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  1. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer it's so true that it's hard to find people who understand what it's like to have a dysfunctional relationship with food. I said to a friend the other day I was feeling "out of control" with my food choices and she looked at me like I was an alien! I realized she had probably never felt that way about food in her life, meanwhile I've struggled with it ever since I can remember. Also that's awesome you've been making small goals, that is such a good strategy. I often tell myself it's about progress not perfection. I also kind of came to a realization reading your post and how you plan to do 100 days of whole30, that maybe something like that is what I need to do. Maybe I wasn't ready the last time I came off of my whole30 and that's why I went back to bad habits. So maybe a period of total abstaining could lead to a more balanced future, If I stick to it long enough. Maybe I should do a whole100 with you hehe (nervous giggle). I would have to modify though as there are certain aspects of the whole30 that I can do without. Anyways hope everyone has a great weekend!
  2. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Hey there, I wanted to chime in because you guys are speaking my language. Like you guys are talking about, when I went off my whole30 it went bad fast. I was able to recover after a couple weeks but it's been on and off since then ( I finished mine at the end of august). I want to get back to that almost magical feeling near the end of my whole30 when it was no problem to say no to foods that previously had a hold over me. It was so nice to not have to deal with the mental struggle, and all the excuses I tend to tell myself. But, I'm also not really wanting to do another whole30 because I feel that the restriction might lead to the same thing happening again. I want to find a way I can eat for the rest of my life without being on or off "the wagon". So how do we find middle ground between binge eating and thinking "oh well I'll start tomorrow", to total abstinence? This is the question I've been struggling with and trying to figure out for myself. One of the hardest things for me was giving up dairy, and I have actually stuck to that. I think the biggest reason I'd be tempted to do another whole30 was the support of our little group on the forum @SarahSun, it really helped keep me on track. One thing I heard on a podcast is to focus on the solution not the problem. - I find it helps me stop the internal debate when I'm feeling tempted, rather than arguing with myself I know the solution, I know it's what I want. I focus on how to do it, get past the problem or distract myself from it. I hope you guys don't mind me joining in, I just know how helpful joining in on these forums can be.
  3. Hi, @mdjess86 I finished my whole30 at the end of August and I've had a bumpy reintroduction period. I'm trying to figure out a way of eating that is sustainable for me but it is seriously hard. I understand why the word cheat has negative associations with mind set, but all of that aside, I know what you mean. Trying to incorporate healthier versions of treats/non paleo foods in hopes of it being satisfying and not throwing you off track, I think you should just take it slow and really monitor how these foods make you feel. Like you said see if it wakes up your sugar dragon and than recover with a compliant day. For me it has been really tricky... I found things like that (my homemade paleo banana bread or coconut coffee creamer) made it way harder for me to stay on track the next day, and I would tend to keep eating more of these foods, and now I find myself having the internal struggles a lot more, about justifying bad food, and then feeling guilty about it. I'm working hard and I'm not giving up. I'm in University full-time and I work part time so life is busy and stressful but I know FFF is what I really want and it will take time to get there. I'd love to hear how it goes for you as I could use some help as well! I think maybe I should do a whole7 to get back on track, but I'm dragging my feet about it.
  4. Reintroduction and Life After

    How are things @SarahSun ? I've been doing ok. Still struggling a bit here and there, trying to find a groove of what is a sustainable way of eating for me. I'm actually going to take a month to really get used to cutting out dairy because I'm still having a struggle with that, even though I know how terrible it makes me feel (and gives me acne). I had pizza with no cheese last night! It was actually still really good. What are you finding is the toughest for you? (and you too @Lunarose)
  5. Reintroduction and Life After

    ya makes sense, great work Sarah! 25 pounds that's awesome! I've lost about the same amount in the last 10 months total. It is really slow going but I'm ok with that. So the pictures are terrible but you inspired me to take a look. The first one is last halloween, the middle picture is August first, and the end picture was day 27. They aren't the best pictures to compare but I think they give you an idea! I've also not been having the best time with reintroduction. I made the mistake of giving in to a doughnut!! It was a gourmet fancy doughnut and I thought what the heck why not? It made me feel like total garbage all day. I immediately felt ill, I also got this crazy sugar rush, and later on I got the shakes! It was a terrible feeling and really messed up my day, and of course it was silly of me to mix sugar and gluten right off the bat. Soooo.. I'm going to give my self 3 compliant days to recover and then dip my toe back in a little more sensibly! I do find it harder now that it's over, and I'm having more of the internal debate with myself about justifying not so good food choices.
  6. Starting today!

    @SarahSun Yes I have measured, I'm down about 7 pounds and I lost 2.5 inches off my waist!
  7. Starting today!

    @SarahSun Ya I think introducing some sugar by itself first is a good idea, and obviously I'm not going to be eating a lot of sugar anyways, but I do like to have tea with honey in the afternoon and I have a bunch of paleo dessert recipes that I would love to try. Not things I'll eat everyday but good to see how they make us feel afterwards (and the next day). Oh and dark chocolate! I usually have a square of dark chocolate almost every day.... although it has been nice to break this habit! As far as legumes I've been paleo long enough to know that beans do not love me lol, but I would like to maybe test chickpeas because I love hummus and veggies. @Lunarose I did take measurements as well, so i'm excited to see, but I also don't have big expectations. I know I feel good and I still have a lot of work to do, so I'm trying to prepare myself in case I didn't lose as much weight as I hoped. But I have had a lot of non scale victories, size smaller pants, and I've been getting so many compliments the last week. I'm finding it hard not to push the whole30 on everyone! Do you guys find it funny when someone says something to you like, oh give up (bread, beer, cheese, ect )?? I could NEVER do that..... i just smile to myself and kind of laugh because I'm so glad I'm not stuck in a mindset like that, and it feels to freeing to not be tied to a food! Of course it's not forever, (unless we choose it to be) and that helps. Anyways I hope you guys get my ramble Sooooo..... I am very tempted to lie... but I let you guys down. I had a glass of wine last night. Surprisingly I don't feel terrible about it, I know it's lame because I made it to day 28 and gave up early. Hind sight of course I didn't need to have a glass of wine to enjoy the evening, and I knew that but I chose to do it anyways. But I hope you guys can be proud of me because I did make a lot of great choices that day. My boyfriend took me for lunch and we had hot pot (it's this Asian soup thing), and I had to make a bunch of special requests but it was all msg and gluten free, and I didn't overeat. And I made the mistake of mentioning my birthday so they brought out ice cream for me (that my boyfriend gladly ate). I also had a delicious compliant braised beef dinner. So I had my glass of red wine with dinner and I enjoyed it, I drank a little extra water but other then that no other problems with the wine. Please don't be too disappointed in me! I'm sorry, but at this point I'm not going to be too hard on myself.
  8. Starting today!

    Oh, also... today is my 30th birthday. I'm not going to lie it might be tough for me to not have a drink today..... I really want to stay strong but part of me is arguing that I've done this good and I deserve to celebrate on my birthday. Would really suck to give in 2 days early though!
  9. Starting 8/28 Excited

    @Suski Hi, I'm on my day 28 today, but I thought I would let you know. The first 3-4 days I was hungry all the time! (and so were most of us in my starting day forum). I think it's common because it takes awhile for our bodies to adjust to burning fat rather then carbs. Your pictures look good, so maybe just eat more of the right foods until your satisfied! Also for me I really had to beware of whole30 friendly carbs because even though they are compliant too much fruit and potatoes really revved up my hunger and cravings. It will get better! Good luck!
  10. Starting today!

    @Lunarose I totally agree, it's all about finding balance! And that's so funny with your dad and apples. I also agree almost not wanting to stop at 30 days. It seems I'm in the safe place of just saying no to things, and I'm used to it now. There is no struggle or dilemma, and people around me are used to it now so they know to not offer things I'm not eating. After the 30 days things aren't so black and white and lets face it that's going to be harder! I might even be interested in doing one in January too, (woah that will be a big whole30 group I bet lol), depending on how the holidays go for me. I'm hoping I can make this lifestyle change stick, but at least now I know I can always go back to whole30 to start over if I get too off track. It's funny because she talked about that in food freedom forever and I thought that was crazy talk! How could it be comforting to have to go back to a whole30?? I totally get it now! @SarahSun Having you guys on this forum has been a big help to me, I think this form of accountability/support has been something that has been missing for me when I've tried to do these kinds of things before, because friends/family/coworkers don't get it, and if anything they just try and sabotage it, so to have people dealing with the same issues was very helpful! And I would like to keep checking in after the 30 days, I'd like to know how reintroduction goes for you guys! Happy day 28!
  11. Starting today!

    So I looked into it a little more, and I think it's the guar gum in the canned coconut milk this has gave me diarrhea. Apparently guar gum can be used as a laxative and it's fairly common for it to cause multiple GI problems. So guess I need to look for canned coconut milk without it, and we'll see if that fixes it. And if it doesn't fix it, and it happens again at least I know it's the coconut itself! But please no, I need coconut milk in my life lol.
  12. Starting today!

    @SarahSun i've also been having GI issues the last few days! And I also haven't had any new foods. It's funny you mention it maybe being coconut because the only thing I was guessing it might be is all the coconut milk. I had a few things both days with canned coconut milk. But I'm not really sold on that being the problem, because I do eat a lot of coconut products in general. I actually go through a bottle of coconut amino's every week or two. I use it a lot. Also today I had a headache all day. I have no idea what from.
  13. Starting today!

