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  1. Margie

    W30 and "morbid obesity"

    Hey, Everybody. I started W30 four days ago, weighing 287 lbs. My goal is to just follow the program as it is written. I think I'll lose weight b/c my body will switch from carb-burning to fat-burning. I started paleo (as best I could) at the beginning of November and immediately felt like I had tons more energy than I'd had for a long, long time. I didn't lose weight--not sure why. But I think that as I get healthier, I will lose weight and I definitely have many health challenges to overcome. In the meantime, I'm not overly focused on future results b/c I'm still exulting in the fact that I have sufficient energy to do the things each day that I want to do. What a gift!!!! Really and truly, at least right now, I don't need anything more than that. Thanks, everyone, for being here. And good luck to all! Margie
  2. Margie

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Hi--I was diagnosed with late-stage, disseminated Lyme disease 3 years and 2 months ago. My healing process since that time has followed the pattern of first year, sleep; second year, creep; third year, leap. This year (the third year), I have taken two major wellness strides!!!! The first was in May when I started to use diatomaceous earth. Within 3 days, I began to experience less fatigue and renewed optimism!!! (I think the DE removed heavy metals that I'd been unable to eliminate from my body and supplied minerals that I sorely needed.) The second stride was at the beginning of November when I started eating "paleo". Before 5 days had passed, I was finding myself accomplishing all kinds of things that had been sitting on my to-do list waiting for me to come up with the energy to accomplish them!!!! With paleo, I realized that there were no built-in limits to the amount of healing and health that I'd be able to experience or to the goals that I'd be able to accomplish over time. So now, I'm here to develop good food habits so that I can keep paleo going as a life-style over the long haul. I'm happy to be able to join a community that has many goals in common with mine. Margie