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    christine19 got a reaction from tiffysquid in Let's Support Each Other — doing a January Whole30   
    Great to see everyone is making it through week 1 pretty well. My headache finally went away after 6 days and I slept a lot over the past few days. Not really missing the booze, probably because I really overindulged in December and need a break. We had a snowstorm Friday and the weather will be bad again today, so I did my grocery shopping yesterday and today is batch cooking so I have leftovers for the week - trying to keep this W30 simple by just mixing different meat, veggies and a sauce. My husband does not do the W30 but he will eat anything I put in front of him which is easy and then eats his bread or cheese separately, 
    Dinner last night was strip steak, sautéed mushrooms and onions and red potatoes. Plenty of veg is leftover. I made a breakfast casserole this morning with white potatoes, sausage, onion, pepper and eggs. At least 3-4 servings left for the week. I’m going to roast a bunch of vegetables (broccoli, sweet potato, cauliflower, pepper). Making just enough pork chops for dinner, but I will grill a package of chicken thighs this afternoon for to have with salad or leftover veg this week. 
    My favorite sauce to top chicken with is Sriracha Tahini dressing by Noble Made The New Primal. It’s W30 approved right on the label. They also make a great Buffalo sauce that I’ve had on wings and legs. 
    Hope everyone has a good Sunday! 
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    christine19 got a reaction from tiffysquid in Let's Support Each Other — doing a January Whole30   
    Hello everyone and welcome to all the newbies!  I’ve done several W30s since 2013, my last one was in January of 2021. Five years ago I stopped eating gluten and dairy, so I’ve never reintroduced those. Was doing pretty well until late spring and then went way off the deep end with too much junk food, sugar and booze. Gained weight but was still active until I started a new job in September and then my workouts stopped too. Feeling crappy, busting out of my clothes and a few hip pains returned that went away during my last W30. So I’m back to get re-set and rejuvenated….started on Jan 3 and I have had a splitting headache every day since  but that’s on me for too many GF cookies, potato chips  and wine over the holidays!

    Doing my batch cooking on weekends so I have lunch when I go to the office (3 days) and dinner when I get home late. Made Eggplant Strata from Well-Fed Cookbook to have for dinner this week which is hearty for cold weather and freezes well. Tonight was spaghetti squash and meat sauce and mostly grilled chicken breast, legs or thighs with veggies or salad for lunch. Need to plan to exercise this weekend. I also ordered the Humm kombucha on-line that’s W30 approved so excited to try that for the first time. 
    Hi @Rebecca001 good to see you here and I know those new to W30 will benefit from your experience, meal planning and  food combinations! Congrats on the new job!  
    Thanks for starting this topic @tiffysquid we got this!!!!
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    @christine19 sorry to hear about your friend. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating to be kind to yourself in these circumstances. You know how to pull it back if you feel that you need to. 
    I did R1D4 yesterday, it went well. I made some sofrito chicken which I had for lunch with salad and mayo, and for dinner I had a lemongrass Thai curry with coconut and cauliflower rice. Really tasty, lots of veg. I did only have 2 meals yesterday however. I find when I am not running that my appetite drops significantly. I am just going to follow my appetite and eat when hungry today also but if I continue not running then I will probably start enforcing the 3rd meal even if it’s only a small one. 
    I’m not running because of an ongoing painful hip, and while it is significantly improved it isn’t right yet, and I keep letting it get almost better then running on it when I actually need a few clear days before I resume. It’s ok yesterday and today, I have a fitness hiit class tonight and so I will see how that affects it, and may resume running. 
    today marks 9 months since I first started my first R1. To think on one hand I could probably count the occasions I have eaten non compliant food (if we don’t include wine!) in that time. I am really proud of myself. I wish I felt a bit more ‘tiger blood’ today to celebrate my achievement but anyway, I know I have done something really amazing for my health and the tiger blood will return. 
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    @Rebecca001 - those pics are amazing, you  must be so pleased! You definitely look stronger in the second set! @christine19 so glad you guys are getting your vaccines! I was volunteering at the health care workers vax clinic the last two weeks and people were saying the same thing about getting appointments! It's actually a great thing to hear because it means that there's a great demand and that a lot of people are getting vaccinated... it would be tragic if appointments were super easy to get because no one was booking them!
