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  1. County Line BBQ

    Sorry to bump up such an old thread, but what were your eventual conclusions (or someone else who has gone)?
  2. Austin Restaurants?

    Seems elevation burger closed since this thread was started. I've got a few places i've eaten at that should be compliant i'll share options i've found in Austin though for those who find this thread later: Picnik The waitresses are aware of whole30 and have a special diets menu and can help you pick out items on it. That and it's delicious. Nancy's Sky Garden. All the soups are made without dairy. They give you a plate with protein in the middle and surrounded by vegetables. Snap Kitchen. They've got a lot of paleo options, and on some of them they even indicate that they're whole30 with bold text or a sticker. Chipotle. You can get salads with chorizo or carnitas. Others meats are currently cooked in rice bran oil, so watch out Inca Chicken. They do peruvian roasted chicken and have many vegetable based sides. Stay away from the mashed potatoes as they have dairy though. I'm curious, has anyone managed to find a BBQ place with brisket they verified compliant yet? I really want to go eat BBQ somewhere but I seem to be concluding most rubs include sugar, and of course most sauces do too. @Lizz M What did you end up eating at flower child? I have only been eating out about once a week, so I understand grapeseed oil, canola oil etc is OK if you do it sparingly while eating out.
  3. Chipotle?

    I just looked at the ingredient statement and don't see rice bran oil in their chorizo. There is NO oil.