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  1. sourgummylove

    Starting 8/1, would love a buddy!

    Hey y'all! Yes, I am from GA...this is Day 8 for me and just joined the forum. I don't have any sugar cravings which is good, but every afternoon around this time (4:50pm here) I am fatigued and have a mild headache and do not have a history of headaches. And I feel really grumpy this time of day. I am eating a large compliant breakfast and lunch, and since I workout I have a compliant snack as well. I usually feel better after dinner and am able to sleep a good 7-9 hours depending on my work schedule for the next day. I am drinking a ton of water as well. Is the late afternoon headache and fatigue just part of the adjustment process? It is bad!
  2. sourgummylove

    Day 30 and still not feeling great

    I am on Day 8 and am 5'2" and 126 (started at 128 and know we shouldn't be weighing but had to b/c I am at the "my pants are tighter" phase). You are otherwise describing my diet and I am with you on the afternoon fatigue and right now!!! What to do? I was hoping it would get better?
  3. sourgummylove

    Red in the Face

    That has been happening to me (on Day 8) and I have not changed the intensity of my exercise but it has felt more difficult and I sweat more with less intensity and my face gets super red. I attributed it to my body learning to burn fat for fuel and not being as efficient at doing so at this point.