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    christine19 reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 2021 graduates   
    Our family has very little food tradition (save for Christmas baking) so I definitely don't envy you.. especially coming from and having relatives where food is love and there's just a complete delta between generations... not sure if that's how it is for you and obviously there's some stereotyping because I'm sure not every Italian family grandma is a 'feeder' but it's become a stereotype from a level of reality.
    I definitely enjoy this group.  I like hearing what people are working on, struggling with or winning at - we cannot as human beings have every experience ourselves so it's nice to be able to share with like minded people.  It's also nice to see where we might be having it easier than some folks in some spots or harder in other spots - it creates such a nice feeling of balance to hear our differences in how we interact with food.
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    Ouch, that’s not good @Lorna from Canada, hope that won’t set you back too much and will go as soon as it arrived once you reset. 
    I suppose the FWNB thing is that, if I use food to ‘solve’ a non food problem (like a dilemma at work, or feeling unhappy, or hormones) then any food could have no brakes, because the brakes I’m applying aren’t from satiety or being nourished, they are emotional brakes- so unless eating (the whole jar of) almond butter resolves the mistake I made at work or makes my kids behave better, they aren’t going to apply themselves no matter how satisfying/nourishing/compliant  the food is.
    I guess my point is that rather than me condemning perfectly innocent foods to the FWNB list forever, there comes a point where I’m forced to actually look at the braking mechanism itself and resolve the issue. And of course, that isn’t easy, or easily resolvable (like your poor mum and you, or the many other real tragedies we have to deal with in life) - but we can’t say that we only eat that way or turn to food in those extremes of circumstances. I find W30 really does help me apply those brakes, possibly partly because I feel so emotionally strong generally when I’m on it. But FFF rules aren’t so strict and it’s real life isn’t it- it’s given me a lot to think about because for me, a bit like Christine said above, I am moving more and more things to the ‘never’ pile and maybe not dealing with the real issue which is why they invoke the response. And for me, a big part of it is if I eat with no brakes on compliant food x, would I not have been better to have non-compliant food z and eaten it with some degree of self control. Would that make me feel better or worse? I don’t know as I haven’t tried it! 
    (although Melissa talks about Cadbury creme eggs a lot and I live only a few miles from Cadbury, we do chocolate well here.... so with Easter coming up.... maybe that’s when I should try out my theory!!) 
    also one thing I don’t have that you ladies seem to have,  is any pressure to eat from anyone. I don’t care if I’m ‘that person’, I will happily not eat at a party, or take my own food or say no to things. That must be a tremendous pressure for you both and certainly adds a new dimension. 
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    I agree with every word. The need to explore our emotional connection to food and the patterns of automatic behaviour that are associated with those foods is paramount and very difficult. 
    I think the W30 FWNB idea is related specifically to the out of control eating that supernormally stimulating processed Frankenfoods are designed to trap us into doing. Those food are designed to bypass feelings of satiation which is the mechanism that tells us we've had enough.  For me, a chocolate bar couldn't replace dates/nuts/coconut because I will always want more chocolate after one bar and, if there is more available - even so far as going to the market to get more, I'm absolutely going to eat that too. Once I've eaten the dates/nuts/coconut, I'm sated and feel too full to eat more of, well, anything. 
    But I overeat a lot of W30 compliant foods out of some deeper 'need' and not from hunger. For example, I cannot stop eating raisins once I've started - I will eat 2 cups in a sitting. Technically W30 compliant and not a FWNB but, I have no brakes when I eat them. I think the emotional eating thing is less about the food having no brakes and more about us having no brakes. And that expression: 
    is easier said than done. I know when my mom got sick, I reverted to a ton of challenging eating behaviours that had been packed up nicely and sent off to the attic for years and years and years. I felt like how I was eating was an out of body experience - I was watching myself do it somewhat helplessly. Strange times. Then the pandemic hit and another variety of strange eating habits erupted. It wasn't until Christmas time that the need to get back to myself was even accessible - I couldn't have done a W30 earlier than January 1 because of where my head was at. Such a strange time but indicative of the power of our minds and the power of habit. If I want the benefits of W30 (and I do!) then I have to stay W30 and trust the process.
