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  1. Hi all! Just wanted to start our page for the reintroduction, and to continue our support post W30. As for me, I'm going to continue on the program, except for those special occasions (called the slow reintroduction). Would love the continued support! WE MADE IT!!!
  2. August 7th Start Date

    Do some Internet searching. I think you can't do it while you're on Whole 30, but after your 30 days, I think it's safe to have whole30 compliant "desserts". During the 30, it's the SWYPO, but afterwards... I think there are some good recipes available!
  3. 8/7 start Reintroduction

    Yay! Good for you. @invinciblechar It IS a lifestyle now so everyone else will have to get used to it! It's finally "easier". I love trying all the new recipes I'm finding. Eating creamy bacon and avocado zucchini noodles right now. SO good! I found a nice chocolate chili recipe to make this weekend (yes 100% cocoa powder only). Sooooo... got on the scale this morning. I know they suggest we wait, but I couldn't wait any more! Down 7.5 pounds total. Not the 15 I was crazily hoping for, but 7.5 isn't too bad for a month. More to come. I have another 40-45 I'd like to lose. And I don't want to rush it, so I'm fine if it takes another 6 months. It will stay off that way. Red wine tonight for sure. Cheers!
  4. August 7th Start Date

    WE DID IT!! WOOT! So, I started our reintroduction forum. Hope you guys will join me! I don't think you can actually click through on this link, but this is where it is on the forums page. Home \Life After Your Whole30 \Whole30 Reintroduction \8/7 start Reintroduction Almost thought I wasn't going to make it past Sunday due to some family unexpectedly in town, but I did!!!! LAST DAY!! YAY US!!
  5. August 7th Start Date

    My ankles cramped up the other night but it passed. Bananas are supposed to help. Anything with potassium.
  6. August 7th Start Date

    Home stretch guys! Today is a "do I really have to wait 30 days?" day. I keep walking by the kitchen and seeing chocolate in there. But you know what? I stop to look at it. I stare at it and ask "do I really even want it?" And I find I don't! I guess I just want the idea of it. But too close now to cheat. No way!! =)
  7. August 7th Start Date

    HI! I was going to post today, too.. it's been awhile! I think you'll be fine. Your friend presumably knows you're dealing with other things, and she'll probably be happy she doesn't have to worry about feeding you! I'm sure they have their own system going. It will probably just be easier all around. I wouldn't even worry about trying to feed all of them.
  8. August 7th Start Date

    @SugarcubeOD - I think you've been great! You're corrective, but in such a kind non-judgmental way. It feels like you're one of us! I've enjoyed having you on the journey. Super helpful =)
  9. August 7th Start Date

    @PenguinSews Hi! I'd do both. You're welcome to hang out with us, but you may want to start (or join) a new thread, too. You may also be an inspiration to others as well as to us
  10. August 7th Start Date

    Me, too! We should definitely all keep in touch for check-ins. I had my brother & mom over for dinner yesterday- made cauliflower rice (my kids even ate it!), thai meatballs, and sweet potato/applesauce. Everyone loved it! My mom asked how long I was going to be doing this "diet", and why can't I choose a diet without weird food. I laughed and I told her I was! (and that it's a lifestyle, not a diet).
  11. August 7th Start Date

    Hi there. I'm mostly doing this to jump start weight loss and don't luckily have any other health issues. I would say, though, not to get discouraged. Sometimes our bodies take awhile to catch up. Three days ago, for instance, I tried on a pair of pants that were still too tight. Today they're a little too big! So I know I didn't change my eating these past three days, but what I've been doing finally caught up. I'd wait the 30, have your doctor do the blood work, and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised.
  12. August 7th Start Date

    Not quite in soup mood yet. It looks good though! Went through a lot of "breakfasts without eggs" recipes and got a couple. Anyone else thinking reintroduction yet? I think I'm leaning towards the "slow" reintroduction route. Dying to know how much weight I've lost, but I don't think it's THAT much. Maybe? Some pants fit, others still don't.. and my stomach isn't magically flat yet..lol. I don't really have any cravings (except of course that glass of red wine), so i don't think I'm in a hurry to jump off. May even be getting the hang of cooking in batches? Hmm...I may be able to get used to this!
  13. August 7th Start Date

    At least you get to "enjoy" in your dreams! haha. But I guess there's still the guilt. Maybe I'll dream about a glass of red wine tonight. I hadn't been craving wine until this week. I guess all the temptations are just flitting their way through my imagination.. "don't forget about us".. I am able to resist them though now which is a huge plus! I told my daughter I couldn't buy oreos for the house, because I'd bee too tempted. Now, it's a temptation I could resist (yuck.. all that fake butter and fake flavorings). The fudge is a little harder, but possible. Probably why I had the two Larabars.
  14. August 7th Start Date

    So I searched to find out about roasting. I think I had been trying to roast some veggies, but I never wait long enough! I had a recipe for roasted butternut squash, but it just came out mushy and gross. The article I found said it may take up to 60 minutes (for some veggies, like squash). I'm excited to try this new world of roasting
  15. August 7th Start Date

    Yay. Good advice. Thank you. I kept feeling like I'm doing something wrong!
  16. August 7th Start Date

