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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    @becs what an incredible view!! Glad you’ve had a better day. 

    I ordered a Well Fed cook book after reading about it on here and I’m excited for that to arrive. Today I’ve made a slow cooked curry with cauliflower rice and all the odds and ends of veggies from the fridge (mushrooms, onions, peas, potato) and it smells so good, I’m really hungry now! 
    you can tell I am feeling on fire today as I was supposed to be taking a rest day, so no running - but I did instead a 40 minute arms and abs workout while watching tv. Tiger blood I think! 
    james and I have been discussing the weekend and the likelihood of us having an alcoholic drink- hmmmm, I keep thinking yes, then no, then maybe. Haven’t made my mind up yet! I think because I feel like I’m not quite ready to burst the bubble yet and although I fully intend to stay 100% on plan with food, alcohol makes it not officially W30. Watch this space, let’s see what the weekend brings. Although being ‘allowed’ a drink somehow makes me want one less! 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    I’ve had a really good day today. I’ve really focussed on protein and veg, 3 meals, pre-run snack,  and lots of water. Our dinner was chilli stuffed peppers, with salad. I’ve ordered the Well Fed cookbook which someone mentioned on here the other day so hopefully I’ll have done new recipes to try next week. 
    @christine19 thanks for the tahini recipe. Sauces/dips/dressings are one thing I’m not very good at, I am definitely open to any suggestions if you have any to recommend. 
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    christine19 reacted to becs in January 2021 graduates   
    Happy February, everyone! One month closer to Spring. I feel abnormally full this morning (and really tired). I don't think I can blame it on the legume reintro yesterday, though. I had peanut butter and hummus (regular servings of both), and skipped the planned bean dip since I didn't actually want it. I did have a pretty filling/fatty dinner last night, so maybe that's the cause? Nom Nom "Weeknight Meatballs" over zoodles sautéed in olive oil with avocado and a bit of W30 Caesar dressing. 
    As for the legumes, my conclusion so far is that they shouldn't pose much of a problem if I come across them in the future and decide to indulge, but they won't be a regular part of my diet. I can see myself saying "yes" to a delicious-looking hummus at a fancy/ethnic restaurant, but if I'm gonna dip my veggies in something at home, I'd much rather use guacamole.
    Next up is sugar on Wednesday (not a lot - just sugar/honey in my coffee/tea and maple chicken sausages for dinner), then wine on Saturday. My plan is to buy one semi-expensive bottle of wine to drink with dinner, and share it with my husband. I'd love for half a bottle on Saturdays to be the norm for my "regular life" alcohol consumption. The trick is not to move on to other alcoholic beverages after it's gone...
    @Rebecca001I'm not surprised you were ravenous, either! That is not a lot of food. Nice work NOT breaking down and eating something off-plan while you were at work.
    @christine19The scale can definitely be demotivating. Stay focused on your NSVs! Are you going to stay off it for February, as well? I got on this morning since I want to see what happens to my weight during reintros, and the 1.5 lb gain made me grumpy. That hunk of metal and plastic has way too much influence over me. After it's all said and done, I'm going to limit myself to weighing once a week on Fridays.
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    I have a love hate relationship with my scales. I lost 40+ lbs a few years ago and then have kept it off through basically very rigidly controlling carbs and running a lot. I then lost 11lbs doing my first W30 and that freedom from the scales was incredible both during the 30 days but also for a long time afterwards. This w30 I’m not sure I have lost any weight which I think is why I’m reluctant to find out! The stupid thing is, I am pretty much ‘at target’ now and have been for a long time and my weight is a fairly static, and to manage to maintain this without ‘dieting’ at all and eating so well is incredible. But the scales always call to me and because my natural weight is just slightly over 10 st, I’m always chasing those last 2/3 “vanity pounds” to take me into the 9’s... I would love to get rid of my scales and be free! 
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 2021 graduates   
    So - here I am Day 32 of W30 - and, on one hand it's perfectly easy and almost natural to be carrying on but, on the other, it's a bit boring too. Feels like Day 22 all over again  So, I wandered over to see what you guys were up to! Looks like I have a must try eggplant dish on my horizon. I can't blame my W30 meh's on lack of interesting food - we eat amazing meals - tonight's beef curry on sweet potato oven fried cubes was delicious. So - it's not boring meals - maybe a bit of S.A.D. percolating up despite being quiet in January? I'll have to see what the ground hog says tomorrow - maybe that'll lift me up a bit.
    @becs sounds like another reintro of legumes might be in order? I had to give them up straight away for the bloating and fatigue I experienced from eating them. It wasn't as bad a reaction like I had reintroducing wine and sugar was but it was pretty clear that they were having an impact. 
    @christine19 Ugh - I hate the scale - it's such a beast. I have managed to stay off of it since the post-W30 weigh in after my first W30. I don't know why I suddenly realized I didn't want to weigh myself any longer even though I had lost 11lbs and was feeling right chuffed. Maybe that was it right there - my mood elevated by a number. Anyway - good luck with the struggle - it is a real one.
    @SugarcubeOD You're almost done - what's your post W30 plan this time around?
    And thanks @Rebecca001 - the 7 veg/ 3 fruit (total incl use in cooking) challenge is a good one for me. I'll get my 50 veg a week in and limint my fruit intake. This gives me something to focus on while I stay the course with W60.
    Keep working hard and keep posting!
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    christine19 got a reaction from becs in January 2021 graduates   
    @becs I think I will try to stay off the scale until mid-month. I have a doctor appt on the 25th which will be virtual but I’ll probably weigh in for that. I feel like the next 2 weeks should bring more results and NSVs...30 days is not enough for me...need to stay on the course! 
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    christine19 reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 2021 graduates   
    Interesting.. I've never eaten anything 'parmigiana'... that seems strange to me now... but yours sounds great and I like the combo of pork and chicken!
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    @becs if you want hummus but not chickpeas, you can make a dip with just tahini and lemon juice, loosen it up with a bit of water and you can either dip veggies into it or drizzle it on eg chicken, salmon or cooked veg. You’d never know it wasn’t real hummus. You can also add it to mayo in equal quantities and use it that way; I made a sort of coleslaw with it a few weeks ago which was really delicious. Which also reminds me I was going to do a potato salad with it too and forgot! 
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    christine19 reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 2021 graduates   
    It 'gets better' the next day (and the third day is amazing) but it's still darn good straight out of the oven the day you make it! I modified the recipe for time... If I can remember, I don't do the cooking of the tomato stuff and then wait around for it to cool before mixing the egg in... I just reduce the tomato stuff by a bit... I've done it both ways and honestly I'm not sure there's a huge difference gained for dirtying another dish and the extra time it takes... 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 2021 graduates   
    Now those who started 1st Jan 2021 have (almost) graduated, here’s a chat thread to continue our journey through reintroduction (or not) and beyond....! 
    See you on 1st Feb!