started my day with eggs over potato,  onion and mushrooms with some cashews. Lunch was left over moose stew made with turnip, carrot, onion and celery. 
    I am still debating supper.... I think it will be sweet potato chilli. That or buffalo chicken casserole! 
    Look forward to chatting and sharing with you all!
    We got this!! 
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    ItsAboutTime reacted to CKM in Starting January 1, 2018   
    I'm doing my 2nd round. I did my first last spring at a doctors suggestion to find out what was causing my health issues (dairy).  I had hoped to do another in Sept, but thanks to Hurricane Flooding, that did not happen.  SO I'm doing my 2nd whole 30  now.
    I had forgot how much prep work is required, since it is so much easier to just fix meals than to go out to eat.  I spent a lot of time chopping and cooking a head yesterday.  Made the Chicken Protein Salad, Shepard's pie, creamy balsamic vinaigrette from the Whole30. book.  I also am being reminded about how I eat a LOT more veggies on this program as a result. :-)
    Today's food plan - Left over complaint chili (I used cauliflower rice, carrots instead of beans) for breakfast. I usually just have left overs for breakfast since eggs alone don't agree with me too well. Lunch is chicken salad with mixed greens and balsamic dressing.  Dinner will be left over shepard's pie.  Snacks are nuts (no peanuts!) and/or olives.
    I learned the hard way about those bars last time around.  Besides, the little snack size of olives are a lot cheaper! 
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    ItsAboutTime reacted to NoraTheRD in Starting January 1, 2018   
    This is my first whole 30 and I have the second day hangover. heeelllpppp
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    ItsAboutTime reacted to ktmaciulewicz in Starting January 1, 2018   
    This will be my second time doing the Whole 30.  The first time helped me to keep and maintain some great lifestyle changes.  I am excited to be doing it again and could use the forum for support as no one in my house is willing to complete it with me!
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    ItsAboutTime reacted to Inkratlet in Starting January 1, 2018   
    I also started Jan 1st, so I'm on day 2. So far I've done these two days at home and it's been fine, though I'm back at work tomorrow and a little bit worried about that. Most of the temptation and bad eating happens in the office - I'm pretty good at keeping my home free from junk. 
    I've put an enormous load of veggies and beef mince in a Tupperware ready for work and will buy some nuts and snack fruit just in case. Fingers crossed!
    I weighed 81.3kg yesterday, though I'm not really doing this for weight loss. I have chronic hives for which I take anti-histamines, and have unidentified digestive problems ranging from mild to severe. Fixing either or both of those would be a perfect result. My skin has also been awful this winter so I'm hoping that'll clear up too. 
    Good luck everyone!!!
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    ItsAboutTime reacted to MidgeyRN in Starting January 1, 2018   
    Looking forward to trying this again.  Here is to a year of health and wellness for all of us!  Plus, today is a Monday and the start of a new year.  That has to mean something, right? 
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    ItsAboutTime got a reaction from Marytree in Starting January 1, 2018   
    We got your back!