    I've determined you need more than 6-7 hours sleep/night to get the Tiger Blood. At least that's my theory. Also, I overate yesterday - bought Larabars to "try" them out. Well, good thing I only bought two because I ate both of them. Not even hungry. No more for me! That was purely an emotional eat, but lesson learned. Still plugging away. Having my mom & brother over Sunday. Making a W30 meal; hope they like it! Doing shopping list again today and will be cooking again this weekend. Scouring Internet today at lunch for big batch meals. Also, we have an ice cream social at 3:00 today. I'm the one that had to shop and supply all the goodies. Not even tempted though. At least I'm not 'cheating' with ice cream, the candy in the kitchen, the homemade fudge at my house... *sigh*
  17. August 7th Start Date

    @racheleats Thank you for the tips! I guess I'll find some meals I like, too. I've been trying some new recipes with this. Some I like, some I don't. So I guess I'll get into a rhythm. And I'll have to use my crock pot some more! Would be nice to come home to a meal that's all ready.
  18. August 7th Start Date

    That's great to hear! Just curious.. do you cook every day, or meal prep? This third weekend of prep was definitely easier, because some things existed in my house and fridge already, but I still don't love cooking. Well, I do when I have the time, but I don't like having to cook with limited time. It's stressful. I wish there were more grab & go choices. Or frozen dinners that didn't have so much junk in them. Even the healthy eats (before you put sauce on) coats their chicken in soy.
  19. August 7th Start Date

    No, I actually haven't.. doing them all steamed, which could be a big difference. I use sauces on the riced cauliflower more; it's really good at soaking them up! I'll move to grilled and roasting in the oven.. zucchini, etc. Thanks for the tip and prod!
  20. August 7th Start Date

    @SnappySue Hang in there!! We have to get through this for each other as well as our selves! I'm going to do a google search on more quick & easy recipes.. especially ones that make big batches! I riced a lot of cauliflower last night, so I can throw that in as my veggies with whatever else I'm making...leftover carnitas, etc. Sick of shopping and cooking too! It's hard. I think I shared this, but I'm a single mom, commute an hour to work each way, have the two kids starting school, (thank God my son's taking a break from football this year). I'm always on the run, so prep is huge. It's when I haven't pre-prepped that I find myself stuck or scrambling for food or ideas.
  21. August 7th Start Date

    Hi all! Checking in. You guys are doing awesome! I'm having a challenge getting all my veggies in. Blech. Trying hard though! Have not had any "tiger blood" yet, but am feeling better. Sleeping better.. no longer need my Advil PM to fall asleep and stay asleep. I think one of my pairs of pants may be fitting soon.. either that or I'm trying them on so often I'm stretching them out . Another victory: I'm breaking my habit of watching tv while eating. I'm full from dinner, so if I just ignore my mental craving for a bit, it passes. Day 16 down! More than halfway. Yay us!
  22. August 7th Start Date

    Hi. I'm on Day 15 as well. No 'tiger blood' for me yet either! Still kind of sleepy. I am finally sleeping better, not waking up at 4:00 am, but still only getting about 6-7 hours/night (normal). I had cravings yesterday, but I knew they were more mental. I saw donuts, cheese & meat... otherwise the cravings aren't really there. I'm hoping the tiger blood will come in a bit?
  23. August 7th Start Date

    Thought for the day. You know how it's hard to eat some days? It's not that we're dieting, per se, just eating healthfully. Makes you wonder what's in all that other food that makes us want to keep coming back for more. Yuck. I'm so glad I "overshopped" last week. Save for a few fresh items, I should have enough food to get me through this next week.. I will NOT be spending hours shopping and prepping tomorrow! Learning to make bigger batches of stuff and freezing, so I can just add some veggies and move on. Building up a variety too.. yay.
  24. August 7th Start Date

    So I'm definitely going a lot more. Maybe not more often because I always drink a lot of water, but definitely longer each time I go. Luckily I make it through the night, but definitely have to go as soon as I wake! I'd suggest cutting down on water intake 2 hours before bed. Your body should definitely adjust regardless, but who the heck wants to wake up that often?! Keep up the good work. You're getting healthy!! What's the longest you've stopped smoking before or is this it? (If you don't mind me asking)
  25. August 7th Start Date

    Made it through day 11. Have had an awesome breakfast last two days! Mashed banana and two eggs mixed together and scrambled up in coconut oil. Put on 1/4 sliced green Apple, 2 tbsp almond butter, cinnamon, and coconut flakes. My new favorite and whips up in no time and is delicious! If I'm in the mood, I add cooked spinach on the side, otherwise just up my veggies at lunch and dinner. Love it and it keeps me full until lunch! I've also discovered I need more carbs at lunch and dinner. I'm so used to diets with no carbs. So I'm adding half a yam, or some kind of squash. As far as grabs, I keep frozen turkey patties on hand. I just throw one in a pan if I don't feel like or have time to cook. Add some veggies and half a yam. I definitely need to plan better, or start cooking more big batches to carry over. I think that's the key. Then I don't feel like I have to make it fresh every night. Just some little hints I've discovered that may be helpful to someone. Congrats to everyone who's made it through Day 11!!!