    In other news - I woke up with right hip pain from my SI joint for the first time in 7 weeks! I can only think it had to be the oatmeal as that's the only thing that is different. So much for not needing a reintro period. Needless to say, I am off oatmeal again and am back on W30 for a few days to see if this settles. I am aggravated this week.
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    christine19 reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 2021 graduates   
    Same... I feel zero feelings of guilt or shame or a need to be pleasing to others around food... If I'm the only one that has to deal with the reprecussions of eating the item, then I'm the only one that gets to weigh in on the decision.  I get that is MUCH harder to do for some people - I'm not a people pleaser by any stretch of the imagination which I imagine makes it much easier for me.  
    I think the one good thing I can say to help others that have this struggle that comes out of my experience with being 'that person' as you say @Rebecca001 is that my friends still invite me around, my family still likes me and there seems to be absolutely no poor side effects from declining food or bringing my own.  Hopefully that helps those who struggle with this?
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    I was a bit better today, I ate more protein at my breakfast and added extra veg to my lunch. I don’t think it is hunger causing my sleeping issue as I have always had intermittent insomnia and it does come in ‘waves’ but I certainly have noticed that it gets worse when I’m all hyper on the tiger blood, which is definitely increased when I eat who knows?? 
    anyway, i’’ve had another good day today, my food’s been really good and again, no grazing or snacking. Made a really nice bbq sauce which I had with pork steaks and salad, and I have prepped some things for the next few days - boiled eggs, turkey meatballs, some roasted carrots in citrus glaze and a potato/mayo salad- which I will have for my breakfasts and lunches over the next few days 
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    christine19 got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    NSV alert! I have several cardio kickboxing videos for my workouts and they always have one or two that do the modified low-impact versions for the parts where there is  running, hopping or jumping jacks. Lately, I have been able to do it all with NO knee or ankle pain. Zero! Plus, I was having an issue with my right hip when lying in bed at night, I would start on that side and then have to flip over before I fell asleep. I realized today when I woke up on the right side that I can’t remember the last time I had the pain in my hip! Feeling a little stronger too. Yay!
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    @christine19 wow that’s some good NSVs! Especially the hip, because that will improve your sleep as well so that’s multi faceted. 
    I’ve been SO HUNGRY today, literally from the moment I woke up. I ate breakfast, then a huge dinner (I had two small leftover portions of a dinner, and I ate both!) and have just had a big evening meal as well. It coincides with me thinking I was looking quite skinny, so maybe that’s my body saying ‘nope, feed me!’ - but honestly I could have eaten all day if I’d let myself. I have stuck to my 3 meals though, even though they’ve been massive, and I did have some pineapple that was left from cooking dinner after my meal as well. 
    I’m not sleeping well at the moment; struggling to get to sleep (tiger blood I think, I felt it pumping around me last night) and then when I check my Fitbit in the morning I’ll have had ridiculous small amounts of deep sleep, like 12 minutes all night. I also have an unusual type of insomnia where I fall deep asleep for only a few minutes, then wake immediately and feel wide awake for hours, or even worse, I dream that I can’t sleep (I know, cruel right?!) and I’ve had that a fair bit the last week or so. I don’t know what causes it but it gets very wearing after a few weeks. It’s the one thing that’s never really improved consistently for me in all my W30 days 
    we were given our roadmap out of lockdown last night, and I must admit I feel a bit anxious about resuming normal life. I can feel my mother in law thumbing through her empty diary already, desperate to book us in to bbqs and family gatherings (big family of husband) and suddenly my nice little ‘food bubble’ could be under threat. Even more reason to get those rules done, and establish my ‘not worth it’ list! 
