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  1. Ariel523

    Feeling Frequent Discomfort

    Hi there! Yes, before I started it, or during it, I did go to a doctor and ran a bunch of tests. She says I pretty much just have food intolerances/sensitivites. Post W30, I realized beans and sugar are probably my biggest offenders, sometimes dairy when I have too much. During the holidays, I went back to sugar (bad, Ariel) and am getting those same old discomforts and pains. So sugar is for sure a bad thing for me. Thank you though! EDIT: I also think I was undergoing a major sugar detox. I haven't felt bloated so much anymore lately. I think I was just really eating in a way not great for me before W30 and experiencing a lot of changes that caused bloating, whether it was detox or not used to eating so many vegetables or what have you.
  2. Ariel523

    How to quit caring how much I weigh

    I didn't start W30 to lose weight (though it was a back burner thought in my head). I did it to feel better, since I always felt ill and had stomach aches. Were there symptoms you had before that you wanted to get rid of and did? I would suggest to focus on those. It sounds like you have successfully found good traits during W30. I'm off W30 now, have been for a few months, and I'm getting old symptoms back I don't want. I plan on starting again to get rid of those symptoms, because that's what I want out of it: To feel good, not to lose weight. I wouldn't suggest to get off of it like I did and go back to old ways/feeling bad ways, but maybe it'll help remind you what you felt before, may feel again, what you don't want to feel, how you DO want to feel, etc? On the other hand, I did notice that days and weeks after W30, I did lose weight, and it stayed off (even after going off the deep end and succumbing to my sugar dragon full-fledged). I think it changed my metabolism for the better. I'm surprised you're not noticing it yourself. Though to be honest, I didn't notice it in myself either, but other people did. I had lots of comments on how much I lost and I did feel it in my clothes, especially my pants. And the height/weight you are seems fine. I'm 5'7" and 160 on a -good- day. Cut yourself some slack. Do you feel good about your body? To you feel good IN your body? That's what matters! Remember that! EDIT: And now I see that this post is quite a number of years old! Well, I hope it'll help someone currently the.
  3. Ariel523

    Feeling Frequent Discomfort

    I've definitely felt like mint tea has been my savior more than once. My first two weeks during W30, I was sipping tea daily. I had some last night, since discomfort spiked hard then (enough that I didn't want dinner) and I definitely would feel my belly rumble then settle a bit with each sip. Do you notice any specific foods that cause your discomfort, or is it not really any rhyme or reason? I feel like mine doesn't need much rhyme or reason to be uncomfortable.
  4. I finished my first Whole30 in late August and started the fast track reintroduction 8/23. Before W30, I had frequent upset stomachs; more nauseated stomach ache. This was one of the main reasons to try out Whole 30 During W30, and after, those stomach aches went away but now I'm feeling bloated and uncomfortable instead. It's been pretty consistent, and I'm doing my best to rule out/not eat things that may cause discomfort (beans/peanuts, peppers, cruciferous vegetables, etc). But it seems to be coming back left and right, and sometimes for seemingly no real reason. My grandmother told me that my great grandmother had issues with gas/bloating too, and she was often uncomfortable, but suffered silently. Now I'm wondering, has anyone else experienced this too? Frequent bloating, discomfort, feelings of fullness, forceful burps, just overall really uncomfortable? Could it be a genetic sensitivity to lots of things? Does anyone know a quick way to help alleviate these feelings of discomfort? I'm very tired of feeling this way. I'm constantly aware of my abdomen. I've already went to the doctor and checked everything possible. She believes it's just sensitivity to certain foods and through process of elimination, stop eating those things that make me uncomfortable. I try to maintain as much of W30 as possible, but not to absolute perfection (I've had sweets here and there, and put cold cereals back in my breakfast with almond milk, etc). I'm not very interested in hyper-analyzing my diet, because I am already doing my best to evaluate that myself. I'm just wondering how many others may experience similar issues, and any words of advice on that/ways to help cope with discomfort. Thank you!
  5. Ariel523

    Night leg cramps??

    I used to get them pretty bad, still do sometimes. The ones at night would have me bolt out of bed, trying to alleviate it. Another time, I got one while driving; of course it was my right foot/leg. I had to pull over and wait awhile. I asked a podiatrist; he pretty much said I have bad "engineering" of my feet; my skeleton, especially feet bones, is not the best to my muscles, and so I'm likely to have more feet/leg cramps. I haven't had them too frequently recently, but now I'm on day 15 and the past day or so, I've been getting one along my right shin. I've had it since about last night. It's still tense but not debilitating. Here's some tips I know about to help alleviate cramps at the moment: - If you get one in your sleep, you can try pointing your toes up towards your face to help ease the cramping. It tends to work for me usually. It's better than bolting up to stand, disrupting whoever else is sleeping next to you, and leaving the warm comfort of your bed. - Sometimes it helps sitting down with a leg out in front of you and pulling on your toes. I'd take my shoes off to do this. 'Specially helps with feet cramping. - The ones along your shin, or if nothing else helped your other types of cramps, you give it a sort of massage. But it's more of a squeeze-and-release repetitive motion. Squeeze, let go. Squeeze, let go. Just keep "massaging" it that way, decently firm/hard squeezing with your fingers, not a constant massage. Otherwise, I would find drinking water would help subside it as well... If I noticed more cramps than usual, I'd up my water intake.
  6. Ariel523