    Sorry I've been quiet on here - I haven't read a book or written in my journal in two weeks or really come on here - nothing poor to report, just not in the groove I guess
    I made what I like to call Reuben Rollups for lunch today - corned beef, local sauerkraut, horseradish mixed with mayo and the whole thing wrapped around a pickle... so good! 
    I realized that although I don't mind doing food prep, I'm going to try and make more 'assembly' lunches like the rollups. Every week I make a frittata for breakfasts and a supper thing for the week but this week I was quite surprised by how much my prep went down by not having to actually cook a lunch thing so I'm going to do a bit more work on getting additional ideas for that! I'm getting excited for the transition to spring/summer foods - I dumped out half a batch of soup I made last week because I just couldn't force myself to eat it... it was delicious but past the ability to freeze it and I think soup season is done for me.
     @Lorna from Canada - how are you doing? 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    Not sure if this is allowed but can’t see why not? These are my before and after photos. First set is July 2020 as I started w30 and 2nd is today. 
    I can’t believe the difference in my face and my arms! 

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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    Great news on the running and the jeans! Well done! 
    today I felt pretty rubbish. I was given a nice box of chocolates at work for helping with our Covid testing programme and after my having had some this week, honestly - they tortured me all morning. I’ve let the kids have some but the remainder is still there and I feel quite weak in it’s presence; I am repeatedly thinking ‘oooh chocolate’ then immediately going ‘nope’ (I’ve done this probably 20 times today) . I suppose in the interests of reintro I could have some although since having it before I’ve had quite a few unpleasant side effects - bad stomach, really hard work running, flare up of my ‘Covid toes’ and today a flare up in my toe/bunion pain which I have not had since July. I had a lot of tension in my ankles, so much so that I had a bath this afternoon and used the effect of the hot water to crack all my joints and try and loosen them up (horrible, I know!) - so I don’t really think I need to try it again to be sure, really. Dairy is not for me! 
    I am also really tired, this week has gone on forever and I need a good nights sleep! My dinner was amazing tonight; I did mash potato with a chicken casserole type thing with lots of veg, then drizzled a salsa verde over the top- it was so delicious! 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    I’m struggling a bit these last few days. I was finding myself feeling more and more tired and battling the sugar dragon a bit, then doing that annoying thing where I eat every single other thing available except sugar, (and obviously it does nothing for the dragon!) and so I went back to my rules where I did say that I would, if I found myself doing that, allow a non-compliant treat and really enjoy it. So I did; I had some milK chocolate. It was nice. It was a bit greasier than I remembered and not as rich and very sweet! It gave a weird sugar headache almost instantly which wasn’t great, 
    anyway, cue a really rubbish night. I couldn’t get to sleep, I woke several times early in the night and at 1am I woke up so drenched in sweat I had to change my clothes. Then today I’ve felt really flat and ‘meh’ with a dull headache. And today I could quite frankly eat anything and everything. Several times I’ve thought about having more sugar/choc and had to remind myself that I’ve felt rubbish all day. 
    So I think what we learn from this is that it’s probably not really worth it. It’s a shame actually because it did actually serve its purpose in one sense in that it stopped me rattling round the kitchen scavenging for goodies and instead I just sat and ate that one thing but unfortunately the side effects weren’t pleasant. 
    I cooked up a tray of chicken thighs when I got in from work so there is at least something compliant to see me through the evening. Not sure what’s for dinner tonight as I am running at 6.30 with my friend so I may just have chicken/salad for dinner after that.
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    I have seen a recipe with crushed up pork rinds as a crust, but we can’t get pork rinds here that doesn’t have msg in it and it seemed rather an effort to cook pork just for that purpose 
    they must be good because I got in from work today and my husband was eating one and he normally avoids my ‘diet food’ !! 
    it was actually the well fed cookbook that inspired me so great minds think alike @SugarcubeOD
    I would say though, don’t use large eggs, i’d use the smaller ones of the box if you can because they really are big. They slice in half well though but that does mean you have to share 
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    christine19 reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 2021 graduates   
    when I make them I use Mel Joulwan's recipe (but leave off the crust)
    Also, 'pellet' seems like an off choice of word since like @Rebecca001said, they're HUGE.
