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  1. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    I have enjoyed reading the posts above. I am struggling (fell off the sugar wagon) and have wanted to get back to a Whole30 approved life, but "I'll start today" keeps turning into "I'll start tomorrow". I am going to use all of the good advice listed above, but I remembered something from the book (The Whole30: 30-day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom) that might help us all...the average craving usually only lasts 3-5 minutes. Good luck to everyone. Sarah P.S. @Alisha Alexander, I liked this it if you have time.
  2. Have any moderators weighed in on this yet...on another forum page? Usually they are really quick to respond.
  3. Reintroduction and Life After

    @Alisha Alexander, I am so sorry for the delay on my response! I am doing really well with certain aspects of post-Whole30 healthy eating, like not drinking pop (I used to drink 2-3 a day) or eating out multiples times a week (especially pasta), BUT I am definitely struggling in other areas! I really wanted to reintroduce sugar in only "paleo" or "clean" ways and avoid all of the prepackaged stuff with high fructose corn syrup, etc. but my work load is so intense that I have done very little weekly prepping and cooking. And, of course, once I allowed myself to start eating sugar, I woke up the sugar dragon and started having something sugary everyday. It started off with just an ice-cream once or twice a week and then it turned into "needing" it everyday. The negative effects came in the form of massive energy loss in the middle of the day! As of Friday, I decided to go on a 1-2 week sugar detox to turn my body back into a fat-burner instead of a sugar-burner, but now I have to start over because I caved last night and ate French Toast for dinner (which was not worth it and I regret it). What about are you doing? Sarah
  4. Starting today!

    Wow, @Lunarose, well said!!!! I'll have to create a summary like that about my experiences! So helpful and fun to read. I am glad you are able to see all of the non-scale victories...those really are my greatest gifts from doing this program. I'll get back to you soon (probably from the other forum section/page). @blgmw2 and @Cherese, I hope your Whole30 experience is going well! Keep it up!! Sarah
  5. Reintroduction and Life After

    @Lunarose, we haven't heard from you since reintroduction started. How are you doing? Are you happy with all of your non-scale victories?
  6. Starting today!

    Thank you, @blgmw2! I am pretty excited. I hope your journey is going well too! @Cherese, Congrats on starting the program! I bet the pot roast was good...I have been meaning to make that, but haven't gotten to it yet! Keep up the enthusiasm. Sarah
  7. Reintroduction and Life After

    @Alisha Alexander, You look amazing!!!!!! And I am totally with you...I've had numerous internal battles with myself since starting reintroduction. I caved on a few drinks of a pop earlier tonight (you know, that thing I swore I would never drink again) and I currently have the worst stomachache. I am actually really glad my stomach hurts because I don't want it to be enjoyable and tempting anymore! I think we both needed these experiences to remind ourselves of what we already know - that bad food is a promises happiness, but sneakily makes you an unhealthy, tired and sad person. That might be a little dramatic, but I can admit that I've actually had to learn that bad food is not my friend and does not make all my problems go away. Whole30 eating is definitely what I'll be doing for the next couple of days. I wonder how many other people screw up their first couple of days of reintroduction and have to learn the hard way like us? Sarah P.S. You really do look so great!
  8. @Lunarose and @Alisha Alexander, this is the thread where we can discuss the foods we have been eating during Reintroduction and how things are going afterwards. The mods have a good point, we don't want to confuse or temp newbies who stumble on our other posts. Sarah
  9. Starting today!

    @Lunarose and @Alisha Alexander, I have finally weighed and measured wonder why people have been commenting about it. I have lost approximately 3 inches from my butt, hips and chest and 25 lbs! I am very excited...these are from measurements taken on July 14 since I did a 2-week sugar detox before I started the Whole30. I am super happy, but I need to stay healthy because I still have a ways to go...I would like to lose about 30 more pounds although 45 pounds would put me in "normal" range for someone of my height and frame. I told you, I have a long history of bad eating!! I am super curious to hear about your reintroduction experiences. So far, my body hated the first 2 things I ate...I was in the bathroom suffering the consequences within an hour of eating it!!!! The first meal was compliant mexican chicken, pork, steak and onions with refried beans (legume day). The other one was a brisket and roast beef sandwich from Arby's (gluten day?). On legume day, I think I ate too much which is mostly what made me miserable. Yesterday, I was stuck rushing another introduction because we were heading to the zoo and I did not prepare anything Whole30 approved. I thought roast beef and brisket with a little bit of bread (I took most of the bun off) would be okay, but it wasn't!!!!! I will NOT be eating fast food ever again. Have a great day! Sarah
  10. Starting today!

