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  1. Starting today!

    I am so sorry I've been MIA!!! congrats @Alisha Alexander and @SarahSun !!! I am so happy we made this journey together. And wow - sounds like you both had some amazing results as well! I weighed and measured and... my results were not very dramatic at all, haha. I lost one pound (yes, one pound) and just around an inch with all measurements. Granted I did measurements and weight while on my cycle again (I seriously had the worst timing with my cycle for this - started the first week and last week of the 30 days :/ ), so might have been a bit bloated but still don't think there was a whole lot of weight/inches lost for me. Which is frustrating, but with all the other health benefits I got out of it I'm not getting too down about it. Here are the main benefits I got from doing Whole 30: -better sleep -healthier hair and skin - even energy throughout the day -an entirely new perspective on my eating habits, which continues after whole 30 -no longer require alcohol at the end of the day to wind down (this is a big one for me) -an ongoing journey to better health Here are the foods I relied on most during my whole 30: -eggs (of course) -potatoes and yams (my husband and I both discovered that we loved mashed yams) -spinach, kale, chard (for sauteed greens) -coconut oil and ghee for cooking -garlic and spices for seasoning -almond butter -berries (for "dessert") -avocado -homemade mayo -frozen hamburger patties My favorite meals: Breakfast - sauteed spinach and garlic with fried eggs, salsa or tomato slices, and avocado plus iced cold brew coffee with nutpod cream for beverage Lunch - salad greens, tuna salad (canned tuna, homemade mayo, chopped onion and bell pepper), olives, tomato, avocado, drizzle of olive oil and lemon Dinner - Steak, mashed yams (yams, ghee and coconut milk), sauteed kale seasoned with red wine vinegar Some things I learned: -meal prep is incredibly important (yes I heard this beforehand but you don't really realize it til you are in it!) - slow cooker is super helpful for this -healthy fats are very necessary - days I didn't consume enough healthy fats I felt lethargic, cranky and weak..makes sense as the whole point of whole 30 is to get your metabolism burning fats for energy!!! -it is basically impossible to find compliant foods on the go, always bring meals and snacks (this was really tough for me on days I was running around) -protein for breakfast is key, fruits and nuts just don't hack it for starting your day with good energy -I am capable of so much more than I imagined Things I could have done better: -eat fewer RX bars-- I became a bit too reliant on this when I was running around or didn't have time to make a meal -eat 3 full meals per day (see above) -exercise more -- I think it was actually good for me to go easy on exercise the first week or two, but wish I had done more in the last half of it -drink more water -set aside one day for meal prep - this would have made the journey so much easier, just lacked the discipline and scheduling to do it. Something I'll keep working on after whole 30 I won't go too much into life after whole 30 as I know that that is supposed to be discussed in another section of the forum, but I will say that my overall goals/intentions are: -keep eating compliant foods as much as possible -keep alcohol consumption down to one day (2 drinks) per week -drink more water -exercise more -create a meal prep day And to everyone who is still in their Whole 30 - best of luck and good health to you!!!
  2. Starting today!

    @blgmw2 glad to hear the chicken wings were a success! My husband loves them too, we always have to buy two packs of chicken wings because he eats so many haha. Did you try them with ranch? I prefer the primal ranch to tessemae's - tessemae's ranch is really good but extra tangy and with the tangy hot sauce, it is almost too much flavor! Homemade ranch might be really good too but I haven't made any yet. As far the meal planning goes, if you think it will make the process easier, might as well give it a try! Personally I wouldn't just because I feel like it would stress me out even more, but that's just me! I splurged on the newsletter and it was totally worth it - kept me motivated and also provided a ton of useful information. @SarahSun @Alisha Alexander happy day 30!!!!!!!! I plan on writing up a summary of my experience in the next few days, as well as anything I think might be useful for others that I learned along the way. Hope y'all have a great day!
  3. Starting today!

    @Alisha Alexander well, I guess you're just gonna have to start over...LOL! Kidding. It seems like you've experienced a lot of benefits and learned a lot too during your Whole 30, so I don't really see how this would be a "fail". The times I've almost caved for a drink were when I was feeling crummy, either sad or anxious.... I think if you're gonna have one, it is WAY better that it was in celebration. And the fact that you aren't beating yourself up about it just goes to show that you are finding food freedom! Anyways I don't think you need any reassurances from me, but that's all just to say that you definitely didn't let me down!! @coachgad I'm almost done with the 30 days, and while I have definitely seen a lot of benefits, I don't think I lost a whole lot of weight. I think around the end of the second week I had a surge of energy, but it was almost *too* much energy, like having too many cups of coffee. And while my energy is now more even like you, I did have a "crash" day a few days ago.... anyways, just saying that I'm kind of in the same boat in that my experience hasn't followed the timeline exactly. I've actually decided that after I do the reintroduction phase, I'm going to go back to doing Whole 30 protocol as much as possible, because I feel like I've only reached the tip of the iceberg as far as health improvements go. If you feel up for it, I say try the 45 or 60 days. I feel like 30 days is a good amount of time to make the psychological shift, but not necessarily enough for everybody to have life changing health benefits. Especially if you've gone years with unhealthy habits (I certainly did). I hope this is helpful! And congrats and getting past the half way point!
  4. Starting today!