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    christine19 reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 2021 graduates   
    It's interesting hearing/reading this wine discussion.  I'm not a big drinker in general but previously did like to indulge in a bottle (or two) of wine with a friend or my sister on a sleepover night. And then I started to realize that usually within the first half a glass, I would get an aching headache that hung out down the left side of the back of my neck... it would pierce up behind my ear and generally make whatever fun we were having almost unbearable in that I wanted to take a handful of pain killers and go to bed... I want to say this never use to be a problem for me but it's possible that I just didn't put the two things together and it's always been a problem. So Ive switched my minimal drinking to craft beer and craft distilled hard liquor which doesn't affect me adversely like wine apparently does... total bummer because I have a wine fridge full of the good stuff but I'm sure @ladyshannywill work on taking that off my hands  
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    @SugarcubeOD I agree, I find with red wine the hangover actually starts as soon as I drink it. I was ok with white though so I will probably try that again to really test it out! 
    I’m feeling good today- despite not sleeping well this weekend- and was really feeling the flickering of tiger blood this afternoon! My 3 meals a day is going very well and I actually look noticeably slimmer and more muscular all of a sudden! 
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    Oh boy - I'm here with this wine discussion.
    On one hand, I already know what wine does to me thanks to previous reintroductions.  I wake up at 3AM with anxiety that keeps me awake for 90 minutes then feel like crap the next day. I know the science behind it (Gaba production and glutamate suppression and rebound - it's fascinating if you're interested in that kind of thing) and I know from previous reintros that I am super sensitive to that rebound in that I have it after one glass of wine not 3 or 4 like most people. 
    On the flip side, I'm an oenophile with extensive education in wine. I've travelled the world visiting vineyards and vintners taking courses and developing my wine knowledge. It's been a passion for many years. I have a very expensive cellar filled with some amazing bottles of wine. I love a lot of things but I love all of them better with a glass of wine in my hands  
    The thought of never drinking wine again is untenable.
    The thought of returning to anxiety fuelled 3AMs and their aftermath after many weeks of deep, restful sleep and anxiety free days is untenable.
    This is the one and only issue for my Rules that I can't yet come to terms with. I have avoided really thinking about this since my last W30 when I stopped my W30 to share a bottle of wine with my mom on a glorious spring day in May after she received the news that she had a brain tumour. But, that was 2 years ago and the decision is here to be made again. I'm avoiding it by staying on the W30 but it is coming for me.
    Oh boy -
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    Tricky isn’t it? More so than food I think, in many ways. I think I would genuinely miss having a glass of wine at times, and I also wonder if it would spoil events knowing that there would be unpleasant consequences to indulging (because that’s the alternative outcome of reintroduction  isn’t it? To say 99% of the time it’s not worth it but occasionally it is worth the consequences and then suffer them?) 
    I wonder if for me it’s the alcohol or the sulphites? Or both? interesting anyway, and food for thought. I’m drinking sparkling water tonight at least! 
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    I don't have any sugar cravings at all and have also reduced my nut intake since Jan 29 - all those veggies I've committed to eating don't leave much room for nuts. I may try a nut free week to see what happens. Hubs eats a lot of nuts as a snack and I've been making him spiced nuts to eat as a treat. I don't have to eat them though. I need to find my FFF book - I think it's buried or, worse, I lent it to someone long since forgotten.
    Do it - you won't be disappointed. We bought ours after Christmas and use it for everything! I have been very happy with ours. 
    LOL - yes, Hubs is missing his nachos, salsa and sour cream. We're fortunate to have partners who support us in these health ventures though. I know of lots of people whose partners refuse to participate and a few who actively try to sabotage. Mine's been amazing though these many W30s even though he has few dietary challenges. Right now he's eating W30 and having beer on the weekends. I decided to surprise him with grain free nachos, salsa and coconut yogurt for a Friday night snack. He can do the SWYPO - I'll be fine without.
