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    Day 27 - Not Feeling Good

    Hello, I am on Day 27 of my first Whole30, and I have some concerns. My tummy has not been happy since about day 7. It mildly hurts almost constantly with sharper spasms throughout the day, and although I have a bowel movement every day (or more) they are not pleasant and are usually loose and urgent. To back-up, I didn't have headaches or the "carb flu" the first few days of the program. My whole family is doing the program with me, and I had the easiest time up till now. Now, it seems like my family has gotten over their symptoms, but I am getting more and more frustrated about my tummy issues as we go along. Another thing to note is that I had a freak acne break-out in January/February of this year, and although it has been getting better since then I was hoping that Whole30 would get me back to my usual clear skin. After a week or so I noticed that my skin was finally free of acne. But then tragedy struck. A few days ago acne sprouted on my chin. Big ones too. And I'm not on the right part of my cycle to be experiencing hormonal acne. I'm actually right in that time of the month where my skin should look its best. Furthermore, I haven't experienced any increase in energy. In fact, I feel the need to get almost 10 hours of sleep at night. I'm getting really tired about an hour and a half earlier than I used to (I didn't drink coffee before Whole30 and avoided caffeine in general so I know that's not why). I'm 24 so I'm thinking maybe I won't notice as big of a difference with energy, but I didn't expect to feel more tired. Lastly, my cravings for all things unhealthy have intensified over the last week or so, and I haven't felt like eating any of the foods I'm allowed to eat (especially all protein options). Even though I really don't want to eat anything at all, even if hungry, I still try to eat each meal according to the template. It's been really hard though. I can be extremely hungry and still dread eating. Meals I used to look forward to I now can barely make myself eat. Help! And thank you.