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  1. I've never suspected I had any real food intolerance issues and and almost decided not to do the reintroduction (I know, shame on me). Well legume re-intro went perfectly fine but after corn tortilla chips I woke up with the worst headache I've had in ages. I feel tired, cloudy headed etc...nothing like the sub-Tiger Blood I've been experiencing in the past couple of weeks. I can't guarantee it was the chips but it seems more than coincidence. Do many people discover they have food intolerance only after doing whole30?
  2. Fast Track Reintroduction Confused!

    Wow! Thanks for the guidance! I wish you the best!
  3. Fast Track Reintroduction Confused!

    Oh I'm sorry if I'm rambling! Thank you for trying to help me:). I guess it's that the 2 year old in me feels she deserves a snowcone on Day 31 because she made it the Whole 30 days. I get why that would not be the right way to go about things and I won't do it, but I guess after a lifetime of celebrating things with sweet treats my brain is still hard wired for it.
  4. Fast Track Reintroduction Confused!

    I'm Day 27 and feel like I've reached several non-scale victories no matter what the scale shows on Day 31. I was late to realize about the re-introduction that is recommended and even though it makes complete and perfect sense (and I plan to do it) I have to admit that I'm a little bummed that in celebration of completing the Whole30 I get to eat peanut butter on Day 31. I don't mean that to sound snide. I get that improved health is way more important. But the food monster I've fought against and beaten for almost 30 days now is disappointed..
  5. Thank you for the encouraging post! I assume today is day 30 for you so congratulations!! My nausea did improve and meals are much easier to eat again. I'm on day 24 now and my energy is improved. Lots of cravings (and even dreamed about ritz crackers last night lol) but hanging in there and proud to have made it to this point! Best wishes.
  6. Thank you so much for the advice.
  7. For breakfast this am ate a salad with tomato and olive oil/balsamic vinegar and one of the salmon cakes whose recipe from the book. This went much better. Is it possible to develop a preference for uncooked or cold food during the course of Whole30?
  8. Thanks for responding. I am now on Day 17. My eating schedule hasn't changed much since I started. Breakfast at 630, lunch at noon and dinner at 6. My sleep wake cycle is about 330-830 and has been for years. It's not really feasible for me to fix breakfast for myself at 430 am as other family members are still sleeping in the house. My work schedule is such that I can't have lunch until noon. Yesterday am I did have coffee at 430 am, two egg muffins (egg, spinach, tomato) at 630am. Ate 1.75 and had to toss the rest due to nausea. lunch was egg salad w all compliant ingredients and 1.5 cups of fresh tomato. Side of cantaloupe. Best tasting meal in days. Maybe the cold? dinner was Melissa's chicken hash. Ate about 5 bites and just felt yuck. Ate the same dish a few days ago and liked it. Of course like 2 hrs later I was ravenous. Had some fruit (apple and pear) and a few pecans. drinks during the day - cup of coffee, 60-70 oz water and a lacroix which the book says is compliant.
  9. I know I need to keep eating but I'm nauseated with almost all of the meals now. Even ones I ate fine before. I feel like my body is tired of the food choices. Drinking water and coffee fine and no nausea with fresh fruit intake. Any advice?
  10. Kid bday party

    Day 10 yesterday and already starting to have some old cravings that hadn't been there in a while. Then I took my kid to a birthday party and the hot dogs, Doritos and cake were torture to watch. Had been running errands and was a little dehydrated and I'm sure that made it worse. BUT I didn't give in and have made it to Day 11. Good luck everyone out there!!