    So, today is W48 for me - I am just coasting along here already thinking about 10 days from now and what the plan will be after our dinner at my sister's on Day29. I'm thinking I'll move into Paleo - I would like to experiement with SWYPOs and see how I do. Rules are coming - I'll have them ready soon.
    Carry on everyone!
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    @christine19 it’s interesting because I am reading Food Freedom and in it she gives alternative protocols for resetting based on different circumstances if you didn’t want to do full w30. For sugar cravings she suggests giving up all nuts, nut butter and fruit, which is exactly what I had found- especially during the long lockdown January I certainly replaced my ‘treats’ with nuts and fruit and I feel so much brighter without them. 
    I had quite a successful day yesterday but it was really hard while the kids were having their pancakes, and especially as I’ve been reading FFF so I was really in tune to the ‘do I want it?’ And all the mental deliberations. But no, I didn’t want one, didn’t have one! 
    today we’re having salmon with citrus glaze from the W30 book- I’d never really cooked much from there but this week I have done more and I must say I have really enjoyed the simplicity of the flavours.  
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    I have decided I’m going to drink tonight because I want to start my next w30 ASAP. Last week red wine made me feel yuck on Saturday so I deliberately chose a dry white, lower alcohol, and a soda water to make a spritzer. It’s end of term and my teacher friends are diving facefirst into Prosecco, gin and Dominoes pizza. Me? I bought 2 mangos to make a salsa and some strawberries and some almond butter (the AB will be on my ‘not worth it’ list from tomorrow, and if you’ve never tried it smeared on strawberries you haven’t lived). I chose not to buy nuts, but instead bought a small bag of posh, organic, veg crisps (chips) made of carrots and beetroot, olive oil, and salt. So.... yeah I could say they aren’t the wisest w30 choices BUT look how much worse they could be. They’re compliant. I feel it’s worth it tonight (god, this school term has dragged like Frankenstein’s monster  pulling a corpse behind him) and we’re human after all! My dinner will be steak, homemade chips, and  salad with mango salsa. 

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    christine19 reacted to becs in January 2021 graduates   
    It's been busy in here! I've had three very long work days, so no time for anything fun. Eventually things will ease up, surely. I have never been this busy at work...
    I decided not to do intros other than a bit of wine on the weekends, at least for now. So far the only non-W30 thing I've had was my 3/4 bottle of wine last weekend, and legumes on Day 31. I just don't feel the need to add anything back in right now. Maybe I'll end up doing the slow-roll approach. I don't know. I figure as long as I stick to W30, I can change my mind at any moment and jump into my next reintro day, which would be non-gluten grains.
    Hubby and I are heading up to the mountain cabin for our three-day weekend (Presidents' Day down here), and we'll definitely be popping a Valentine's Day bottle of wine. I actually don't "celebrate" Valentine's Day, but it seems like a good excuse for wine.
    @Rebecca001How did your yogurt turn out?
    @Lorna from CanadaHmm, what makes a food worth it? I've never experienced any drastic side-effects that would make me avoid a particular food group at all costs, so that wouldn't really play into it for me (if I had, the food would have to be DAMN delicious for me to eat it!). For me, I think the criteria would have to include some combination of the following: a) something special that only comes up during specific times of the year, like pumpkin spice latte in the fall or the Yorkshire pudding my family always has at Christmas; b) something that I eat with other people, since being in a group suppresses my urge to binge; c) something that I can't find outside of that moment, like a decadent appetizer at a fancy restaurant (or dessert, though I don't usually crave dessert); and, of course, d) something that I am REALLY excited to eat. The challenge for me will be to reevaluate "Is It Worth It?" with every single bite, rather than finish off whatever "it" is just because I have trouble stopping once I start. Like the wine last weekend - the first glass was totally worth it, but it went down-hill from there taste-wise.
    I am struggling with the scale. I need to remove it from my life again! I've resumed hopping on it every morning, and the number is making me angry. I NEED TO STOP!!!
