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  1. @farrellcat Thanks for the tips, I hadn't thought to use coconut water.
  2. I just ran a half marathon a few months ago (the race started in the morning) and I felt fine afterwards. But two nights ago I did a 20 min jog then 20 min walk at 6pm and felt terrible. You'd think a 13 mile run would be more nauseating than two miles, but it was just the time of day. So strange.
  3. I've been playing sports and working out for most of my life (I'm 26 and in pretty good shape). I've always had low blood pressure and my blood sugar fluctuates a lot, but there's nothing actually wrong with me. If I workout in the morning either on an empty stomach or with a snack before I feel fine. But, anytime I workout at night -- easy exercise or hard exercise -- I feel nauseous and weak about 30 minutes afterwards. It doesn't go away unless I go to sleep or eat a simple carb like toast and jelly and a rice krispy. Then I feel better. I've tried eating hard boiled eggs and turkey and guacamole based on Whole30 recommendations and it does not work. Does anyone else have this problem? I've had it for years but doctors never find anything wrong with me. Some days I can't make it to the gym in the morning so this frustrates me. Thanks.