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  1. Turns out my family's soup recipe that we eat every winter is Whole30 compliant! Ingredients: 1 lb stew beef 1 lb carrots (peeled and cut into small pieces) 1 small onion, peeled, and cut 6-8 stalks of celery (with leaves on if possible), cut 2-3 parnsips, peeled and cut 1 28-oz can of diced tomatoes 5-8 bay leaves 3 Tbls Parsley 1 Tbls Thyme 1 Tbls Summer Savory/Herbs de Provence 1 Tbls Basil Salt & Pepper to tatse Directions: In a large soup pot, fill 2/3 with salted water and/or broth of your choice Add beef, cover, and bring to almost a boil. Water will start to foam. Remove foam as it starts to appear with a large spoon and toss out. As water starts to boil, the foam will get bigger - just keep removing with a large spoon. Turn heat down a little if necessary to keep water from boiling over. When the water doesn’t foam anymore, add cut up vegetables, tomatoes, and spices. Bring back to a boil, cover, lower heat and simmer for ~ 30 minutes until vegetables are tender It's really easy, just slightly time consuming. It makes 8-12 servings so I keep half in the fridge and eat over a week, then freeze the other half which is really easy to defrost in a pan when I need something quick to eat at night.
  2. True Food Kitchen is delicious. If you go there, the waiters are very knowledgeable and everything is prepared in-house so they should be able to list what is compliant. Unfortunately they dont have an allergen list online but I've been there before my W30 and thought the food was delicious!
  3. Kimchi vs the no added sugar requirement

    Mother In Law Kimchi seems to be compliant: