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  1. I have a question I haven't seen specifically addressed. When I reintroduce a food I expected to have any ill effects within a few hours, but now I'm wondering whether I can reintroduce a food, feel fine at first and then wake up the next day feeling headachey, tired, yuck. I'm just wondering how long it takes for ill effects to kick in. In this case, specifically non-gluten grains. I'm assuming dairy would make itself felt immediately? Any other experiences to share?
  2. Fruit for Dessert

    Ok, thanks. I'm sure the root of the problem is my need for a food "treat" at the end of the day.
  3. This topic is probably addressed elsewhere, but I have a question about fruit for dessert. I keep reading that this is a habit I need to break. Since I have been on Whole 30 I have been eating a cup of frozen grapes after dinner in front of the TV with a La Croix. Tell me why this is bad--fear of Sugar Dragon? need for something sweet following meals? is it bad to have this much sugar a couple of hours before bed? I have not been having sugar cravings the rest of the day and doesn't seem to trigger a pantry raid. But I admit that I used to do a lot of snacking after dinner. I see this as a compliant compromise that is sustainable (do I sound defensive or what?)
  4. Heading quickly to 51, so I fit your category. I'm on day six but had to start over around day 10 when I had some chicken with non-compliant seasoning and my husband sprayed the grill with cooking spray. Seems kind of picky but I want to be strict with the rules. I think it's going to be hard to eat out without really haranguing the waiter/waitress about seasoning, what they cook with, etc. Other issues ya'll are having?
  5. Same thing happened to me! I got to day 10 a couple of days ago and was doing great but husband was in charge of supper and he put non-compliant seasoning on our chicken and sprayed the grill with something bad as well. Seems so silly, but I want to do everything right this time so started over. It's very hard to get motivated again but I'm just looking at it as a Whole 45. I also want to spend a lot of time reintroducing this time as well so I can really judge how food affects me. So I guess we are in it for a while. I'm sure your daughter will be supportive! My husband is pretty supportive but kind of thinks it's crazy too. But I'm sure you are experiencing some good things right now like I am--better sleep, rings looser on my fingers, more energy, better mood in general. So I'm just going to keep hanging in there. Hope you do, too!
  6. Re-Start! August 4

    I was barreling through on day 10 until I ran into a roadblock with my husband cooking. He didn't know and used some seasoning containing sugar and corn starch and also used cooking spray. Who knew that Greek seasoning would have that junk in it? Turns out Garlic salt also has those two items. I thought about not starting over, but I'm really liking how I'm feeling and will just look at it as a Whole 45. Now I just have to figure out what we can use on our grill and I'm also concerned about "accidental" things tripping me up for the next 30 days.