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  1. Today is day 30 for me. While I can see small changes, I'm still not feeling great. After week two, I've had intermittent headaches that still continue. The symptoms that led me to whole 30, afternoon fatigue and brain fog, are still present. I'm still having pretty strong sugar cravings. I feel like I'm retaining a lot of water (my scale agrees, I've decreased fat by 2%, increased muscle mass by 1% and increased water by 2%--if my scale is accurate). That being said, I lost 8lbs, my relationship with food has changed and I see other positive outcomes. I'm in my late 30's. I'm wondering If my body is just responding really slowly and I should continue until I start really feeling better before I begin reintroduction. I weigh 160lbs and drink at least 90oz of water daily Sleep--at least 7 hours a night, I have found it more difficult to fall asleep Typical meals Breakfast--2 eggs, possible meat, veggies sauteed in ghee, sometimes fruit or avocado After workout snack (3 days a week)--apple or celery with almond butter Lunch--leftovers or salad with chicken breast, hard boiled egg or half avocado, whatever veggies I have on hand, and oil and vinegar or whole 30 ranch. Dinner--2 palm size servings of protein, roasted veggies, white or sweet potato, sometimes side salad with oil and vinegar. I don't often feel hungry. I have been appeasing the sugar cravings by grabbing fruit when it gets bad. I did eat off plan two meals in the third week, including a glass of red wine.