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  1. @Rebecca001 I’ve never used collagen so can’t speak to that, any time I had leg cramps, for me I’m usually low on potassium so I would take that. We had a good day trip to see my family Saturday and the catering for the party had enough choices, so I didn’t feel deprived. I had salad (brought my own dressing), roast beef, potatoes and vegetables. Splurged on prosciutto and just one piece of salami (probably the only thing that had sugar in it). I had two white wine spritzers since my husband offered to drive the 3 hours back home! I live in Connecticut and they just move
  2. Wow @Rebecca001 that is fantastic! Good for you, that is a major change? Did you change your diet before you started running, or after?
  3. @SugarcubeODit was delicious! I used sweet potatoes, 4 hours on high in the slow cooker and just omitted the cilantro. Chicken was very tender and the potatoes didn’t completely fall apart and also thickened the sauce. Yummy and hearty for a cold day!
  4. I made the carnitas last month, they are great...I had so much leftover I actually have some in the freezer! I put in the slow cooker the Whole30 Chicken Salsa stew that was in my email box this morning! Super simple and few ingredients which I had on hand. Looking forward to having it for dinner!
  5. I’m feeling much better about the food, it’s getting easier. I do have a test next weekend, my great-nieces first birthday party, she was born right before the hospital and everything else was shut down last year! Wow what a year it’s been! It will be catered, so I have NO idea what’s on the menu. I’ll bring salad dressing and nuts, maybe a Lara bar too. I am also bringing a bag of food to my parents - GF bagels, chickpea pasta, jasmine rice and GF panko breadcrumbs. Did you find a taker for your cheese @Lorna from Canada??? That is so awesome @Rebecca001!!! Now that the food is
  6. Glad you had an enjoyable dinner and felt good! Poor Hubs though! Do you have a neighbor or relative to give your cheese to? I just gave two boxes of expensive GF veggie burgers (loaded with corn) to my kids-in-law. I hated the idea of throwing them out and they were thrilled. My pistachio experiment (meaning not eating any) is working great. I haven’t had any in over a week and my face is visibly thinner and I feel less puffy. Weird but they must be an issue for me. On purpose I have not stopped eating almonds or almond butter so I know it was definitely the pistachios. Th
  7. Congrats on your scale victory @Rebecca001 sometimes you do need that motivation or confirmation - like a report card! I do think it’s healthier to weigh less frequently, as we have been doing. It’s a challenge and work in progress, but for me less defeating then getting on the scale daily.
  8. LOL The turkey tenderloin with stuffing was delicious! I actually prefer the almond flour as a binder over bread. The stuffing also tastes good straight out of the pan. Wishing you very good luck with the dinner @Lorna from Canada if it were me and the food wasn’t appropriate I would just drink instead hahahaha
  9. Red wine is worse for me too. The white wine went down easy - I had 1/3 bottle mixed with seltzer and no headache or stomach issues so that was good. But definitely had a buzz going! And didn’t feel like working out of course, so took the day off and just lounging around on a grey rainy Saturday. My husband is making a stuffed turkey tenderloin - stuffing is chicken sausage, green apple, celery and onion held together with almond flour. I’ll make some sort of potatoes to go with and we will have a lot of leftovers.
  10. I’ve had a good week focusing on lighter meals - more salads for dinner and less snacks. And I worked out 6 days in a row - testing out those knees and all that jumping and no pain! Yay! Thinking about running (really it’s jogging) again once the weather warms up (I have a very long driveway so I don’t have to leave my property). I’ve determined that stevia gives me a headache. Not when it’s part of my protein drinks, but when I add it to my tea at night. It’s happened 3 times so that’s what it is. Done with that it doesn’t even taste sweet anymore. I missed the booze the m
  11. This made me smile! The issue for me isn’t so much the people pleasing, it’s the family gatherings and holidays steeped in tradition and all about the food - my family is Italian and German, my husbands is Italian. Food that I used to eat! I find that many people are not knowledgeable about hidden food ingredients, and don’t know (because they didn’t need to) that there is gluten in soy sauce or sugar in pepperoni! And overall, I think most people do not make simple food where you don’t have to “try” to be gluten-or-whatever-free. Lots of casseroles out there! The easiest for me, is in fact,
  12. Congrats on completing your Whole55 @Lorna from Canada!!!! Sorry you are not feeling well, hopefully on the mend and can partake in wine soon. You have really done a comprehensive analysis for your food behaviors and decisions, lots of emotions there. Very impressive. This is my issue...I’d like to get to that food freedom place, but I continue to find more and more things are or turn into “food with no brakes.” But it is hard to be so restrictive long term as I am “that person” that is hard to feed. Right now I am focusing on reducing portions, limiting snacks and I’m feeling bette
  13. @Rebecca001i know you are trying not to snack, but maybe you are hungry and that is what is keeping you awake? How about a cup of chamomile tea or warm almond milk and a small protein and carb snack before bed? Sounds like you are really active so maybe you are burning up those calories!