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    christine19 got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    @Lorna from Canadayou reminded me of an accidental non-chickpea-falafel-tasting meal I made. I had some ground chicken that I made into meatballs and held them together with egg and almond flour. First round I ate them with tomato sauce, but I had the leftovers in a lettuce wrap with my lemon tahini dressing and the chicken meatballs were sooo dry it was just like falafel! Non-vegan falafels without the side effects of legumes! 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    Ooooh what is “family day”?? Never heard of that before! 
    @christine19 I suppose you could pick it out and see how you are after eating it? Of all the veg, you’d think corn kernels were the least likely to ‘leak’ into the soup - they aren’t exactly a mushy veg are they? 
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    A big halleluia from me! It's the time of year where I start noticing the longer evening and I feel brighter.
    I'm all for some SWYPOs in my post W60 life  My FWNBs are well known to me and they won't be SWYPOed in my diet - how do you SWYPO a jujube or a curly wurly anyway? My SWYPOs will be crackers (savory bisquit Rebecca!) since I know gluten free crackers are not that FWNBish for me - open a box of Ritz and it's a different story. So, I am totes with you on having a SWYPO treat now and again and that cake sounded delicious! Note to self for March 2!
    Your mood has improved Rebecca and mine has worsened - I hate everything today. Really really grumpy and so over this perpetual lockdown I could scream. Hubs is making me dinner and I think I will get to bed earlier as well. Hoping tomorrow is a more typical mood day for me!
    Where's @becs? How's the reintro going? Any new discoveries?
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    @christine19 I made it up myself, but I used around 120g ground almonds, probably around 50g of the spread, melted. Lots of cinnamon, few handfuls of raisins, some baking powder and 2 eggs. Oh and some desiccated coconut. It was a thick cake-mix consistency. A tiny sprinkle of salt can, oddly, give it a sweet flavour. Grease a tin and bake (you’ll have to judge that yourself, I put mine in next to my meatloaf so it was around 180c for around 25 mins). It was nice and I ate it still hot with some coconut cream. 
    I know it’s a SWYPO really, however if you decide you’re not (ever) eating grains or sugar again, then swypo is the only S on the menu so.... it’s got to do! I find there is an abundance of paleo recipes for baking however they all have honey, or “natural sweeteners”  in them. If you find compliant dried fruit you can chop up and add to the mix and make quite a dense fruit cake/tea loaf (soak the fruit in strong black tea for a while) type thing as well using a similar  base.  I did briefly consider whether I could have used the batter and made pancake type things instead (it’s shrove Tuesday next week!) 
    it’s Thursday morning here, (this has been the longest week ever!) and I feel a lot better today. Slept better. My meals are planned for the day and I’m going into school to get a big task signed off and off my desk prior to the half term break beginning tomorrow. 
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    christine19 got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    We made chicken wings on the smoker dressed in compliant Buffalo sauce (Noble Made brand) and turkey chili - my husband put mine aside and added beans to his! Missed the chips to dip a little but had it over cauliflower rice. 
    Thanks @Lorna from CanadaSomeday hopefully I’ll learn not to use the scale as a report card! #lifegoals 
    Had a good snow shoveling workout and more snow is coming tomorrow, so I’ll be back at it again! 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    The chicken in shallots was DELICIOUS, so simple and very tasty. I made cauli rice with coriander, lemon, spring onions and Brussels sprouts
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    Oh boy - those scales are such monsters! I think I am going to go the rest of my life without knowing what I weigh. I can guess close enough when I need to - I "knew", for example, that I have gained at least 30 lbs since the start of my mom's illness and I "know" now that I have probably lost around 10 lbs judging from how clothing fits and my loose rings. I am going to rely on this kind of knowing and the scale be damned. Seriously. 
    W30 trudges along here - we watched the Super Bowl last night without cheesy nachos or 7 layer dip. I didn't serve an extra veg with dinner (just the veggie laced gravy the lamb was braised in) so we had buffalo wing cauli and asian brussel sprouts with garlic beans for snacks. Worked!
