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    christine19 reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 1st Start Date!   
    good work!  I like my own roasted potatoes much more than a frozen french fry also... I've been doing 'oven fry' experiments to try and get the crispiest oven fries using only potato... to soak or not soak, to pre cook or not pre cook, to dust with starch or not... So far the ones I just soaked in hot water and then dried and oiled tasted like the best potato I'd ever eaten in my life but they were not even remotely crispy so... LOL!
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    christine19 reacted to becs in January 1st Start Date!   
    Thanks for the tip! After several Whole30s, I definitely have no problem with fat in my diet. I am eating generous servings of homemade mayo, avocado, and healthy oils. Heck, I even sneak in some clarified butter/coconut oil into my coffee on occasion.
    Regarding Lara Bars and similar compliance treats, I just read an e-mail from Melissa this morning about whether or not you're "cheating" if you eat them every day. In a nutshell, her answer was no, it's not cheating if you're eating compliant foods. However, it's definitely not encouraged, and you should dig into why you feel the need to eat them every day. As for commercially prepared treats, I honestly don't remember that section in the book! I know you're not supposed to eat junk food made from technically compliant ingredients (like paleo pancakes), but the whole thing is a grey area - I would definitely consider Lara Bars more junk than not, but they are allowed. For me, if a commercially prepared food has compliant ingredients, I will eat it. I've even done a Whole30(ish) where I didn't care too much about the extra sugar in things like breakfast sausage or sriracha, and it was wildly successful. Of course, I don't have a Sugar Dragon. My Dragon only wants salty junk food!
    @Lorna from CanadaYOUR BEACH HOUSE IS AMAZING!!! Congratulations! PEI sounds so romantic to me. Just the name takes me back to my cozy reading nook when I was 13 and obsessed with Anne of Green Gables. You can save the champagne celebration for your first visit (assuming that, like here, you have a 30-day escrow period), and enjoy it on that fabulous deck! The sunroom makes me swoon, too, along with everything else...
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 1st Start Date!   
    That’s really interesting, thanks all. Definitely food for thought! I haven’t had those raw bars (yet) they don’t really appeal to me, but was just wondering. I haven’t reintroduced sugar since my July whole30, literally I had 1 choc and a piece of cake at Xmas and that’s the only grain of sugar that’s passed my lips since 20th July. (Massive sugar dragon though, he is still lurking every day!) I was just wondering regarding the commercial products vs homemade because it surprised me that they make products and mention them when they don’t advise them. 
    I read that email too @becs and I suppose as a lot of people are coming to the end of day 14 there will be others feeling the same as me: tired, work’s picking up, days are long and cold, and it’s nearly the 3rd alcohol free weekend! I think maybe I’m just feeling a bit melancholy 
    I will continue reading labels though, maybe I will find a few more things that are compliant that I can use to liven up my menu a bit! My daughter and I were both home working today and for our lunch we made loads of chunky chips/fries, after the posts on here the other day, and dunked in homemade mayonnaise for a bit of comfort food on this dreary day. 
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    christine19 reacted to SugarcubeOD in January 1st Start Date!   
    Haha! I wish! Unfortunately there's no secret button for us that makes the entire journey easier... it does help to be on here helping other people but you don't have to be a 'staffer' to do that so...
    I'm doing okay! Coming off a habit of having something after dinner so that's a bit hard to break but if I ask myself if I'm actually hungry or just grieving the loss of that habit, the answer is pretty clear.
    The one thing I LOVE about Whole30 which I always experience right away is the feeling of extra brain space that I get when I don't have to 'debate' food. There's no 'but I already ate a _____' or ' I deserve ____'.  If it's not Whole30, there's no argument and if it is Whole30 then again, no argument... it really does free up a lot of thought capacity for me!
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 1st Start Date!   
    I did know that about the baked goods and I know I would not be able to resist them so I’m glad they’re out. I do have some really good paleo bake recipes for after the 30 days though! It’s certainly a lot easier navigating this as I never leave the house except to pick the children up from school and to go for a run, so no meals out of the home to deal with. 
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 1st Start Date!   
    DAY 14! A BUSY work day for me - back to back clients from 11 AM through to 8PM - why do I do this to myself??? No clients tomorrow though so I am going to spend the day planning my furnishings for my NEW BEACH HOUSE!!
    WE GOT IT! We survived 2 bidding wars each with 3 offers - what a thing to endure! If you are super nosy like me or just into real estate (also me), here's the agent's youtube video - won't be up long now since it is SOLD!! TO US!!! YEAH!!!
    Sad thing was we couldn't even celebrate with champagne  - not gonna lie - tea doesn't quite cut it as a celebratory beverage!
    Off to work - hope eveyone is having a great day 14! What are our plans for celebrating HUMP day tomorrow???
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    christine19 got a reaction from becs in January 1st Start Date!   
    I find if I put a wedge of fresh lime in my seltzer it makes it feel like a cocktail!  also, compliant Kombucha is allowed (with fruit juice but no added sugar) I had a little yesterday and it hit the spot! Good luck and enjoy a weekend away! 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 1st Start Date!   
    They are so much nicer if homemade as well. I do sweet potato with rosemary and garlic and bake them til they are almost overdone, they go all sticky and stodgy! 
    I’m really craving ‘something’ today but I don’t even know what. Carbs probably. I feel quite restless and keep wandering into the kitchen. I forgot to take the meat out of the freezer for our dinner tonight too so I will have to improvise and I was really looking forward to my planned meal so the replacement better not disappoint. I had some minced lamb to make some koftas for lunches but I think I will make those for dinner tonight- I need a spicy kick! 
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    christine19 reacted to becs in January 1st Start Date!   
    I second the request for the buffalo cauliflower recipe from @Lorna from Canada. I need to up my veg game, as well!
    The Whole30 Day By Day book talks about turning challenges into opportunities. I'm nervous about my weekend in the mountains, mostly because I associate trips up to the cabin with drinking wine on the deck! The opportunity I see is to research and experiment with fun mocktails to replace my beloved wine. Perhaps a splash of juice in a glass of La Croix will make it feel special. Anyone have any favorite W30 mocktail recipes?
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 1st Start Date!   
    Good luck with this Becs!. We have an Airstream parked in a winter campground and I associate our weekends with Friday night wine and cheese so I totally hear you on this one. We make do with tea - lots of pots of tea.  
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 1st Start Date!   
    As requested - Buffalo wing cauli is super easy (I know this for a fact because Hubs makes it and he is no cook)
    Cauliflower florets - I like them smallish - 2-3 cm/1 in in diameter approximately.
    Drench thoroughly in beaten egg (nothing added)
    Drench again in almond flour seasoned to taste with garlic, onion and chili powder. We have tried other gluten-free flour blends but almond flour is hands down the best for this
    Spritz with avocado oil and get them into an air fryer. Depends on the AF but ours takes about 15-20 minutes at 400F
    Dipping sauce:
    Homemade mayo laced with compliant hot sauce, lemon juice and chopped cilantro to taste (my homemade mayo is just egg and oil - no acid so you ay ot need lemon juice)
    That's it. 
    Oh - and here's a photo to get you motivated (I, like I said, prefer the smaller florets at the back):

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    christine19 got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in January 1st Start Date!   
    Ok so I’ve been avoiding the 3 bags of “natural”  French fries in my freezer that I nearly forgot I can make my own! Thanks for that reminder! I have been eating sweet potatoes but woohoo I have 3 russet potatoes to make with cod tonight. So I’ll have fish and chips too!  @Rebecca001
    I feel better today, I think I too was not eating enough carbs and had butternut squash soup yesterday and some red grapes (eating the wine!) is the tiger blood peering around the corner???? 
    Plus I thought for a minute today was the 12th and now I’m excited that it’s the 13th! It’s almost Whole30 halftime! 
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 1st Start Date!   
    Hubs likes to point out that, with no wine or beer in the fridge, at least there's lots of room for all the veggies! 
    Dinner tonight is salmon and we had kippered herring as our protein for lunch so I guess this is fish day. We're both working big days with back to back meetings so we're not very active today. These are good days for fish because it doesn't fill me up and hold me either.
