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  1. Finished my first whole30!!

    I finished my very first whole30 cycle as of August 31st and I must say, I am so damn proud of myself! First, body changes. I lost 10 pounds and definitely see my face is slimmer and my stomach sticks out less. One of the greatest improvements though is my energy. I was the NAP QUEEN before all this, even with coffee. Now I'm not saying that all of a sudden I'm running marathons, but I definitely do feel a steady energy level increase throughout the day. Second, self awareness. At the beginning of the whole30 I would often be on autopilot when it came to food. Oh the cheese department is giving away samples? Sure, I'll have some. You'd like me to taste this new wine? Of course! There's only a few bites of pie left? I'll take it, no sense in getting a box. And so on. But having to have laser like focus about everything I ate really made a difference. I never really realized how often I eat on cruise control. Plus, I soon learned that cooking healthy food for myself is not a chore or punishment, it's treating myself with respect. Something long overdue. I celebrated my victory my first reintroduction day with some wine. Today, on my second, I had a little black beans and rice. And while I was tempted by my boyfriends cheesy tator tots, I have continued to abstain from dairy and will continue to do so. I know that my journey isn't over, but I'm really proud of how far I've come. I feel confident going into my future, knowing now that this lifestyle is possible. Good luck to all those out there starting their whole30 for the first time. Believe me, It's totally worth it.
  2. Morning grogginess

    My energy throughout the day seems to be steadily improving but it takes me at least a good hour and a cup of coffee for me to even get my bearings really. For breakfast I typically have 2 to 3 eggs, half an avocado, a little bit of roasted potato and some sort of protein as well like turkey bacon or ground bison. My lunch sometimes end up looking I suppose like a mini meal, mostly because I'm just not hungry from the breakfast. Typically I'll have some sort of protein like chicken and either a fruit like an apple or a bed of greens or possibly sweet potatoes and maybe a handful of nuts. Dinner I stay away from potatoes and just stick to protein like tuna salad or ground turkey and half An avocado or hard-boiled eggs mixed with a cup or two of greens. I typically have about 2 cups of coffee per day and on average 1 cup of almond milk, unsweetened. I have had issues in the past where I sleep very heavy and had trouble waking up. But it seems like it's gotten far far worse on whole 30. I do take medicine- birth control and antidepressants. I'm just wondering if there's anything that would somehow amplify my sleep issues. Maybe I'm just going through detox? I just hope it doesn't last forever...
  3. Morning grogginess

    So I am now on day 20 and for the most part things are going well but the last week and a half or so something really odd has happened. Every day when I wake up I feel like I've been drugged. I get to bed quicker which is great because I usually I have a lot of trouble with that. But it's seriously feels like my body is full of lead when I wake up in the morning. Like I downed a bottle of NyQuil the night before. Has anyone else experienced this around this time? Do you think I'm still just kind of detoxing? Any information or stories would be helpful.
  4. Why No Snacking, More Fruit Questions

    It might be a little bit of both hunger and boredom, to be honest. I'll try adding more fat to my lunch and see if that works. Thanks!
  5. Why No Snacking, More Fruit Questions

    Well for instance like yesterday for breakfast I had three eggs, some roasted potatoes and some avocado. For lunch I had a about a 5 ounce halibut fillet with cauliflower rice. And then for dinner I had a salad made of spinach, ground bison, avocado and egg. Yeah, it's usually afternoon that get me as far as wanting to snack.
  6. Why No Snacking, More Fruit Questions

    Okay, good. I'm relieved to hear that. I think I just keep snacks like that around because I am afraid to let my hunger grow too big between meals in fear I will be ravenous come mealtime. But from now on I'll try to keep stuff like hard boiled eggs or carrots around if I am absolutely in desperate need. Thanks!
  7. Why No Snacking, More Fruit Questions

    So I just began my first whole 30 on August 1 and I guess I didn't read the fine print, because I have been having the occasional snack. All have been with compliant foods (apples, almonds) or made with compliant ingredients (like lar bars). Does this mean I have to start over?! Please tell me that's not true ☹️