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  1. I will be wrapping this round (R4!) on the 30th of March and originally planned on following the full reintroduction schedule. However since beginning this round, I committed to travel for a conference & leave on April 3. Obviously this makes a regular reintroduction difficult. I plan on making eating as compliant as I can and want to continue this lifestyle post-trip to really dial in my food freedom. My thought is to go back on a W10 when I'm back and then doing a formal reintroduction then. I already know that I do not plan on reintroducing legumes as I already know they don't work well for me, and pre-W30 I really didn't eat very much bread or processed stuff. I do miss cheese & the occasional wine, as know that sometimes they both can make me congested. I want (and need) to feel well on the trip because I'll be presenting at the conference, but I also want to feel like I can go off plan without feeling crappy since I won't have *total* control of meals at awards banquets and social functions. Do any of you have thoughts on what I should do with those 4 days prior to leaving or am I just overthinking it since my intention is to stay as compliant as I can while away (maybe a glass of wine or something, maybe a "worth it" dessert, and not stressing too much about meals)?
  2. Reintroduction Help!

    You also don't have to reintroduce everything, so if there's something you don't miss (or that you know bothers you), then skip it! http://whole30.com/step-two-finished/
  3. Starting March 1st

    Happy St. Patty's Day (and Friday)! Although I love corned beef and cabbage, I'm not indulging this year until I can cook up one that's compliant on my own! So, as it's also Friday and I grew up with fish fries, I'm going back to Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed 2 and trying her "West African Chicken Stew" but subbing in white fish (for me, cod), as she suggests at the end. I can't wait, as my husband, mother and I gobbled up the original recipe, and I'm sure this will be a mighty tasty (and comforting) way to end a busy week! How are you celebrating St. Patty's Day?
  4. Starting March 1st

    Good on ya! I also find myself reading labels more and then if I find things I can toss together that are compliant (veggie noodles, compliant crushed tomatoes, ground meats that I can cook up quick), I have a fast emergency meal at the ready. Always good to be prepared!
  5. Starting March 1st

    I don't have my books with me, but I think it says in the Whole30 book (or in Food Freedom Forever, not certain which) that it is indeed a personal choice, but in their opinion "God>Whole30." :-)
  6. Starting March 1st

    I'm in! Here we go! Day 1!! Looking forward to what I'll learn this time around (it's been more than a year since I completed the Whole30, so it's like new again)!
  7. Reintros and Support

    You know, I didn't get what the "hard stomach" was until I had a croissant over the weekend for a sandwich. Ick. So yeah, gluten is def not my friend. Going for sushi tonight, so rice is the challenge now. Will write myself a note to try to remember the coconut aminos!
  8. Reintros and Support

    Thanks for posting about your reintros. I, too, have found myself sticking to very clean, W30-ish eating, though now I'm not as worried if I have something that's slightly "off-plan." My favorite coconut bars by Oskri, for example, are back in the menu as a treat, although I am debating a more definitive "test" with them because they have rice syrup in them (just coconuts and rice syrup). I have had a glass of wine every other day and I do note that my digestion seems a bit off the next day (rumbly and a little "loose"). I think I just have to decide when it's worth it for the wine, as I do really enjoy a nice glass now and again. I, too, have had no real desire for cheese. Had some in an omelet on the weekend and I didn't think it tasted that wonderful as I remember. So even though I've not really done a full reintroduction because I don't have the yen for certain things, I think these instances are pointing to my need to really determine what's worth it or not.
  9. Reintros and Support

    I wonder is there a way to re-name this thread to something less "controversial"? If not, I'm glad to see people sticking around. Here are my results in a nutshell. I must say that I am pleased overall with the change in mood, how the clothes fit, etc. but even with my measurements, I know there's a way to go (as they are the same as after my last Whole 30... I didn't do all of the measurements before this one, but I know they were higher). I am pleased to say that I dropped 7.8 # during this Whole 30 (I was that far back up before I started, and didn't record it here). Of that, 4# was all body fat. A little annoyed at a loss in muscle mass, but that could be error in measuring. Either way, I'm pleased with how my clothes feel, how I feel, and the results. My intention now is to keep eating as cleanly paleo/Whole9 as possible, continuing to nix the grains, refined sugar, and keep the cheese and wine to an absolute minumum (I *will* have a glass tonight, though!). As I'm going to see an endocrinologist the end of Sept, I think it's best that I focus on how I'm feeling and keep this momentum going, especially as everything I'm reading tells me that fueling this way will help support all of my body's systems and rebalance anything that may be out of whack. Here's to better health!
  10. Reintros and Support