    Itching all over

    I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! And almost done, congratulations! Two more daaays for you! I keep hearing that nuts and seeds cause problems for people on the Whole30. I'm starting to not trust them so much anymore. Maybe I'll occasionally have one walnut or almond, or some pistachios, but not much... Almond butter, I think, is Ok on my system. I hope you feel loads better when this is all said and done!
  7. Ariel523

    Itching all over

    I'm noticing some bumps on my face now, not red or itchy, just bumps. So I did some poking around in old forum archives and I found this, which I thought was pretty relevant to both of us: Forum link: User I'm quoting: beachchica Date: 3/4/15 at 2:08 PM
  8. Ariel523

    Itching all over

    I'm on day ten myself, and I feel like my scalp is itchier and drier than ever. And I use Head and Shoulders dry scalp shampoo/conditioner. I even got these small, itchy bumps on the back of my right hand (I'm suspecting vesicles). I'm not sure what caused this stuff, or why... Never had these bumps before. I'm not sure if it's the weather maybe? Drier heat in the summer? I wish I could be of more help. I'm not professional here at all. But maybe after showers use a good, non greasy moisturizer, or aloe? I've used lotus gel after my skin feels chapped and it helps after showers to bring moisture/suppleness back. After washing my hands, applying lotion to the bumps seemed to calm them down for me. EDIT: The only other thing I could guess is if you're eating something new/different, then maybe that's it? But you seem to be attempting to eliminate those things.
  9. Actually, a personal trainer (a human!) set those macronutrient goals for me based on my lifestyle and body type. :] And it's just a rough estimate to help me see if I'm actually consuming the correct foods for the correct nutrients, and not treated as the gospel truth. It also can help me pinpoint what and how I've been eating so if I'm not feeling great, I can go back and see what I ate instead of potentially forgetting what I ate. I believe this will greatly help me if I decide to go to a doctor after this if I'm still not feeling good at all. I can let the doctor know what/how I ate with complete accuracy. And just as you said, I can review this data and say, "Hey that's not enough food! I should eat more. Instead of one chicken thigh, I'll have two." Or, I can easily see I need more protein meat/fat for breakfast or what-have-you, especially since the app breaks down macronutrients per meal. If someone suggest I need more fats in meals, I can see which exact meals are lacking. Thank you for the concern, but I'm not going to be using it as my focal point. It's literally just tracking/diary keeping for me and general guidance to help me learn what and how to eat. And thank you for the tip on seeds/nuts. I really didn't know they were so typically burdensome.
  10. I track my food (contrary to Whole30 preferences) and its saying I'm hitting my goal of about 50 grams of fat. It's trying to have me consume 30% fat, and I seem to be a bit over that. But I only had nuts and chia pudding two days. Otherwise, I had chicken and eggs. I may not be eating enough, but it's hard to eat more when I feel this uncomfortable. I eat as much as I can and until I feel full. The pre-week, I would feel relatively hungry a couple hours after eating, so I would have an egg and fruit. But I was also trying not to over eat, either. I wonder if it's a learning curve for me? Thank you for sharing that link! That's good to know about chia pudding. I was hoping for an easy breakfast go-to. I'll do my best to limit or keep it out.
  11. Thank you! It helps knowing it's normal/I'm not alone. I think the nuts is what did it for me too, because after them, things started getting uncomfortable. I just didn't think the symptoms would linger this long! I'm now feeling somewhat hungry after nursing some mint tea, so I'm having a small portion of Whole30 riced cauliflower and chicken meatballs with a side of sweet potato. The cauliflower is making me a bit nervous, since I've heard it contributes to bloating. I'm going to hope for the best, here. If you have any other suggestions of how you got through the discomfort, please let me know! Otherwise, I'll just try to take it easy with eating small portions, and drink lots of water, mint or ginger tea, maybe some cinnamon...
  12. Hi everyone, Today is technically my first official day of Whole30, but I used the last week to ease into it. Now, I'm not feeling great at all. Last week I ate mostly compliant. The non-compliant items I had was cereal (with almond milk), yogurt and 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee for breakfast. I resisted sweets and cravings. One day, I had Tyson Chicken Strips for dinner but scraped off breading as much as I could. I felt mostly fine, just hungry a couple hours after eating. Compliant food I had was sauteed chicken, roasted bell peppers and onions, eggs, chia seed pudding, fresh fruit, etc. Yesterday (Day 0, if you will), the only non-compliant thing I had was 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee. Otherwise, I had banana chia pudding with blueberries, an egg, a handful of nuts. Then I started feeling uncomfortable. Bloated, loss of appetite, a sort of pressure-feeling in my stomach, etc. I almost didn't want to eat dinner. I had some "Digest-Zen" essential oil in water and it helped. I was able to eat dinner (filet mignon, sauteed asparagus, and garlic roasted red potatoes, then later a bit of pineapple). I'd burp when I could, and it'd be the forceful, large burps (which I usually don't have). Overnight, I woke up at 3 AM really uncomfortable. I thought I was going to be ill but wasn't. I half slept for the rest of the night. This morning, (Day 1, officially), all I could eat for breakfast was a few bites of pineapple, a hard boiled egg, and some almond milk. I still feel greatly uncomfortable, mostly bloated, and still burping if/when I can in that forceful way, upset stomach, that pressure feeling is still there. I read about others experiencing similar to this on day 7-8 or so, sometimes halfway through. Since I eased into it for a week, could I be experiencing these things now? Am I eating more fiber than I used to? I'd appreciate any feedback or anything to help alleviate this. I would get stomach aches every now and then before trying this challenge. I was hoping Whole30 can help me alleviate those symptoms and help me determine what I can and cannot eat. Thank you.