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    So Frustrated!

    I feel the same way
  2. El Paco

    Places I have been compliant!!

    Last night i found myself in a bind and i drove by Whole Foods and their salad bar saved me. They have a list of their ingredients also on the prepared food section and There were quite a bit of W30 acceptable options. The grilled veggies look to die for but i backed off when I read they were cooked in canola oil. The nice lady that was putting the food away told me she cooks it and doesnt use the oil at all on some of them and she told me which ones, that was so nice of her. Also, WF has natural almond butter you actually grind on a machine and decide how much u wanna take home. Ive been eating it as a snack with apples.
  3. El Paco

    Dextrose snuck up!!!

    Dont start over, just keep going! As long as you dont go out and ear burgers fries and beer, you will be fine!
  4. El Paco

    Day 1 today...any other guys in?

    Another Crossfitter here doing the Whole 30 hardcore for the first time. Did Paleo through most of 2012 starting in March-April for the first time and loved the results.
  5. WOW thanks so much for that! Just looked up their menu and it's amazing!
  6. I started yesterday and it feels good to know that I wasn't the only one addicted to soy lattes. I did the Whole 30 back in March of 2011 and I completely gave up my daily soy latte and I saw results and never looked back at them, until recently in Dec 2012 when I started getting skinny lattes which made me sick and bloated but I am ready to start over again too! You can do it! I always tell people SUGAR is what makes you fat and that our bodies need protein and lots of veggies so that's why I think this is a great challenge.