    No! Don't leave -- speaking for myself, the focus is NOT the scale, but how I feel, and other measurements. It's important to make the journey your own, whether that means measurements by body fat %, the measuring tape, or the scale. I LOVE hearing about the "non-scale victories" just as much as the scale ones! It's all so inspirational to see what goes on in other people's lives. On my journey, the scale doesn't budge much (we'll see tomorrow if it has during this Whole30), but I have been changing my shape, and that is what I'm most proud of. But any of the amazing accomplishments in better health and yes, weight loss are great to hear. When I get frustrated and discouraged, it's any success story that helps me remember to keep on keeping on. Here's to the next chapter!
  11. Starting August 1!

    Very inspirational! Thanks so much for sharing!!
  12. Reintros and Support

    Hi, all! I love the idea of having another forum to check in on post-Whole 30. I am currently at day 29, and intend to keep fairly strict Paleo after this Whole 30 (my exceptions will likely be the occasional glass of red wine and perhaps some cheese now and then, but I will be testing the latter this time as I didn't really do a solid reintro the first time I went through). I have really zero desire to bring wheat/gluten/grains back into my diet. In fact, I noticed yesterday when going to a Mexican restaurant for lunch with a neighbor that I didn't even WANT the tortilla chips set in front of us. I only wanted the salsa fresca... and dumped that on my not-on-the-menu taco salad (just the beef carnitas, lettuce, tomatoes, and Mexican style cole slaw, yum!). Like a bunch of you, I'd love to see the scale go down, but am most interested in the measurements I took a while back. I already know that my clothes fit WAY better, my moods are stable and I'm generally happy, and I am VERY curious about where my body fat % is now. After 40 years on the SAD diet, it's very difficult to remove my focus from what the scale says, but I'm working on it. I'll definitely post and let you know what my measurements say!! I'm also intent on keeping as clean as possible because I will be going to an Endocrinologist in a few weeks. I have always suspected that I suffer at least in part from hypothyroidism (several relatives and friends I grew up with have had the same condition, so I come from a "pod" of this condition if you will), and as my last blood tests show me in the higher range for some of those levels, I think this way of eating will help my body re-balance. From everything I read, I know I may need to make even a few more tweaks, but I will wait to see what the good doctor tells me. In reply to a few of you: @Eponina: Your English is very good, and I'm excited for you to find out how eating cleanly can help the multiple issues you are dealing with! Here's to good health! @Jomyke & @ Bojibelle: Have you tried US Wellness Meats' bacon? It's Whole 30 approved and AWESOME! The only downside is the need to order 7# of whatever (not just bacon, unless you want that much!!) to get the shipping free, but there's no going back for my family. Grassfed, sugar free and nitrite/nitrate free = yummy!
  13. Starting August 1!

    Whole 30 day 29 already?! Wow. This has flown by. Remarkably, I've noticed that this time, it didn't feel like a struggle (ok, a few days did, but for the most part, no.). Yesterday, for example, I went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant with my neighbor and I didn't even want any of the tortilla chips. I wanted the SALSA, but not one chip (added the salsa to my salad)! Crazy! Here's to keeping the momentum going and choosing "off road" foods only when I REALLY feel that I want them, instead of because of the situation (i.e., I'm in this restaurant, so I must have that...). (Oh and Sherry: I did sign up for the emails and have gotten them all this time. Last year when I did a Whole 30, they had some server issues so some emails didn't come. Check your spam folder, or otherwise shoot them an email. They are quite responsive!)
  14. Starting August 1!

    How's everyone doing? It's Day 21 and I'm feeling fine. Got some really really good sleep last night and actually sprang awake just before my alarm. Workout recovery has improved, and now I'm even giving some natural skin care a go (honey face washing). Who is this person?!
  15. Starting August 1!

    I'm in for August 1. Most of my shopping is done, and I'm just waiting for US Wellness Meats to re-stock their Whole-30 compliant bacon! (Terrible time for them to be out of stock!) There are already several social gatherings planned for weekends in August with friends that we've not seen in a while, so those will prove true challenges with regard to avoiding alcohol, but I'm arming myself and am psyching up. It's time to re-ditch the sugars and processed junk that snuck back in, give my poor skin a break, and de-flate my middle. Let's do this!!