    @Lunarose the basics of reintroduction is to have enough of a food (or food group) to see if your body reacts, and then leave enough time in between testing days to see if there is a reaction (and let your body recover), she recommends 2-3 days. She also recommends to introduce foods that are less likely to be problematic first, like sugar, gluten free alcohol and non-gluten grains, and to save gluten and dairy for the last foods to reintroduce. So I have mentioned before that I have been 'mostly' paleo for almost 2 years, but I've really struggled to nail it down to 90+% of the time. This way of eating is something I really believe in, I think it's better for my body (controlling blood sugar, preventing disease) to supporting things like pasture raised, animals which is better for the planet (and really the local ecosystem). So I am going to reintroduce some foods but I'm going to take this reset as a chance to really keep myself where I've wanted to be for a long time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there is never going to be gluten dairy filled pizza in my future lol. Dairy has been a big struggle for me, because lets face it cream and cheese are life!!! But I have a hard time with how dairy is produced ( I'm actually in school getting my degree in Agriculture so I've been to a few dairy farms), plus I know I don't digest it well. This has been the hardest realization for me, but I know it aligns with what my body and heart want. I've heard that raw grass fed dairy can actually be a really healthy food, but where I live it is impossible to find. BUT I am excited to reintroduce other things, and make this way of eating more sustainable. Things like rice, and paleo versions of more indulgent foods. So basically some honey and gluten free grains here and there. Oh and I found a recipe for pumkin spice coconut cream for coffee that I can't wait to try. I do know that some of these foods (like rice) can be a slippery slope for me so I plan to keep journaling and paying attention to how I feel. After years, ok almost decades now, of struggling with my weight and yo-yo dieting I feel like I am in the best place I have ever been. I have really let go of the number on the scale (can't believe it!) not to say I still don't have a goal weight in mind, but I'm putting my eating first and I know that will follow. I know these changes are for the long term and the reintroduction phase will be about finding a way I can eat and be happy forevaaa Guess I was feeling chatty. That was alot Hope everyone has a great Saturday! Day 25!
  14. Starting today!

    Haha I noticed that too, you and lunarose are both advanced, I'm still a plain ol' member lol. But you two have more posts then me. I'm also thinking a lot about the reintroduction phase, and as excited as I am to test dairy I am actually pretty sure It is a problem for me. I have cut it out for shorter periods of time and then added it back in only to have lots of GI upset, but hopefully I can narrow it down and find out if things like butter and goat cheese are things I can get away with. I have read a lot of ketogenic, and primal books that talk about being a fat burner not a sugar burner and my best advice @SarahSun is to really try to have your carbs later in the day. Our bodies are most insulin sensitive in the morning, so really focus on having most of your carbs at dinnertime. Carbs at dinner also helps with serotonin levels, and even getting a good sleep. That way you can get away with having more carbs and still waking up a fat burner the next day. This is something I have tried to do for awhile and I can tell you when I have carbs with breakfast it messes me up for the whole day, and even for a few days after. I can tell my body has switched back to being a 'sugar' (aka carb) burner basically in a day. But luckily it is easy to get back to being a fat burner quickly as long as you lay off the carbs the next day. However, the next day can be challenging because cravings come back full vengeance. I think this is why I was having such a hard time this weekend! I had potatoes with breakfast, and then lunch the next day! That being said everyone's carb tolerance is different and you will have to figure out what works for you. Exercise can also really increase the amount of carbs your body is happy with. I have started a journal (on an app in my phone) to help me pay attention to HEC- hunger, energy and cravings throughout the day and what I am eating. Not a calorie counter but just something to check in with myself throughout the day and to notice patterns of how things make me feel. I would also recommend the whole30 book food freedom forever. I plan to re-read it as I get to the end of the 30 days. Day 21. Bring it on.
  15. Starting today!

    Haha @Lunarose champagne and ice cream yes!! sounds like a great idea @SarahSun I totally agree about wanting to put cheese on everything, seriously cheese makes everything better. Between cream in my coffee and cheese on my salads, for me dairy has been the hardest thing to go without. Like you, I have also told a few people that i'm doing this and I don't want to have to tell people I quit. Not that they would really care but It's definitely a motivation for me to just make it through. My energy has kind of plateau'd, I hope that I get a surge more near the end. I also need to start exercising more consistently, I think that may help with my energy. I have had a few compliments from co-workers saying I look like I lost weight, which is really nice to hear. It also holds me accountable with co-workers asking me how it's going, and what day i'm on. I also bought some new pants today, a size smaller