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  1. Need salad dressing tips

    I totally agree! If you find a really good quality mustard, that is really all you need. I make a week's worth in my container so it's ready to go. Just a shake needed and then pour and enjoy!
  2. In comparing my coconut oil brand to my dad's, we noticed that his is unrefined and has a distinct coconut smell whereas mine is refined and smells like nothing. Is there a reason to cook with one over the other? Nutritionally speaking, is there a significant difference? Thanks!
  3. too many veggies?

    May I just say that it is just baffling to hear people ask if there is enough fat in the meal!!! It goes against everything we have been taught for years. And yet I feel so great on this plan! I can't imagine going back to the way I was eating before! And II, myself, am wondering if I consume too many vegetables. There were probably days (before this first Whole30) when I didn't eat a vegetable all day long. So funny!
  4. Things to Keep on Hand...

    I make a package of turkey meat every week with my homemade taco seasoning. I always have salsa on hand and avocado. I buy lettuce once a week and wash and spin it so it's ready to go. It's a great quick salad. Oh and I do buy the sweet little cherub tomatoes since I don't have to cut them up Expensive, but a time-saver.
  5. I made a great salad today that was simple and filling! I ate it alongside homemade chicken soup. Mango spinach salad Ingredients: large handful of spinach 1/2 mango sliced 1/2 avocado sliced 1/2 lime squeezed tiny drizzle of olive oil could add almonds and red onion for texture and crunch This was simple but very tasty!!! A nice switch from my typical balsamic dressing!
  6. Thanks for all the recommendations! I'm looking forward to giving the hubs some real options!
  7. You could add shredded zucchini to it!
  8. I swear I will never be able to shop the same way again. I used to get insulted (quietly) by my in-laws as they are big label readers. I felt they were judging me. But I get it now! My garlic salt had sugar, starch and something else in it! Couldn't believe it!!!! It's now in recycling.
  9. Thanks, Robin! Are you a tea drinker? What do you drink?
  10. That's what I wonder about. If it says natural flavors, how "natural" are they really?
  11. Serving size for chilis and soups

    Phew! I was hoping it was more than that!
  12. Is ghee worth it?

    Drizzle it on steamed cauliflower......perfection!
  13. Serving size for chilis and soups

    Following.....Is 8oz a serving? (I might be too generous when it comes to chili.....)
  14. My husband gets up at around 4:30 in the morning and gets home around 8:00 in the evening. He does not like all. Can you recommend any Whole30 compliant drinks that contain caffeine? I'm looking for specific brands of teas or whatever else that is easy. Thanks!
  15. Spaghetti sauce needs some oomph!

    That's it. I'm buying a sieve. I needed on the other night desperately when I made butternut squash soup. I will definitely try these San Marzano tomatoes!