    Today (W39) I am dealing with a client based in Australia who seems to have forgotten that not everyone is lucky enough to live on a sparsely populated, heavily regulated island during a global pandemic. Their global team is under-motivated and sluggish and they want me to find out why and get working on them!!! Their team is located in USA, Europe, China and India - ummm, all of them are in deep winter and mostly locked down either by government or their own self imposed rules with weak vaccination implementatin plans and no end to this pandemic in sight. Honestly - go get another glass of cab sav and have a wee sit by the pool and calm the hell down... usually by now I'd be into the wine myself but I am totally composed and dealing with this. No stress eating, no foraging for sugar, no baking - nada. I've been quite calm in dealing with them and measured in my response. Usually I'd be ready to club them! So - pretty happy despite it all.
    So - that's my win for the day. Coping with stress without medicating it with food is a big win for me!
    Keep making brilliant progress. I don't know what you'll land on around your issues @christine19 but it sounds liem you're asking the right questions and are paying attention!
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    Be still my heart! That photo becs! Thanks for sharing with us!
    This, as @christine19points ouit, is a key thing isn't it? I was working hard on my "what makes something worth it?" rules last time when my mom got ill and I abandoned it. This time around figuring that out is paramount for me. I realized I am undercounting my extended W30 days (I'm on W36 not W35 like I have been thinking) because I chose not to go off plan on the 31rst because I actually didn't want a glass of wine. So, indeed an interesting process.
    I've got a fresh bag of brussel sitting next to a handful of yellowing ones - I need to peel those and cook them before everyone starts walking!
    Definitely an issue for me - and Hubs too who is (was?) as addicted to popcorn as one can get. I blame sugar for waking me up in the middle of the night though and corn isn't THAT sweet so, for me, I think it's the work my gut must be doing trying to digest corn. We both have this problem with popcorn and plain nacho chips but not plain potato chips so we attribute it to corn. As a result, we limit corn consumption to height of season fresh corn in the summer as a rare treat.
    That's a big ole yes for me ma'am
    Everything is good on this end. I'm not as bored as I was a few days ago and I think I have a new definition of TB for myself - it's the fact that I don't feel "too tired to go to bed" - do you know what I mean? 11PM comes around and I go to bed because it's time. I'm not semi-passed out on the couch dragging my heels nor am I exhausted at 9PM and drooling during Murdoch Mysteries. So - TB it is!
    Alright - I have to run to a group session - I am the leader so I should probably be there  
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    christine19 got a reaction from becs in January 2021 graduates   
    In the spirit of reducing food boredom, I made a SWYPO breakfast - just one “compliant” almond and coconut flour pancake. My recipes either have stevia or honey and I made it without either. It was dry and underwhelming! No need to make another.  I was overzealous in buying veggies so also rushed to roast some Brussels sprouts this morning before they walked out of the fridge. Tonight is going to be one of those ugly, weird dinner nights @becs LOL there’s a random mix of leftovers from pork carnitas to grilled chicken to eggplant strata to zucchini noodles and now Brussels. 
    There’s a difference between not being allowed to have a drink and choosing not to have one! Mentally so much easier when it’s your choice! 
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    christine19 reacted to becs in January 2021 graduates   
    Good morning (afternoon), everyone! I got up early and started the day off with a sunrise run, and I'm ready to have a much better day than yesterday. I was planning on doing a sugar reintro today, but I've changed my mind. Maybe I'll add it to the end of my reintros, but for now I don't feel the need to bring sugar back, even for one day. I like my nutpod coffee and plain old tea - why mess that up by adding sugar?
    I made chicken/shrinp Laap (a Nom Nom Paleo recipe from the cookbook Ready or Not) for dinner last night, and it was so tasty and easy. I think I could happily live off of Nom Nom and Well Fed recipes for the rest of my life!