    Veggie things I LOVE about doing a W30:
    endless oven fries of both kinds of potatoes - so good.  fried onions. Oh how I love fried onions! And they are a veg! buffalo 'wing' cauliflower - hubs has mastered this in the air fryer - egg wash coated in seasoned almond flour and avo oil in the AF - man oh man that's delicious dump trays of veg in the oven - only wish I had some fresh thyme and/or rosemary to add to it.  mayo-based dressing - I'm going to go make something right now. Alright - day 12 is almost in the bag... looking forward to a quiet evening!
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 1st Start Date!   
    We had fish last night too, there’s a theme! We had salmon with stir fry veg and a tahini and lemon sauce. 
    sprung out of bed this morning at 5.40, this isn’t always a welcome side effect of w30 for me. I feel like the quality of my sleep improves but the length of time I sleep for doesn’t. I don’t feel tired though, so must have slept enough. 

    today it’s another busy day of working (from home). I forgot to get the meat out of the freezer for our dinner tonight, so may have to change my menu around. 
    @Lorna from Canadayour buffalo cauli sounds good, could you share a recipe please- and yes  I am totally with you on the veggies! I love being ‘allowed’ chunky chips (fries) with meals after years of low carbs! I’m not very imaginative with veg though and I’m not good with dressings etc, I really should experiment more. 
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 1st Start Date!   
    OMG - ALL of THIS to the MAX! The strict observance and judgement of everything that goes into or near our mouths. During this 4th W30, I notice I trust it more which may be why I am feeling more full? I don't have to overeat because I know that more goodness will come my way when I need it? But I have many decades of disordered eating that get in the way and are hard to undo - indeed, I hold the weightloss industry responsible - there has never been balance for me until Melissa came along and said - hmmm, what if we just ate food?
    The successful purchasers have backed out so we're back in the running! This is nerve wracking! Hold my wineglass!
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    christine19 got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in January 1st Start Date!   
    Sorry about the beach house, hope you find another and by the summer you can hopefully enjoy that wine as you relax by the water! 
    52 portions of veg is truly brilliant! Great job! 
    I’m ready for the downhill slope! Let’s do this!
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    christine19 reacted to becs in January 1st Start Date!   
    Sounds like we all survived the weekend! Rock on!
    This W30 is zipping along for me, as well. I didn't have any Wine Dragons breathing down my throat this weekend, which was awesome. I have a ton of food prepped and waiting for me in the fridge and freezer, so I'm feeling pretty prepared for the week. My husband and I are going up to the mountains this weekend, and I'm a little nervous about that, but I have enough pre-prepped food to bring with me, so it shouldn't be too difficult. 
    NSVs: Hubby commented on my much-improved mood as of late, which is awesome! Somehow outside validation is so much sweeter than internal validation. I know a lot of it has to do with me getting back into running (exercise ALWAYS improves my mood and keeps depression at bay), but I think the W30 has something to do with it as well. I also feel like my eyelids are a bit less droopy (maybe that one is in my head?), and my clothes are starting to fit better. Now I just need that Tiger Blood to kick in...
    Days 10 and 11 are supposedly the hardest days - looking forward to the downhill slope!
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 1st Start Date!   
    DAY 11! Who is up for socially distanced, hand sanitizer and mask wearing HIGH FIVES??? Look at us go! 
    The wine whiner is slowly accepting its fate. Stressful day today - we lost our bid on our PEI beach house -  and that could have gone down a little easier with a glass of something amazing from South Australia's Barossa Valley... but, we got through it.
    I think I have hit this place before where I am not very hungry during the day and I fill up quickly at meals. I am not here to lose weight (although I have some covid poundage to shed) so I wonder if I am getting enough calories. It does tell me that a lot of the hunger I experience when I'm not doing a reset are unnecessary.
    That's it for me - on to day 12. This is zipping by for me - how's everyone else doing?
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    @Rebecca001 yum your meals sound delicious! I made Turkey chili yesterday - split it in half and added beans to my husbands pot! Having it right now for lunch with cauliflower rice and avocado. I think chili is delicious with sweet potato too! 
    quote of the day “people are weird about food”  
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    I find that when I bring things to work that were leftovers from the night before or from a meal prep it reduces the comments... Like... no one would comment on something like this because it just looks like 'food'... really really good food!