  14. NSV alert! I have several cardio kickboxing videos for my workouts and they always have one or two that do the modified low-impact versions for the parts where there is running, hopping or jumping jacks. Lately, I have been able to do it all with NO knee or ankle pain. Zero! Plus, I was having an issue with my right hip when lying in bed at night, I would start on that side and then have to flip over before I fell asleep. I realized today when I woke up on the right side that I can’t remember the last time I had the pain in my hip! Feeling a little stronger too. Yay!
  15. My Truly Hard Seltzer test went well. I only had one can and they have 100 calories and 1g sugar. My other choices in the “booze fridge” in the basement were hard cider (18g sugar!) and white sangria (22g sugar!) usually I mix the sangria with seltzer but I wasn’t ready for that sugar rush. I need a few cans to get a buzz where wine would make me loopy right away. I didn’t have a headache or sleepiness (like with the tequila). However I woke up a little sweaty in the middle of the night, which is not normal for me, so I am attributing it to that. We smoked a bunch of chicken legs y
  16. It took me two days to get over that one shot of tequila. I’m afraid to drink red wine, and if I open a bottle it’s too many glasses to save or finish. Before it was no problem giving my husband a glass and finishing the rest of the bottle! I am thinking about having a can of Truly hard seltzer tonight to see how that goes.
  17. Happy Saturday! Woke up to more snow for this seemingly endless winter! I have decided to do a “modified” nut elimination. My husband used to eat a lot of cashews (from a big jar on the counter) and we realized it gave him inflammation and pain in his hands, so we replaced them with pistachios. But I think they are problematic for me as far as weight loss (and maybe digestion too?) They have a higher carb count per serving 8g versus 5g for almonds. In the past, I’ve avoided them, but with no grains for Whole30, I ate quite a bit of them. Even with the shell on I can move through them pretty fa
  18. I read FFF for the first time in early January, so I should re-read it. I just did a 45 minute Zoom job interview and couldn’t wait to get back into my comfy sweats! I’d have a drink if it wasn’t before noon! Kidding...that shot of tequila last weekend will last me a while. I’m having chicken thighs and crunchy coleslaw for lunch. I do need to focus on less nuts so thanks for the feedback on how that has helped you @Rebecca001and @Lorna from Canada. It’s a sunny day with a break in the winter weather...until snow tomorrow. Happy Hump Day!
  19. I am trying to reduce the amount of nuts I hard without other GF snacks and junk food! Bought baby carrots and celery to try to have something to crunch on. My husband is missing his bags of potato chips - this has to be the first time he’s gone 6 weeks without them. He is muttering while slicing potatoes and putting them in the oven as I write this! And we are discussing buying an air fryer! LOL He made chicken soup over the weekend and I smoked some chicken thighs and we have leftover chicken sausage so it’s chicken 3 ways however we want to eat them this week!
  20. Dinner was delicious...and I did have a margarita, with only one ounce of tequila (believe me I usually use more!). I literally passed out on the couch while my husband watched a movie, woke up to go to bed and still slept all night. Also my stomach was bothering me. I am a little surprised at the effect, because I know it’s not the food. Glad I only had one drink!
  21. I’m thinking about making a margarita tonight, the other day I had grapes instead of wine! I am cooking Valentines Day dinner a day early, because I got these beautiful filet mignons at the meat counter on Friday and I like to prepare red meat within a day. Surf and turf - I am grilling shrimp and will make some garlic drawn butter. Plus sautéed mushrooms and onions and roasted potatoes - need to have some veg. My margaritas are just tequila, lime juice and lime seltzer, so no sugar but definitely alcohol. I’ll see how I feel later!
  22. @Lorna from Canadayou reminded me of an accidental non-chickpea-falafel-tasting meal I made. I had some ground chicken that I made into meatballs and held them together with egg and almond flour. First round I ate them with tomato sauce, but I had the leftovers in a lettuce wrap with my lemon tahini dressing and the chicken meatballs were sooo dry it was just like falafel! Non-vegan falafels without the side effects of legumes!
  23. Random question regarding canned soup. It’s always been difficult for me to find soup without dairy and gluten. One of my preW30 go-to soups was Amy’s organic vegetable soup - I have 10 cans in the basement from my pandemic stock up! But there’s corn in it. Thoughts on picking out the corn and then having the soup? Corn bothers me, but wonder how much of it gets infused in the broth. Ingredients: filtered water, organic diced tomatoes, organic carrots, organic green beans, organic corn, organic peas, organic spinach, organic onions, organic celery, sea salt, organic black pepper.
  24. Lorna! You are correct! Maybe it’s better I lost count LOL I won’t eat gluten or dairy even if someone prepared it. But now with W30 I actually avoided going to my sister-in-laws for a meal earlier this month so I wouldn’t have a conversation about what else I’m not eating. I am probably missing right now the most, jasmine rice and GF pasta, which actually doesn’t even taste that good! And the booze - I could come up with better reasons to drink than eat rice! Cheers!
  25. @Rebecca001The only S on the menu! LOL Thank you and I agree would make a nice pancake, I may try adding the raisins and coconut to my almond flour pancakes to keep it to one serving. I agree that all the paleo recipes have too much sweetener. The other day, I had one pea protein shake with stevia (which was fine) and then in the sprit of a reintro, added stevia to my tea at night and it was terrible! Tasted like chemicals and not sweet at all. Amazing what has happened to my taste buds!