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    Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, hiking, atv's...outside you name it.
  1. Tuna and Costco

    I also love the Genova brand and used to get it at costco...then I found it on Amazon...a case of 24 , 5 oz cans for 40.
  2. Anyone order a bulk meat before? Tips?

    We live in a rural area and lose power a lot! Last year for numerous days at a time. A chest freezer gets soo cold, especially when full, that even 24 hours without power you will see little defrost.... As long as you keep the lid shut and it is somewhere out of direct sunlight/ heat. We had a seven day outage about a year ago and got by without losing anything fine the first two days and the. After that we ran it on a generator for just a few hours a day to keep it fresh and cold. They are soo efficient and well insulated you would be surprised. Key is to not open it!
  3. When to take a day off/ or push thru

    thanks everyone...I went for a about a 1.5 mile walk with my dogs ( more like they walked me)...on a hilly route so still got some cardio in. I feel more rested today but feel maybe a cold coming on. Planning on hitting Crossfit this afternoon....I definetly feel guilty when I miss planned days. I try and go something 5 days a week and build in two rest days. But even on rest days if I dont take the dogs for a long walk I feel like I am not meeting my goals.......Its funny how training like a maniac when I was a kid was fun and came naturally and how easily even after 5 years of no regular workouts it comes back to you full force....guess that competitive spirit never goes away! I just have to figure out how to wrap my head around rest days being okay, especially given the dramtic diet change.
  4. When to take a day off/ or push thru

    I decided to just take the dogs for a nice long walk and rest today . I am also shooting for five days a week of workouts. Thinking I am just a bit run down and going to try and listen to my body instead of my brain for once!
  5. When to take a day off/ or push thru

    this is where I am trying to re train my brain....since I was 8 ( now 30) I have been coached and trained hard for overdoing it was a daily thing in my that my goal is to just get back in shape and healthy its hard for that conditioned part of my brain not to take over .....and yes its the competitive part of me....I think the day off might be good and your probably right...I just have to figure out how to not feel guilty about it....15 years of multiple times a day wokrouts really makes it hard to gauge normal.
  6. So I am on day 19 right now and up until today have felt pretty aweseome. I also started crossfitting last month so it is a kind of double whammy. I am trying to go to crossfit four times a week and to this point have had no issues. Today I am just feeling run down and tired ( not sure why)...One side of my brain is saying go home after work, relax, and take the dogs for a nice walk, and sleep...the other side of me is saying if you go to the gym you will be glad you did once it is done, and if you don't you will feel ike you should have.....I am a competitive swimmer by background all thru college and was quite good....after years of searching for something I like crossfit I am loving....and I am trying to stay consistent even thru the whole30....So I guess my question is for those who have some lofty fitness goals ( i am overweight now and motived to loss and get back into shape) and diet changes.....when do you know its okay to take a day off and its not just your brain telling you to be lazy? Coming from a background where at my peak I was swimming and working out 5-7 hours a day in season how do I train my brain that taking a day off is okay without feeling guilty? Help!
  7. Jicama "porridge"?

    It was perfect for a really cold day . Making another batch this week for work breakfasts!
  8. Jicama "porridge"?

    Made this last night and let it cook overnight in the crockpot... Added a bit of canned pumpkin and cloves to it.... Delicious for breakfast this morning!!!! Will be making it again for sure.
  9. bragg liquid aminos

    they are made with Soy....try coconut aminos instead .....I got mine on amazon.
  10. Anyone order a bulk meat before? Tips?

    we buy ours by the whole hog...our rancher also owns the local small processing butchery....they supply us a recommended cut list that will help us decide what we want....after a few years this is what we often get.... a bunch of ground pork-made form areas of wasteage from other cuts -delicious and nice and fatty a bunch of rib chops, pork chops some bone in some not. a few picnic roasts, shoulder, and butts-great bbq pieces, and crockpot recipe pieces for carnitas, pulled pork etc. country ribs are rib cuts without bones-very tasty and can be used for a lot of recipes Ribs ribs ribs for sure If you talk to a butcher they also can recommend some cuts that they like that aren't popular. We usually get ham and cure it ourselves or smoke it, we get plenty of ground pork to make sausage ( some butchers will do this for you as well) if you have access to the ears and feet those are great for bone broths and other stocks. if they can make you sugar free thick but bacon that is awesome, and also pork belly. Finally if you aren't nervous about it ask for some of the larger cut to leave the skin on or ask for skin....fried cripsy pig skin is heaven on earth. We try to use as much of the animal as we can and anything we don't use we leave with the butcher to sell or use for themselves. YOu are going to love being able to customize your order and each time you buy you get better at knowing what you want. We have ours packaged in 1lb packs for ground pork, chops two to a pack, ribs are one rack to a pack, and the larger roasts and butts range from 2-7 lbs so we have a variety based on who and what we are cooking for. Sorry that was a little long...but I figured more info the better and we have learned a lot doing this a few times. Enjoy!
  11. Finding food in rural America??

    sounds like you started to get your "network" together.....yay for you! yeah Paleo is the best thing to happen to local farmers and ranchers my local sources joke....our area Crossfit is their best clients. Took me a while to pay the $79 a year for amazon prime but it is worth it tenfold for us.....especially when you need things kind of quick and can't drive far. And with the price of gas it is cheaper than driving to a town that has some of those things.
  12. Finding food in rural America??

    I al so live in a rural area with less access to everything..... We buy out beef, pork, and lamb from a local rancher by the side and bought a freezer... As others have said it takes space but price wise it is vastly cheaper than store bought factory meat and it is local pastured grassfed. Google is your friend on this. We also take game meat from friends when in season. We live in area that snows in winter so our farmers market is seasonal but in the summer we try to shop there as much as possible. In our area we have a few grocery stores and shop there for basics and fillers. Once a month we drive an hour and half to the closest Costco and trader joes and bring a few coolers to stock up. Finally in the last year we enrolled in amazon prime...... For rural areas it is a godsend.... For $79 a year you get free two day shipping on just about anything on amazon.... We buy our coconut oil , coconut milk, supplements, aminos.... And many other grocery items that are hard to find cheaply in rural areas and they get delivered right to my door..... You get a month free trial of it if you try it.... And prices on amazon are amazing... A twelve can case of Thai kitchen coconut milk is about 12 bux which is half the price of our local store. Living in a rural area can be a challenge but finding local people over time to buy and trade from helps and the Internet is your friend! Good luck
  13. First time Crossfit

    Just finished my On Ramp classes at my local CrossFit and am hooked.....starting regular classes next week...on day nine of my WHole40( was supposed to be a 30 but I started early)....Love how motivating and supportive everyone is!
  14. In-N-Out burger???

    I was at IN and Out over the weekend with some friends and asked a lot of questions. THe patties protein style should be compliant as they are fresh with no additives. The sauce , ketchup, etc is not...but if you get a double double protein style you should be okay....they dont use oil to grill them either I was told. Also Five Guys burgers is compliant if your careful there as well.