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  1. margaritagirl

    Chinese salad

    Thanks Shannon. I just looked at others, but this sounds better.
  2. margaritagirl

    Chinese salad

    I would like to make chinese chicken salad with homemade dressing. I'm sure the ingredients are simple but does anyone have a recipe? Thanks
  3. margaritagirl

    Roasted red pepper sauce

    Hi, you can have it cold, but I warmed it up and put it over the veggies they suggested. I also put some on chicken. My husband liked it. Try adding it to baked potato.
  4. margaritagirl

    Homemade mayo

    Hi, I read that you add a week to the expiration date of the eggs.
  5. margaritagirl

    salad dressing

    I want to make the Sunshine sauce for the Thai salad in the book. It calls for unsweetened sunflower seed butter. Is there a substitution for this? I just don't think I'll use it for anything else and wonder if buying the jar would be a waste. Any suggestions? Thank you
  6. margaritagirl

    Cold waxy coconut milk

    @SugarcubeOD thanks, but it's a white solid. The recipe from the book for 'Grilled Coconut-curry Chicken' calls for coconut cream. It says, the cream will rise to the top and become solid and the water is at the bottom. But in between is this thick creamy stuff I used the for curry. So, maybe I left the can in the frig too long. Just wanted to know if it was ok to throw out the solid white stuff that was the consistency of wax, at the top of the cream (then the water).
  7. margaritagirl

    Cold waxy coconut milk

    What is the 'waxy' white stuff when refrigerating the coconut milk? For recipes don't we use the soft white stuff under that hard stuff for curries? Toss the hard stuff on top? Sorry for all the questions as I'm not familiar with that milk. Thanks