  11. Starting today!

    @Alisha Alexander, That is so exciting!!!! 7 lbs is great and 2.5 inches is amazing. You have inspired me to get off the couch (I am so tired from going to the Zoo yesterday) and measure myself. Here is what I did in the car yesterday though (warning, these are not good pictures of me, but it is the best I have right now)...
  12. Starting today!

    Anybody measure themselves yet? I am going to get to it tomorrow...promise. Sarah
  13. Starting today!

    @coachgad, I hope you get your tiger's blood soon. I think my tiger's blood didn't come in the form of some great level of energy, but more in the form of inner happiness for having "food freedom" for the first time in my life. I can drive by fast food restaurants or order my kids some pizza (etc.) without feeling weepy because I can't eat it. It feels great. Keep up what your doing for as many days as you can stand it...the positive results WILL show themselves eventually! @blgmw2, I think you should buy the meal plan if you think it will make things easier for you. Also, I wonder if you could search this topic in the forum and see what other people have said about the meal plan. I did that a couple of times about various other subjects and it was really helpful. I am glad you are noticing some non-scale victories...that is a real motivator!! Like you, I will no longer be using artificial sweetener now that I have learned about it more during my Whole30. @Alisha Alexander, I would never be mad at you. You have done something amazing for your mind and your body in the last month and you'll continue to do those things...that is what really matters. I am glad you enjoyed rather than having the wine and regretting it afterwards. Also, I ordered a Paleo Desserts cookbook and the recipes look positively amazing. I can't wait to try some of them and see if this can be a better way to allow sweets in my life. @Lunarose, I could not agree with you more...I am constantly wanting to "sell" people on the Whole30 and then I remember that the best "sell" is to continue to show changes in my body and attitude and to only offer information to the people who really want it. I also get a kick out of people saying "I could never..." - these friends and family members must have forgotten who I was and how I ate 30 days ago!!! @Alisha Alexander and @Lunarose, Congrats on Day 30!!!! I will report my differences in weight and measurements tomorrow, but unfortunately I got home really late tonight and am way too tired. Also, I got in a fight with my brand new potato peeler last night and ended up in the ER (the potato peeler won!). Now my thumb is going to be bandaged for awhile and I am exhausted from the stress of it all. Talk to you both soon! Sarah
  14. Starting today!

    @Alisha Alexander, I agree with everything you said and I am definitely going to be checking in with you guys during reintroduction. Originally, I was going to follow the order listed in the book (legumes come back first), but they made a good point that if you wanted to see the impact sugar had on you, you should do it first (in pure form like sugar in your tea) before it becomes difficult to tell if you don't feel well due to the other ingredients, such as, ice cream which is sugar and dairy. They do a much better job of explaining that. With that said, I may have sugar on Friday instead of, maybe syrup on Paleo pancakes...I'm not sure yet. What about you? Also, I so hope you passed on that drink tonight. I would not think less of you, but nothing sucks worse than letting yourself down...especially when you are so close to something you've worked so hard for during the last 28 days. You deserve to say you completed the WHOLE Whole30. Btw, I know there is only 1 hour and 9 minutes of your birthday left, but "Happy Birthday" anyway. I hope it was great!! Sarah
  15. Starting today!

    @MarcyW, I agree, having lots of vegetables available from farmer's markets has been really helpful! @Lunarose, I think I'll look more into the CSA thing too before the next time I do this. Also, I agree with you...30 days is just the beginning. I am taking very seriously the REST of my life after the Whole30. I know it is not going to be easy...I had a little taste of some of my old demons creeping up on me last night when my 2 boys (5 and 10 years old) were being super bratty while I was trying to do house work and paperwork or ANYTHING! I started getting really upset and all I could think about was all the terrible food I could eat to "make me feel better". I was actually grateful that the program was keeping me from eating any of it (I don't have any of that in the house, but I think I would've driven to Timbuktu to get my hands on some if I allowed myself to). Dang, those old demons are gonna be hard to get rid of for good!! @Alisha Alexander, so bizarre that we were experiencing the same thing!! That cannot happen again...especially if I am at work! No coconut of any kind for me. Congrats on Day 28! Having you guys to talk to through this process as been so important/helpful/essential/stress-relieving/awesome to me. I am grateful to have met you and hope we can continue to email periodically after the program is over!!!! Sarah