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    @christine19 they were so easy! Boil and peel some eggs, then I used 15% fat pork mince and seasoned it, and knead it with your hands so it’s not ‘mince’ any more but ‘purée’ (you could use a food processor) then get a handful of the meat and squash it into a round, put the egg in the middle and then use your hands to smooth the meat around, it is easier than it sounds. I made some seasoned coating with ground almond, coconut flour, and some milled flax and seasoning, and then sort of rolled the egg around in it to coat it. Then oven baked them, turn them a few times. 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    Good morning. I am so glad to see the back of last week. It dragged on and on and seemed never ending! Glad it’s Saturday. We had a glass or two of red wine last night and as a result I didn’t sleep brilliantly, but then I haven’t all week so it may not be the wine. I’m going food shopping today as the cupboards are Bare and I’ve had that annoying scenario a few times the last few days where there is nothing in the house I can eat. 
    aside from that I feel good today. Momentarily considered a weigh in but recognised that ‘ding ding’ - you’re using the scale to change the way you feel, step away! - which is a big thing for me. 
    no run today but I’m planning a day of chores and a hiit workout and then later on I’ll do a lovely long yoga session by the fire. we return to school full time next week (my kids have been anyway, but my teen daughter returns to college and I will be based in school instead of at my table) and I have 1000 Covid tests to administrate alongside my normal role so next week will be a stinker. Prep will be key for me; I’m going to make tubs of cauli rice, sweet potato, and meatballs which I will ‘mix and match’ into my breakfast and lunch 
    also, I made guacamole for the first time this week and oh wow, that’s very dh my featuring in my menu this week!! 
    have a great day 
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    christine19 reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 2021 graduates   
    Awesome, thank you! I wrote the meal plan in pen so I was hoping you said that!
    It was so beautiful on my drive to work this morning! There was a gorgeous blazing orange sunrise in my rear view mirror as I drove west and all the farms that I've missed because it's been dark on my drives were beautiful as the sun came up!
    I just discovered this morning that I'm down another belt hole for a total of 3 down since mid January.  
    In other also great news, I'm getting my Covid19 vaccination today as a healthcare employee (not front line or acute patient care but in an acute hospital setting). Has anyone else gotten theirs? Are you guys going to?
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    I’m a fair way off getting my vaccine. UK aren’t prioritising front line except medical and care Homes, but we are getting through the age brackets. To be honest as I have had Covid I don’t feel too concerned that I could get it again, but yes I will have the vaccine when it’s finally my turn. 
    @christine19 I had always been ‘on a diet’ doing eg. Slimming world and weight watchers, but in January 2018 I read The blood sugar diet which is a high fat/low carb Mediterranean style diet that focuses on calorie reduction and fasting as well. I went from 13 st 6 to around 11 stone doing that and started running at the same time (originally committing  to 10 mins a day every day in that January- which at the time seemed an unachievable goal, I was so unfit!). Last July I just got to the point where I wanted freedom from calorie maths and I really needed that lifelong way of eating rather than ‘diet’ mentality which is what brought me to W30. I have lost around a stone since then I think but as you know, it stops being about that doesn’t it? Which is good for me as my life has been about the numbers a lot. plus I look very lean these days- but those big muscles (quads, hamstrings, glutes) weigh a lot! 
    I like the paleo lifestyle, it’s very similar to those keto/Mediterranean plans and there’s a lot of crossover and this time I genuinely think this is the one for me. 
    I am a bit concerned about how I will manage when lockdown ends and suddenly ‘public food’ becomes a thing again though. 
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    Please let me know how the salsa stew turns out, it's on my meal plan for next week  
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    That’s great @christine19, I like those TotalGym things. We have a few pieces of exercise equipment and I must admit we don’t use them much because we just love the road! I only started running in 2017 (actually 1st Jan 2018) and before that I did nothing physical at all (in fact I smoked, drank, was a bit Post natal depressed and was about 4 stone heavier!) and even now I cannot believe how well I feel now. It’s genuinely changed my life. I hope your knees are ok! 