    @Alisha Alexander happy birthday!!! Assuming you stuck to your Whole 30 and skipped the drink, I say make an extra fancy one to celebrate on day 31. @SarahSun I think it would be great to stay in touch, I will definitely check in here during reintroduction and like I said before, am already thinking about doing this again in January. I agree, it's been super helpful to have each other for support, meal ideas, commiserating etc. I am so glad I decided to jump on the forum when I started, and that we've made this journey together! Day 29... almost there!!! Along with reintroduction, I've gotta remember to check my measurements and take a photo - did this at the start so I can compare with the end results. How about you guys? Weight loss wasn't my primary goal but I'm still interested to see if there's been any change in that department. And can't wait to put that final red X on my calendar, it will be so satisfying! Hope y'all have a nice day!
  5. Starting today!

    @SarahSun sorry to hear about the GI stuff, I hope it gets resolved soon! I've been kind of constipated the past few days, but I think it's just because I'm not drinking enough water and have been exercising more. So going to work on that. In some ways, I feel like 30 days isn't enough! I mean, I'll definitely celebrate a bit after the 30 days, but I really feel like I am just starting to experience the benefits and part of me wants to keep going with that. I have been thinking a lot about doing it again in January, just because I feel like the holidays is when I might get "out of balance" and need a reset. Interesting about the coconut - maybe the guar gum as Alisha mentioned could be causing it for you too? Only a few more days to go, woohoo!!!
  6. Starting today!

    @Alisha Alexander thank you for the all of the info about reintroduction, that is super helpful! I might look into doing more of a paleo diet after the 30 days, rather than sticking to Whole 30 foods, since it is slightly less restrictive (from what I understand). That's so cool you are studying agriculture, I imagine it sheds a whole new light on where our foods come from and what we should and shouldn't eat. I remember my dad would always peel the skin off apples before eating them, because when he was a kid he worked at an apple "factory" and whatever he saw there made him not want to eat apple skins, haha! I've read a bit about dairy processing so I think I know what you mean... I feel like Whole 30 has also made me look at where my food comes from, and being more intentional about what foods I buy based on their source. It got me in the habit of going to the farmers market, and next year I might look into getting a CSA subscription. I looked into raw milk here too, but the only one I found is $10 per gallon!!! Anyways, it's all good stuff to think about. As much as I love dairy foods, I will definitely be eating significantly less of them from here on out. It's all about finding a balance!
  7. Starting today!

    @SarahSun hurray for food freedom!!! Love it when those "throw it all together and see what happens" meals turn out delish.
  8. Starting today!

    Day 24... getting into the last week! At this point I am really looking forward to staying up til midnight on day 30 and having my champagne and ice cream, haha. So, dairy will be the first food category I am reintroducing. I keep imagining a fancy fruit and cheese plate as well... For everyone getting into their last week - what are your reintroduction plans? Which foods will you try first?? We are supposed to reintroduce each food group a few days at a time right? I haven't read up much on it yet. Overall I am feeling healthy. I don't think I've actually lost all that much weight, but that's okay. I didn't really do a whole lot of exercise during it which may be why. Although the past few days I went for a run and did pushups, kettlebell swings, sit ups, and squats with kettlebell. I actually feel kind of weak when I'm exercising (like tired muscles), but maybe that's because I didn't do anything for the first couple of weeks. Like I said before, my skin and hair are much healthier. I've also been sleeping better, generally have more energy during the day, and less joint pain (my shoulders have always been an issue for me). I'd really like to carry on with Whole 30 as much as possible once the 30 days are up. And I'm already thinking about doing it again in January! Dinner tonight will be steaks, sauteed kale, and roasted potatoes with rosemary. Hope y'all have a lovely evening.
  9. Starting today!

    @penelope123 NOM gonna have to try out that chicken picatta! Glad to hear your cravings have subsided, I still miss yogurt too. My usual breakfast was always whole fat plain yogurt with berries and honey.
  10. Starting today!

    @blgmw2 I'd say franks hot sauce is fairly mild as far is as spiciness although I think that is very subjective! I'd recommend getting a small bottle of it and trying it on eggs or something first, before slathering it on a big batch of chicken wings haha! But we love it, I'm happy it's compliant because it's really tasty, in my opinion. We use the big bottle for chicken wings. @SarahSun I cook chard the same way I cook kale, they are similar leafy greens. It's really easy! Just saute minced garlic in olive oil for a minute, then add chopped chard, a bit of water or broth, cover to steam (until bright green) and then uncover to finish cooking. then I add salt and pepper and a few splashes of compliant red wine vinegar. But even without vinegar is fine. It makes a nice side dish for meats, or with eggs for breakfast.
  11. Starting today!

