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  1. Started today! Whole 60

    Hey! Evoo is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I was just lazy and didn't write it out) and Coconut Amino is a seasoning sauce, taste is similar to soy sauce but without the soy (it's compliant). I haven't used it much but hear it makes a world of difference.
  2. Started today! Whole 60

    Hi! You are more than welcome to join Try to keep up with the good work, prepping food and eating clean. I really don't have a lot of advice as I too struggle with eating the 3 meals a day, but I grab nuts or an RXBar if I'm feeling low on energy. It helps to prep what I'll be eating for lunch the night before, and I really eat a lot of salads with chicken, sweet potatoe, bacon, an egg and some veggies (or simply make enough to have leftovers to grab). The 'tiger blood' appears differently. Some get really energized, I just felt the calm in my body.. no more humming and that gave me energy. How do you cope with dining out or invites to dinners?
  3. Started today! Whole 60

    Jayy! I would love for you to join! How are you doing on your w30?
  4. Started today! Whole 60

    So far so good is actually fantastic news! I hope you hang in there when the going gets thougher because it really will get easier and the food is pretty awesome.
  5. Hi ya'll I'm starting round 2 on whole 30.. but making it into a whole 60. I'm a 37yr old gal, wife, mom of 2 (12 and 10 yrs old), daughter, sister, friend, I work 8 hour days five days a week and was (and still am) in the habit of putting everyone else first. I'm fine with cooking something else for everyone else if need be, but the fam is all in most of the time because the food is fantastic and no one is starving (the kids also eat whatever they feel like). My dr. actually recommeded Whole30 'diet' to help my body work through inflammation and ailments. It rocked my world during the first time round, was a whole lot easier than I thought it would or could be and surprisingly I craved the strangest foods, until I figured out that it was my sugerdevil trying to find a way to get some sugar (I craved a hotdog with ketchup.. When I finally ate a hotdog after the W30 it turns out all I wanted was the ketchup!). I won't lie and say it was the easiest ride, but mostly it was, and I was on such a roll and feeling so fab that when the 30 days were up.. I just added 3 days to it because I felt like it. After the W30 I was a poster gal for what it does for you, to just take care of yourself a little bit. Then came summer vacay, driving cross country and eating whatever whenever - what a sucky idea.. it just sounded soooo good to be able to roll through a drive thru, order in chinese, or just eat popcorn for dinner.. I felt great for a few days but then sluggish again and the inflammation is back - so food actually works for me! So.. without much planning I started W60 this morning at 7 o'clock. Scrambled eggs fried with a small amount of coconut oil and 2 slices of bacon. Lunchtime rolled around and the galley at work was not working for me so I ventured out to a salad bar, making my own salad with garlic chicken (oven baked - no oils), an egg, peppers, red onion and boiled chilled sweet potatoe and a dressing made with evoo and mango. As far as I know, everything is a-ok.. Right? So. Onwards! Anyone want to join me? GEva.
  6. Starting 8/1, would love a buddy!

    Day 2. How are you feeling? I'm tired (lack of sleep for a few days catching up with me), not hungry at all, but could mindlessly eat something - so I'm downing water and keeping busy. Hang in there! It will get easy really fast!
  7. A fresh start on July 31st

    Day 2.. on round 2. I'm just back to work after a few weeks on vacay and I'm bonetired. Colleagues keep offering chocolates (theme when we come back from vacay.. bring chocolate to the office) but I'm hangin' in there I think I've done just about everything to get a rough start this time around. I took 5 days off between round 1 of W30 and this 2nd round, just because we took a 5 day roadtrip and I didn't feel like being the only one that could never just "grab" something to eat. Those 5 days were not really worth it. PMS is tapping on my door, so I'm achy, bloated, a little foggy and totally exhausted (because of 5 days of fun with only 6 hours of sleep). I'm at work and people are almost throwing bite sized chocolates at me .. So.. all in all.. I'm doing good, just a slight uphill battle going on right now.
  8. Starting 8/1, would love a buddy!

    I'm starting my 2nd round of Whole30 today! Would love to connect with you gals to see how you're doing and feeling throughout the next 30 days (or 30ish Kay30Yup)