    Only 2 more days in my home office and I’ll be returning to work full time next week! So I am going to plan and prep some breakfasts and lunches over the next few days as they will be my real ‘danger zone’. Tonight we’re having the pork carnitas from the Well Fed cookbook which look delicious. I didn’t eat much veg yesterday and that’s my focus today as I was a bit protein heavy yesterday.
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    Today I have been SO HUNGRY!! I think the knock on effect of my long run on Sunday and a good few weeks of only eating meals and no snacks. I still didn’t eat snacks today but my meals were humongous and I could still eat now. I cooked a tray of chicken portions at lunch and I ate quite a few of them. For dinner I had salad and brined chicken from the Well Fed book (genuinely the most delicious tender chicken I have tasted in a long time) and I feel totally stuffed (in a good way) and above all I feel ‘refuelled’). I am mid cycle according to my health app and I also think it’s partly to do with that, I do find increased appetite around the time of ovulation. 
    I’m genuinely feeling really good at the moment, like I’m breathing fresher air and just generally buzzing on life! I’m running well and training hard, eating really well and I think fully starting to experience what it’s like to be nearly 8 months into this way of life now. 
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    Yes - but, trust me on this one, he isn't the only one who suffers through his gastric distress if you catch my drift (no pun intended!)
    Now you're making me think I should have brought the cheese to my sister! Brilliant in retrospect as usual. I could offer it to my daughter but she's eating more vegetarian these days in protest over factory farming so, I don't know if artisanal cheese made from happy cows would make her list or not. I only know 3 of my neighbours - none of them are home during this pandemic! They returned to their home countries around the same time I was returning to my home country from Australia a year ago. I could post on our condo's FB page to see if anyone wants unopened packages of cheese.
    THAT's an awesome victory Christine! WOO HOO look at you go! 
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    Well - dinner at my sister's is in the bag and I did okay! I chose not to drink - knowing I would be eating sugar, dairy and gluten for the first time since Dec 31 was enough. Didn't need to throw alcohol into the mix. I did very well - ate the compliant ingredient appetizers that I provided then filled my plate with roasted root veg and potato. The protein was a gluggy bread based stuffed pork chop of which I ate half. The kicker was dessert - she made my favourite raspberry pie and I had a very large slice. It was totally, TOTALLY worth it. I eschewed the ice cream (that was difficult to do with raspberry pie on offer!) and am really glad I did. 
    Overall I felt pretty good last night and slept soundly so am pleased with that. Hubs didn't fare so well - he indulged in the ice cream (first dairy for him since Jan 1) and was in terrible gastric distress. He knows from previous W30s that he's lactose intolerant - I suspect he's a slow learner . He's feeling better this morning and said his sleep was good as well so - we've survived. I have several unopened packs of cheese in my refrigerator (leftover from Christmas) - I'm not sure how to get rid of them since out foodbank doesn't take refrigerated foods. Eating them is increasingly out of the question given that both Hubs and I are lactose intolerant. Any suggestions? You should know that I HATE beyond HATE wasting food. I have a mini-meltdown when I find a half rotten lemon lost in the back of the fridge. SO, what to do with $50 worth of cheese? 
    I can't believe I haven't had any alcohol for 2 months - this is a very strange but I had no trouble saying no to wine yesterday. I trust myself to know when it will be worth it to have a glass - right now, it's just easy to say no.
    I hope everyone's Monday's are going well. I'm off to a good start - Happy March!
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    christine19 got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    Congrats on your scale victory @Rebecca001 sometimes you do need that motivation or confirmation - like a report card! I do think it’s healthier to weigh less frequently, as we have been doing. It’s a challenge and work in progress, but for me less defeating then getting on the scale daily. 
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    christine19 got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    LOL The turkey tenderloin with stuffing was delicious! I actually prefer the almond flour as a binder over bread. The stuffing also tastes good straight out of the pan. 
    Wishing you very good luck with the dinner @Lorna from Canada if it were me and the food wasn’t appropriate I would just drink instead hahahaha 
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    LOL - I read this and go "there's stuffing? How did I miss that???" Yes, that stuffing does sound delicious!