    @SarahSun I went to the farmer's market today too! Got peaches, nectarines, chard, and pork chops. I am also not a fan of eggplant but have found I can eat it tomato sauces... don't have a recipe but maybe that helps? Also that salad is so pretty! zucchini is great because you can add it to just about anything. I've found any time i'm not feeling a pick me up from foods, I go for steak. Even a cheaper sirloin steak... always seems to satiate and give me energy. @MarcyW I can't speak for anyone else, but for me it definitely got easier as I went along... I think it was just that around day 16 and 17 I had a lot of work stuff come up and was really stressed out and didn't have time to make good meals. So then I was constantly hungry, and stressed... you get the idea. Overall the first week or two were much more difficult for me physically and psychologically, just adjusting to the dietary changes. Sorry if we scared you, haha! Here's a few blogs that have Whole 30 recipes: I've basically found all of my recipes via the internet, haven't gotten the cookbook. I did listen to the audio book "It Starts With Food" before I started, it is pretty sciencey but interesting to learn about how different foods affect us.
  12. Adjusting to no alcohol

    @MarcyW if it's any encouragement, I'm on day 22 and I had been drinking pretty heavily 7 days per week - not something I'm proud of, I think it was more of a problem than I cared to admit. But at day 22 I am feeling really good, and it's honestly a relief to be able to go without alcohol. Sleeping better, and not feeling like crap in the morning is awesome! The first week was the hardest for sure. For me it manifested as anxiety and racing thoughts, and just feeling generally crummy in the evening (when I'd normally be drinking). That's great that you're friends won't be drinking, hopefully that will make it easier! It really can become a part of our identity, so I think that makes it psychologically tough. My best advice, which really goes for Whole 30 in general, is grit your teeth through the first week and commit - try to eat as many nourishing foods as possible. Drink lots of water. Know that it will get easier in the next week or two - it really does!!!
  13. Starting today!

    @blgmw2 welcome! too much food is a good problem to have - I have learned that it is waaaay better than having not enough. Good on you for spending a day on food prep. Not much new to report here. Feeling pretty good and my husband said I am glowing! We've decided to keep eating whole 30 compliant foods as much as possible once the 30 days are up. Tonight we are having burger patties with compliant bacon (woohoo), tomato, avocado, and a sauce made of homemade garlic mayo and franks hot sauce. One of our favorite quick dinner items is frozen chicken wings with franks hot sauce - it's really the best buffalo wings I've ever had! I always put em on top of a big salad with compliant ranch dressing, to get lots of veggies too. I finally made a good-sized lunch today - lunch seems to always be the meal that I miss if I am super busy. It was mixed greens, tuna salad (canned tuna, homemade garlic mayo, finely chopped red onion, red and green bell pepper), "petite olives", cherry tomatoes, and avocado. I added a bit of the oil from the olive jar to it too. Hope y'all have a nice evening.
  14. Starting today!

    @Alisha Alexander girl, I feel you! these past few days have been non stop for me so I haven't had time to make healthy meals, and I just have been feeling like I'm either starving all the time, or not eating very healthy.. I have also been relying a lot on chicken wings and potatoes, haha. One "food hack" I read about to make meals healthier is to add spinach. If it's a hot meal you can just put it under that and it will wilt it, or you can take one of those big boxes of baby spinach, and once it's sauteed it cooks down to a one-meal portion. Instant nutrition! This evening I was so tempted to just stop and get fast food somewhere - I was stuck in traffic, hungry, tired, and fed up. But I didn't do it! I feel like we are so close, it is best to just take it one day at a time and do your best with it. I know *for sure* that if I ever do this again, I am definitely going to make a bunch of freezer meals ahead of time. Because you can only plan so much, and things come up in our schedules that we don't have any control over, and it is dang near impossible to find compliant foods when you're on the go! I am also realizing why they say you should really eat 3 full meals per day. With rushing around, I sometimes I have had just one meal and maybe a snack until dinner time, and it is definitely not enough. Anyways, if you have been keeping a journal or wrote down goals for your Whole 30, it might be good to go back and look at those. I hope the next few days are easier for you - in a few days there will only be one more week! And maybe for re-introduction, pick out the one food category you miss the most and start with that? So you don't go all out haha. I want to stay up til midnight on the 30th day and have champagne and ice cream (okay, maybe that is two categories).
  15. Starting today!

    @coachgad these seem like good questions for a mod to address, particularly when it comes to bm's ... I will say though that in my first week, my period was delayed by several days. Like, I had all the usual pms symptoms - cramping etc, but no period - it really freaked me out! My best guess is that in the first week there are so many changes happening in your body that maybe metabolism, digestion, hormones etc get out of whack. As for your second question, not sure because where I am we don't have a ton of mosquitoes right now, but I do know I was preeeetty stinky the first week or two, haha. Probably because I was detoxing. After the second week, it has gotten a lot better! Hope this helps, and hopefully a moderator can jump in too and provide more insight for you!