    Not to say that you can't have salad or that you deserve people to be judgey but it's something to consider that for some reason if food looks less like 'healthy veggies' people seem to comment less... just something I've learned.
    ALSO, you don't have to justify anything girlfriend! You decide what to wear, how to do your hair, where to live, what to watch on tv... and what to eat... none of that requires justification to anyone, certainly not work folks or anyone that is not directly impacted by what you choose... and it's GREAT that none of your work people are directly impacted by what you choose to eat
    I get that it's hard... people are weird about food. 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 1st Start Date!   
    People are very weird about food, you are right. I think people want a ‘magic bullet’ but when you say ‘here it is’ they cannot bear the thought of this (miserable?) life without junk food. I think also, that because I am slim, people feel that they can comment freely on what I eat, whereas when I was 3 stone heavier they wouldn’t have done that. But the reason I am slim is because I eat like this! I rarely talk about food by my choice, but people ask, and then it’s really hard not to say isn’t it? I think we just have to quietly nod and smile! I have very vocal in-laws as well so I get it from family all the time. Ironically many of them have long term conditions that would really benefit from a whole30!! 
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    christine19 reacted to Rebecca001 in January 1st Start Date!   
    @christine19well done. That just shows why it’s so important to clear the cupboards and make sure there’s things in for emergencies! I find sometimes when I have one of those days, I wake up the next day feeling v really refreshed and motivated. It’s like it’s a mini hurdle to cross. 
    I looked back over my week last night, I know technically it’s more than a week, but I like to reflect on it and set goals for the week ahead. My food had been good but I had been having too much fruit I think, and nuts, so I’m going to try and cut right back on both this week. I cannot buy almond butter again, even pure almond as it is just food with no brakes for me. Good things last week were: I aimed for 50 portions of veg in the week and I managed 52, so that was brilliant. I exercised every day, slept better and my skin is looking clearer and brighter. My food was 100% on plan too although I think I eat too much sometimes and eat when I’m not hungry/clear my plate so again, I’m going to slow eating down and really listen to my body before eating. 
    today I had salad with cold potato, spicy tuna mayo and a roasted tomato and tarragon bake I made yesterday. Then dinner tonight is chilli con carne (with no beans) and sweet potato baked like a cottage pie (sounds weird I know!) with veggies and salad. I am very hungry right now waiting for dinner, as I didn’t eat breakfast today as I was in work, and grabbed lunch at 2pm when I finally got a break. 
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    It is so nice to see a lot of people doing this. Well, good luck to y'all.
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    I found the same with split peas, I was so pleased they were allowed this time, just really to get an additional protein source for variety. I bought yellow split peas and exactly as you all describe, I had terrible bloating and stomach pain. Then I remember that actually I’ve always had this with peas and beans; I used to follow a Mediterranean style diet and could never eat lentils etc on that! I can manage green peas though and I find them really a good addition (eg crushed peas with fish is delicious, and you can make a pea And ham soup with them that’s really nice) 
    today I really must go to the supermarket, I got sidetracked yesterday! Batch cooking, tidying up and chores is the order of the day, plus hopefully a run later. 
    @Lorna from Canada I am so sorry about your mom.
    @50andstillhere it can feel a bit lonely doing this plan, can’t it? I think people think it’s very extreme (most traditional diets here like weight watchers etc all allow treats) and my ‘diet friends’ are terrified of largely. It’s hard to justify why I’m eating this way without other people feeling like I’m criticising they way they eat so I tend to just eat my lettuce leaves quietly and not say anything! 
    one thing I will say though is in a few days when the tiger blood really starts kicking in you will want to SHOUT from the rooftops about how amazing  you Feel! 
    have a great day everyone! 
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    christine19 reacted to Lorna from Canada in January 1st Start Date!   
    I love my W30 Day to Day book - Day 9 (yesterday because today is day 10! 1/3 of the way through! WooHoo!!) talks about practicing what to say to people about how you're eating and why. In normal times that was good advice but, gee, I haven't needed it this time around! The only person I see is my youngest daughter who lives near us. She's done 3 W30s as well so I don't have to explain it to her!