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    christine19 got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    This made me smile! The issue for me isn’t so much the people pleasing, it’s the family gatherings and holidays steeped in tradition and all about the food - my family is Italian and German, my husbands is Italian. Food that I used to eat! I find that many people are not knowledgeable about hidden food ingredients, and don’t know (because they didn’t need to) that there is gluten in soy sauce or sugar in pepperoni! And overall, I think most people do not make simple food where you don’t have to “try”  to be gluten-or-whatever-free. Lots of casseroles out there!  The easiest for me, is in fact, a party or lunch with catering, or as I like to say “component food.” Everything on the side, make your own Mexican plate, build a salad with toppings of your choice or even a sandwich and toss the cheese and bread.
    For me  “that girl” also means the person that everyone is worried about even though I’m not as worried as I know I won’t starve and always bring my own food. But, as we discussed before, people are weird about food, and if they are the one doing the cooking (and the pleasing) they get stressed. 
    It is great to have a group here that “gets it” I appreciate the support as we can discuss our challenges in a thoughtful way! 

    This picture sums it up for me today! 

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    christine19 got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    I’ve had a good week focusing on lighter meals - more salads for dinner and less snacks. And I worked out 6 days in a row - testing out those knees and all that jumping and no pain! Yay! Thinking about running (really it’s jogging) again once the weather warms up (I have a very long driveway so I don’t have to leave my property). 
    I’ve determined that stevia gives me a headache. Not when it’s part of my protein drinks, but when I add it to my tea at night. It’s happened 3 times so that’s what it is. Done with that it doesn’t even taste sweet anymore. 
    I missed the booze the most during Whole30, so tonight’s test is a spritzer, Italian Pinot Grigio with lime seltzer. Cheers! 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    @christine19 that’s brilliant. Great NSVs! 
    Saturday morning here and we drank champagne last night (just for fun as well, no celebrations!) as my husband was given it as a belated Christmas gift when he went into the office for the first time this year! So that was a nice treat, although I find this morning I am ravenous upon waking and have that slight hollow head and sloshy tummy feeling. I definitely definitely feel less yuck when I drink white rather than red though. 
    I’m planning a long run on Sunday (I set myself a mini target to run 21kms 21 times in 2021, which is once every 2.5 weeks so my next one is due!) - so tonight I will not be drinking as I am looking forward to heading out as the sun rises tomorrow morning. Big shop today, my well fed book finally arrived so I’ve planned a few bits from that and have my menu all sorted for the week. It definitely helped to plan and prep my breakfasts and lunches last week and that will become even more important after March 8th when we return to school and I am back in the office full time. I’m so excited for that though, I want some normality back! 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    And let’s not forget that when someone says ‘no thank you, I am trying to eat less X’ everyone looks down at their big plate of X and thinks ‘maybe I should eat less X too’ (and deep down they probably know it, especially if x is pudding) - but they haven’t done this process so it seems like a massive jump for them. They feel they need to defend their, and your, right to eat X. When people ask ‘but what do you eat??’ I do remind them that I came to this from a place of no dairy, very few carbs/rice/pasta etc, I’d done several stints of sugar free, I train daily, I do yoga daily.... this was a small step for me. Starting from scratch is a huge step. But I’m a bit like @SugarcubeOD in that if it’s me carrying the burden (wearing the swimsuit on the beach) then it’s me who gets to decide! My husbands family already think I’m bohemian and slightly deranged (“you don’t eat cheese? Or cake? But you’re so thin” <I’m not>)  so it’s very normal for me now; my own family are lifelong dieters and mum is W30, my niece is allergic to dairy and soy and my brothers family are all vegan so (if and when we ever can meet up again) I think we’ll all just bring our own food!! 
    anyway it’s Friday today! I got paid today! The sun is set to be shining (unseasonably warm here after our freezing few weeks). Our lockdown is starting to be lifted from 8th March. Last night James and I booked our summer holiday. Things feel, slightly, like they are improving. 
    I weighed  myself today also. I was 10st 2lb (142lb). End of December i was 10.7 so I have lost a couple of pounds but I have really tried this time for it not to be about the numbers. I have a long list of NSVs and the scales are going back in the loft again until Easter!