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  1. I am on day 27 today! I am excited to start reintroducing foods to see if I have culprit(s) in my life! Yet for pretty much the whole time I've been doing the Whole30, I have had stomach issues. Fortunately, I have felt less bloated than before starting and continue to have a bowel movement every day, but (sorry for TMI), my bm are skinnier and smellier. I've also had some bad gas which sometimes causes stomach pains. I thought it was from some chicken sausage I was having for breakfast, so I eliminated that, but it came back. I figured it was from hard boiled eggs (others types of eggs wouldn't do this to me...), but it wouldn't happen every time I ate them. This process of elimination took about three weeks to figure out, yet I am still dealing with stomach issues pretty much every day. I do feel like it is easier to pass my bm now, but why are they skinner and smellier than before when I was eating more processed foods? Thoughts??? With reintroduction around the corner, I am trying to make a plan while hoping my stomach can handle it!
  2. Sooo tired but couldn't sleep

    Thanks for your help. I haven't had the chance to exercise since last weekend due to being sick and having sick kids at home. But recently, not exercising hasn't affected my sleep. I do have a runny nose which is causing a sore throat, but I could breath out of one side of my nose last night. Yesterday: Breakfast: Leftover frittata with spinach, onion, and tomatoes. Topped with salsa and half an avocado along with a Teton Waters uncured beef thuringer sausage and a grapefruit. (Serving side: filled a dinner salad plate.) Lunch: Leftover slow cooker brisket with sauce from cooking. Squash and potatoes. Pineapple. (Serving side: Filled about half of a dinner salad plate.) Snack: A small handful of unsalted cashews Dinner: Ground turkey and zucchini meatballs on top of cauliflower mash with broccoli on the side. (Serving fit in a soup bowl and maybe came up about half way.) Drank water with lunch and dinner and throughout the afternoon. Never really felt hungry during the day (that's a change for me!). Banana at 12:32am since I couldn't sleep and felt slight hunger, but had read that bananas are carbs... Is this enough info or would you like more?
  3. Today is day 5. Last night I was so tired (fighting a sore throat and cold in addition to doing kids gave it to me because they have hand, foot, and mouth). Before bed, I was finally able to shower and it felt so good. But then I climbed into bed ready to pass out at 9:30 but by 12:30, with no shut eye, I decided to go eat a banana. After that, I was able to sleep, but not solidly. While awake, I read that the reason I probably couldn't sleep is because I didn't eat enough carbs. But I couldn't find a good list of carbs so could someone please help me with a list? Or, do you have other suggestions as to why I couldn't sleep. I really need some energy to fight this cold so any suggestions are welcomed!
  4. I'm on Day 2. Have felt pretty good except for a brief headache here and there. But a few hours ago, my throat started to hurt. Is this "normal" or am I catching a bug that my kids brought home from day care?!?